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  1. You can deflect the red/orange balls with your sword, so concentrate on that. How did you find the icy climb to the convent? Have you done the other two bosses? I did that one last.
  2. @Mike S sent one so I'm good now, thanks for the offer. Thanks Mike! I'll be grabbing more when they come up because they're pretty sweet.
  3. I'll post you one @Indy @ S.E. I think @Mike S is right and they'll pop up tomorrow or the next day, but I'm still curious about these blossom lanterns. I thought a blossom lantern was a seasonal recipe.
  4. Yeah, I tried using one of those suggested names, but nothing bypasses it. I'm going to try to dive straight into the main game, get a spouse knocked up and see what happens. If that doesn't work, I'll reinstall I guess? Yeah, I think I'm going to have to do this. I think I'm also going to dive into some mods. I mean, the game even suggests it which is unusual but appreciated. I think it could add a lot if there's more diverse character models/costumes/poses, etc. The battles and map movement seem pretty janky as well, I hope they can be improved on. Edit: omg, I'm a
  5. Ah right, no worries. Have they provided different seasonal items to different players before? I know they had different patters on the megaphones, but that's about it. Maybe they'll swap tomorrow.
  6. I'm confused. I got red stairs from @SteveH Wasn't I supposed to get a blossom lantern? My catalogue has the stairs... (Just noticed you can press X to get details on the seasonal item btw) I've sent a few red stairs out and accidentally sent to @Mike S again, sorry. If anyone still needs one, give me a shout, but it looks like they've already been spread far and wide.
  7. Same. I restarted my game in case the update hadn't worked. Do you need to shoot stuff down from balloons? Blossom lantern? Does everyone have a different seasonal item? I have this odd red stairs thing with Japanese dolls (Hinamatsuri)...
  8. A friend gifted this to me for my birthday and...I'm having issues with the tutorial. Presumably you're meant to be able to enter a name and hit return? It just won't enter. I tried reloading from the title screen, closing the game and restarting it, and starting the tutorial from scratch, and I've run into the same issue. The game can't continue with this dialogue box open. Also, the tutorial told me to attack the nearby area of Desmond and after laying seige to the Barony for a while, it says !Not enough soldiers. What are you supposed to do then? Surely the tutorial s
  9. Whaaat...so strange! I don't think animals wear any other facial accessories? Or do they? Maybe when they put out the new carnival stuff they forgot to throw the 'not for animals' lever. It looks bugged.
  10. The item in that gif? It took me about 20 attempts last night...it's so unreliable. Have you tried the DLC btw? Has anyone? I was trying to get the shard in the Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage and it's effing impossible.
  11. It's amazing I managed to finish this without realising there's a 'lamp jump' technique... https://imgur.com/a/ELXoRJj It turns out you 100% need it for the new DLC. Btw, @df0 if you hate the platforming, you won't like the DLC. It's like Kaizo Mario World. I'm glad I didn't ascend my save (enter NG+) anyway, because I would've had to finish 90% of the game again to reach the DLC areas.
  12. The problem is they won't wear the mask, they'll only stash it in their house. I nominate Sherb though, as the true GOAT.
  13. Dead Cells is definitely faster, slicker, with easier controls. You really miss the double jump going back to Blasphemous. It's a great world though, and I love the music/atmosphere. I'd keep it on your to-do list for later.
  14. Soooo, the update is here, but how do you actually access the content? Is anyone playing? I've switched the scanlines on and it looks lovely. Do you have to ascend your save before you can do the Hall of the Dawning previous DLC stuff? Like df0 says, so obscure/opaque. The platforming didn't really aggrieve me though.
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