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  1. Hmm, I see what you're saying. I came to Demon's Souls late, after Dark Souls (just some loading when you fire it up or warp?) and it always felt to me like the loading screens with the slightly janky looking CGI outstayed their welcome (I appreciate it's old and relatively low budget.) I'm surprised people liked that feature. Would be wild if they added an option to turn them on...
  2. Sekiro (and Bloodborne) is way easier to plat. At least it was for me. Demon's and Dark Souls require so many playthroughs with different builds, collecting every spell, miracle, etc. And farming the upgrade materials to fully upgrade dozens of weapons is insanely tedious. The later games need multiple playthroughs too, but are so much more straightforward. Farming the skill points in Sekiro is the worst trophy. As for loading, screw all loading. Loading screens take you out of the game. If games can run like they're on a cartridge, that's brilliant.
  3. Unbelievably tight making you buy it for both Microsoft and Sony consoles.
  4. Yeah, I remember now that's a thing. Never trust Alexa.
  5. He did? I could've sworn some Avengers stuff came up when I asked Alexa to play John Williams. It must've been something else.
  6. Yeah, if devs want better pay and conditions they need to unionise, not implore consumers to make a purchase like they're some kind of charity, wtf.
  7. I only recently realised there's stamp for making 10 million bells from the turnip market. I stopped at about 7 million because I can't see me needing more. Anyway, I'm a little concerned if I buy turnips now I won't do so well because things have quietened down. Chances are I'm not going to make a loss, but getting to 10 million might be a struggle.
  8. You can't buy the stuff in our catalogues from the store, I would have to send it over for you, but it's no bother. First you have to visit our islands (or I could visit you) so we're on each other's friend list. SW-2225-4908-7401 if you want to add me. @StumpyJohn Cheers for the recipe! Pine bonsai crafted.
  9. @StumpyJohn Wouldn't mind the pine bonsai if I could, cheers. @gospvg I have loads in my catalogue if anything takes your fancy?
  10. Ah, so it is something unusual. How strange. I'm trying to remember if Fauna had unique dialogue for asking me first and I have the feeling it wasn't the same spiel I usually get. I didn't know you could investigate the items! And yeah it is pretty silly how the first villager you find always knows who it belongs to. Ha, you gave me the bonsai shelf recipe ages ago and I was like...oh darnit, you need the bonsai trees! Wouldn't it have been better to provide an empty shelf for bonsai trees? It looks nice at least. I wonder if there's more bonsai trees on the way. Every previous game, including the first, had seven bonsai trees. That Tree's Bounty lamp looks nice btw, but not been very impressed with those seasonal recipes so far. Next season looks a lot better. (Oh yeah, pine bonsai recipe, that's decent...I'm going to have to pop more balloons)
  11. 8 inclines is worse. I'd love to make some elaborate incline arrangements, but instead you are forced to focus on ensuring all areas of the island are accessible. So, I got to the bottom of that present I was unable to give. There was a Saharah ticket inside?? No idea how I wrapped it instead of the usual fossils. Has anyone else had the misfortune of a villager asking you to find a lost item? Usually I find the lost item first and then return it. I've not had it work the other way before. I'm not able to hand them their daily gift until I find it and it's nowhere to be seen*. They've been asking for two days now. *Eight minutes later I find it...
  12. Ha, I knew that one would be popular. I'm pretty sure you're already a friend. Gates open! Help yourself to recipes too, there's so many... Edit: Didn't mean to ignore you on the way out, I was afk! Thanks for the visit.
  13. I have Redd today if anyone fancies one of the following fakes; jolly, scary, rock-head. I bagged myself an authentic warrior statue.
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