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  1. Yeah, I haven't even looked at the shop, I can't be doing with all that. I'm actually playing it on the Switch Lite which probably doesn't do the epic vistas justice, although it was originally on phones, so...
  2. How far did you get? I got as far as a dark, swampy temple area which reminded me of Angkor Wat a little and the rain prevents you from flying... Then I got this nagging feeling I had missed items from the previous 'islands in the sky' type area and I went back and ended up redoing the whole area again, then realised, nope, there's nothing else I can pick up and those doors must be accessible later.
  3. Julian often says 'You massive prick!' with gusto out of nowhere, which never stops amusing me, but I don't remember him ever having an itch. Are you sure they didn't just have the fleas? I need one more flea for Flick actually.
  4. Nintendo are letting you ffwd text and skip cutscenes in a Zelda game?? Finally my demons can be put to rest.
  5. I can't even remember teaching them that? Who was it??
  6. Aha, you've been and gone. I've sent you a couple surfboards.
  7. I've opened the gates to friends if you want to pop over now @Stevo Of course it's fine if now's not a good time. Anyone else is welcome too, not that there's anything to do, but yeah. I'll leave it open for a while and will likely be AFK. (Bamboo Grass thing was around last year, right?)
  8. Yeah, I'm going to have to go that route I reckon. I can suffer through the ads, but not the credit squeeze/missing the ending...
  9. Np. You'll need to pop over if you want to be able to receive mail. I can open up tonight, or whenever you fancy it?
  10. Cheers @Mr Do 71 @Stevo If you want more surfboards, you can add me if you like SW-2225-4908-7401 I don't have any recipes though, I usually just sell them these days.
  11. I don't suppose anyone wants to order me the red/white/stripes surfboards, just so I have the full complement? I have the brown, hibiscus and cool boards if anyone wants 'em.
  12. Isn't the quickest way to boost your inventory to simply jump through the anomaly portal to other people's bases and from there you can take off and find a new space station? Also, if you want to make some cash fast, park the anomaly as close to a fleet of freighters as you can, then shoot the crap out of them for resources. Then you can quickly duck into the anomaly to lose the sentinels. At least that's how it used to work.
  13. Does this season have the usual after-credits scenes? Because fuck Channel 4's streaming service if so.
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