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  1. You've not played previous titles? Oh, you're in for some fun.
  2. Well, that was a profitable visit. That hanging scroll looks fab! Thanks for sorting out the bells. Check your mail. Edit: Pitfall seed recipe too!
  3. I tried to visit but just as I was about to exit your airport it disconnected. A nice Satanic cult-themed island from what I could tell.
  4. Aha, that was you! I got a rose wand... For some reason I thought everyone would get the same recipe from Celeste and I fancied the lunar rover. It seems a rusted part appears in the recycling the day after Pirate Gulliver, too. Also, I only just noticed there's a Nook wetsuit and snorkle added to the ol' Nook machine.
  5. Sent! Cheers John! You're welcome to it, I don't think I repayed you for the phone box. I think one of us has to visit again though, because daft system. Btw, anyone else throwng seaweed all over their beaches just for the hell of it?
  6. I'm pretty sure I had a second surfboard and a different colour fan, but just once or twice. My first super-exciting item from pirate Gulliver!
  7. I keep getting this one I just figured it was a "visit other islands if you want the whole set" sorta thing.
  8. The game likes to troll. I just got another pearl from Pascal... I wouldn't mind a bonsai shelf if there's still one going. It's a shame you gotta wait for autumn or next spring to make a bonsai to go on it. Really surprised at the lack of bonsai...
  9. Are you after it? I don't think you were properly added when you delivered my lovely red phone box months ago. I'll send a request.
  10. Guess which recipe I found in a bottle today @StumpyJohn... If anyone wants it, just say and I'll post it. I have the lucky gold cat recipe too, but you need to get the lucky cat from Gulliver to make it.
  11. The first day he appeared on the fifth scallop...nightmare. Heads up everyone: Two seasonal items from the Nook shopping terminal disappear tomorrow. The Summer-solstice crown, and Winter-solstice sweater. Incidentally, what's up with the new item, bamboo grass? Mine says Tanabata in the corner with a Japanese flag. Are there variations? Edit: Oh, Tanabata is a Japanese festival apparently happening tomorrow? Maybe there'll be other festivals which will have unique bamboo grass...*shrugs*
  12. Yeah, that's what I suspected. I'm getting a bit frustrated with Pascal, seeing as he doesn't tend to show up with the first scallop. Plus today, after swimming around for over an hour, he's given me a pearl instead of a recipe. I can find those myself, mate. Anyone managed to grab a giraffe stag? I went on a mass coconut planting session last night in the hope of increasing my chances. The beaches are absolutely covered. I think I've seen, and failed to catch two. They're incredibly skittish.
  13. The easiest way to evict someone is wait for a camper to appear, convince them to live there, then hope they suggest the villager in question. If not, quickly reset the game and try again until hopefully they pick your unwanted villager. It takes a hell of a lot of patience, but so does waiting weeks/months for the head cloud. But of course you might not want the camper, so otherwise it's just a waiting game. I don't even think ignoring them helps. I've had villagers that I've showered with attention and gifts that bring up leaving.
  14. Personally that's what I'd prefer, so the wetsuit is just another 'dress up' item that just happens to let you swim. I'm not bothered about keeping clothes under it, if I want out of it, I'll get changed. I dunno, things could be worse I guess. I remember in the first few games, when equipping a tool it was removed from the inventory, which you could then fill, and not be able to put away your tool... I have Pirate Gulliver on the island today. I'm curious to see what he sends me...
  15. Bit late seeing this...I have 23. I'd be interested to know what I've got that you haven't. I think my rarest catches are... Btw, why oh why couldn't the wetsuit just be considered another item of clothing? It's bizarre what Nintendo have done to complicate the wetsuit/wand stuff... It's funny if you put the game to sleep in the daytime, with the Plaza filled with villagers, then you wake it up again at 2am. They'll still be there and will immediately begin walking back to their houses like zombies.
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