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  1. You'll be glad to hear it's B and nothing else to initiate the shinespark. Only then you do you hold the L stick in the direction you want to go. Hitting B at the right point whilst falling is probably the hardest part. Pressing Y is only helpful to stop yourself spinning, but you don't need to spinjump (or jump at all) for this one.
  2. Yeah, I struggle with how messy the map looks and have spent more time than I'd like to admit whizzing around the corners of each room to make it go away. I think it's like the notification dots all over new items/data in games, I will always quickly click around to get rid. F2P games are a total nightmare for it. My brain has been wired by mobile phone apps to feel it's an itch that needs scratching. Even with the Switch home screen with the News and Online icons... It's probably just me.
  3. Oh thank fuck for that. Got there in a pretty bodged fashion (note the total confusion halfway) but job done. Btw, I'm playing on Switch Lite, so smaller screen and no fancy pro-controller.
  4. *screams in Burenia* How are people here 100%ing it? I daren't even pick up my Switch again.
  5. This one? For some reason it didn't cause me too much trouble. I have 100% everywhere now apart from Cataris and Burenia with some a particularly evil shinespark puzzles. Oh,
  6. Just to be sure we're talking about the same puzzle, it's this one right? (should hopefully be timestamped)
  7. I was worried someone might ask because I have no idea. I shinesparked in the ball, yeah. It just seems tempramental whether it works or not in that particular spot.
  8. Oh man, I didn't know you could chain shinesparks? And you have to in Burenia? I might come back to this one later...
  9. Damn, can you not shinespark as a ball in a tunnel? I've been trying to do this puzzle in Ferenia for nearly an hour. I can get next to the block but it doesn't want to fire. Think I'll just have to study it on YouTube. Edit: ok literally next try it somehow worked...no idea what I did differently. These things are going to drive me insane.
  10. Yeah, I got this guy earlier too, but it took me a few more attempts than you... I think it's a bit of a shame that boss has been recycled so many times. I tried Beaky a few times, but left it for the time being. Should I go mop stuff up now, or can you look after? @Jarik Yeah, I was wondering this earlier. I too had assumed that it was just that last time and it wasn't a full on As far as difficulty goes, I started again on Yuzu just to check it out, and totally whacked the first few bosses first time without issue, so it really is simply a case of learning the fights (and they're not that complicated). I'm far from a great gamer, very average I'd say.
  11. Blue light, of course! Thank you. Once more unto the breach, etc.
  12. Does anyone know the score with parrying the
  13. Mechanically similar to Rez and Zelda Wind Waker's boomerang. Visually like FF7's enemy skill 'Matra Magic'.
  14. I just read that Z-57 is actually...
  15. If anyone has Celeste show up this week please give me a shout because I didn't get the Libra recipe last year. It's the only one I missed.
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