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  1. You can't reset the area (respawn enemies) like you can in Dark Souls either right? You either have to die or travel to/from the Hunter's Dream. For me these things were minor niggles though, I think disastrous is over-egging it somewhat. Thanking Christ they dramatically shortened the loading screen is a more appropriate response.
  2. Oh yeah, Something else cool is...
  3. I think timefall has less of an effect on things on the easier difficulty settings. What specifically is bothering you about timefall because for me it was never much of a concern? How far in are you? You're aware that the cargo and the container have two separate HP bars, and unless you fall the cargo should be fine no matter how wrecked the container is?
  4. I only just noticed the red phone boxes in the LOVELESS area. Going hard on those London West End vibes. I suppose the 100gb install pretty much destroys the hope of further parts being more akin to expansions than a standalone games, so we're unlikely to be able to traverse between areas unless it's specifically plot driven. But who knows... The idea of future releases remaining on the PS4 when the console could be nearing its end is another huge questionmark.
  5. I didn't know you could lose 10,000 likes at once. Previously I was docked 300. Maybe it can climb even higher. Yeah, but not bad for £25. I remember staring longingly at the Metal Gear Solid art books in a Forbidden Planet around the turn of the century. Japanese imports and something like £50-60...a little out of my price range.
  6. Obligatory Edit: Video makes me sad for Solaire
  7. Does it have the chiral gold gilded edges? A nice touch. I only used the poop grenades recently for the first time. I pegged them at a porter. I can't help myself messing with those guys. I was being docked 10,000 likes at a time at one point for mowing them down on a tricycle. Ouch.
  8. Yeah, I'm already on hard and racking up the premium deliveries. It was more the 'all categories' part of the trophies that confused me, but I've looked into it and apparently there's four categories for each delivery? I'm not sure if I should blame myself for not paying attention, or Hideo for filling the order/results screen with so much tiny text I end up mashing X. At least there's a stats screen so I can see where I am with it. I've not checked my stats yet. Dreading it.
  9. Dammit, I fired it up earlier and ended up sinking another 4 hours. I only have a couple preppers left to 5-star now. I need to collect all the data chips and also build/upgrade all structures to level 3, on top of a whole bunch of delivery stuff I don't actually understand...
  10. I got all the roads set up, but I was unable to create a quick zipline route to the timefall farm and the cosplayer, and the terrain around there is particularly awful. When people say the chiral bandwidth is per region, you mean the area surrounding each prepper/distro which you connect to the chiral network, right? Because that's how I thought it was working. I have a strange compulsion to platinum this...a lack of other games to play perhaps, but it is nicely atmospheric and chill.
  11. Anyone else find they have next to no chiral bandwidth around the south of the map? The rest of the map, I'm never short, especially in the mountains, but I've not been able to build much at all around the south of the map. I have 5-stars with some of the preppers there, so IDGI. Maybe it's
  12. Yeah, I think you're right. They'll probably be 40p each in six months time, there's always this huge, initial cash grab with pre-orders and special editions. I imagine you'll also be able to install them into the following parts of the game too, and there's bound to be more. If they're cribbing summons from other games, maybe we'll see...Diablos? Tonberry? Doomtrain?
  13. @Alan Stock I made similar noises a few pages back. I agree, there's so many question marks hanging over everything. At least if the game is lacking nobody will be left wanting for forehead. Probably not such a bad thing to give these abominations a miss, but I'll be sad to lose out on Cactuar, the MVP, OG, etc
  14. You have to pre-order the Digital Deluxe edition for £74.99 if you want Chocobo Chick, Carbuncle and Cactuar summons?
  15. Too broke for PS+ so I played the whole thing, plus the DLC, offline. I found it a lot easier than Dark Souls because it's more streamlined. There are fewer stats, grinding for blood echoes doesn't take that long, and there's loads of extra buffs and upgrades (papers, gems, runes, blood stones) to make life a lot easier. I did the DLC on NG+ and it wasn't even that bad apart from Laurence's second form. I figure I must've been levelled up pretty high.
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