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  1. You can't swap/trade any creatures unfortunately. Yeah, I was quite pleased once I got given the recipes. That stand looks quite versatile. Did Franklin say the recipes would appear in the shop tomorrow? Does that mean they would've been in there anyway? Oh yeah, cheers for the poster @StumpyJohn
  2. Ah right. Thanks for the info... Does this end at 6pm?
  3. Weird, he just took my barred knifejaw, but it didn't come from a villager, I fished it up myself. Seems at this point he'll take random stuff in my inventory if I happen to have it, so the idea is you run back and forth till he does...
  4. Please! Are these an Amiibo thing? I thought Nintendo had stopped people sharing the posters? I'm a little confused by Turkey Day. I've gotten all the items from the turkey, but going house to house I'm just given new ingredients instead of items. Do you just keep at it? I think it's a shame you can't collect the stationery as an item, like previous games.
  5. Yup, afraid so! There's a website called the Turnip Exchange where people post dodo codes to their island and you can join a queue. There's always somebody on there with the price at 500+ I did get a price around 500 back in the spring, but I've never seen it above about 250 since.
  6. I just shifted mine for 520 in exchange for 2 NMT. I've hit the 10 million target for the Nook reward and I never have to do that again.
  7. If you die in human form within a world, your tendency slips towards black doesn't it, which makes the game harder? You can jump to your death in the Nexus to get back to soul form. @skittles No way to re-spec.
  8. I've had 10 rare mushrooms in total. Is there really only one recipe that needs them (forest flooring)?
  9. I'm sitting for hours with my Switch next to me, my character planted on the east coast, waiting for the sound of a balloon. Only two recipes to go now! Miserable. Edit: And that's all of 'em. Turns out I had the big tree bounty already.
  10. I have a red-leaf pile (about the forth one I've had...) and a mush umbrella recipe if anyone needs them. The only ones I don't have are the bounty arch, big tree and pochette.
  11. Sekiro has a gourd which replenishes itself like estus? I finished this last night... Well, the PS3 version. I used the shameful cheese method on the boss because my dragon longsword +4 was weak as pish. If I wanted to upgrade it I would need super rare dragonstone chunks. Bloodborne it ain't.
  12. This is £39.04 in the PS store until 30th November, btw. I'm tempted to take the plunge.
  13. Most hardcore players wrap them up and gift them to villagers every day for weeks until they get a tiny picture frame, for some reason.
  14. Distortion2 just opened THE DOOR... Treasure: Method:
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