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  1. Me, layte100, Hyper P and drthvdr are on Garland. I'm not really playing much anymore... I'm going to wait for the open beta. It should be a lot more interesting.
  2. So, the open beta is next month. Surely, being a beta, that comes before the release? Why not try before you preorder/buy?
  3. Who is this jerkface making fun of two 18 year olds because they can't switch on a fridge in MINUS SECONDS? Has he ever released a top 10 record? I doubt it. Actually, have Jedward? I really wouldn't know.
  4. Number 28

    David Bowie

    Yes, but there's a marked change post [i]A New Career In A New Town[/i] and [i]V-2 Schneider[/i], how you might describe it is subjective.
  5. Number 28

    David Bowie

    [quote name='Stanley' timestamp='1282231292' post='7320178'] As for the Berlin trilogy being inaccessible or whatever, bollocks they are. If you're a fan of pop music who hasn't had their ears for the last 40 years then they're as accessible as any other pop music. As such 'Low' is the perfect place to start. It's not just Bowie's best album by a mile, it's one the best albums ever made. [/quote] Low and Heroes tail off halfway through into instrumental/experimental/ambient stuff. The first half of each is pop, but the rest isn't particularly accessible at all, at least in my opinion. Even after several listens, I still have to be in a certain mood, otherwise i'll skip.
  6. Number 28

    David Bowie

    Ah ok, I guess I should check it out. I think the hair cut put me off more than anything else.
  7. Number 28

    David Bowie

    All this 'up to scary monsters' talk... are you suggesting he gets this? [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/cb/Bowie-davidbowie.jpg[/img] I've not actually heard anything but the Gnome song actually, so i'd be interested in opinions.
  8. I should add - yes, there are shops dotted about selling the basic level 1 weapons, and there's two market areas that sell strange random items for crafting. These things are generally very cheap and affordable. In the end the costly stuff will be the items which people have painstakingly crafted.
  9. I don't know what Campaign ops are... i'm assuming it's a FFXI thing, so I can't really tell you sorry. Um, the thing with FFXIV is, they're attempting to start an economy, so, basically, you start with some level 1 gear, but anything else must be crafted via a process of different classes. Gathering (fishing/mining/harvesting) in the world gets you items which can then be crafted (tanner, blacksmith, goldsmith, weaver, carpenter, food) into clothes, weapones, armour, jewellery and food. The trouble is, it can take days of gathering to finally chance upon the item you need, only to then 'botch' the crafting part because your skill level is far too low. At which point I imagine you would facepalm then throw yourself out the nearest window. We're allowed to talk about anything btw, that part of the NDA is lifted. Maybe someone more positive should talk about it though, as i'm hugely down on the whole idea of this. Square games typically include a lot of drudgery (tapping one button), but i'm thinking it's more of an MMORPG thing in general. The hardwork/pay-off ratio is ridiculously skewed in one direction to ensure a lengthy game ($$$), and it turns me off completely.
  10. Hmm, a Final Fantasy fansite being positive? They are the best way to earn cash, and they encourage grouping, sure, but...yeah. They need a lot of work. More variety. There's next to no difference between doing a leve, and random grinding in terms of what you do.
  11. Did you notice with the leves, if you say, get the Jellyfish in a barrel leve from Piralnaut, and then party with someone else and do their Jellyfish in a Barrel leve, your leve of the same name will disappear...and then that's it for 48 hours. So yeah, ideally, you organise your group so no one fetches leves till the current one is done. Then there's also that guardian's aspect thing, which is never explained. It supposedly boosts your XP, although i'm not sure. Anyway, you're better off spending the first 20 minutes of a leve grinding under the influence of this. I saw a nice post on the beta forums which suddenly opened my eyes. The whole dishing out of leves. It seems so incredibly archaic. You go to a desk, mash the select button to get past some text no one cares about, run out into the world to complete them, then upon completion you receive money and items from a bit of blue light. There's just no attempt to flesh things out, make things fit together, make things interesting and generally immerse the player in this fantasy world. It's like they designed those cards with the stain glass and thought "That looks way cool!!" then forgot about the rest.
  12. The NDA was altered not that long ago...we're now allowed to talk about it and post screen caps. Videos are not allowed, for some reason. The problems are mostly involving the speed, ease and intuitiveness of the UI, the battle system, the wards, the selling/buying, the crafting, the gathering, the leves, the movement, linkshells, regeneration of mana/anima, the inventory, the repetitive rinse and repeat nature of the gameplay and the general lack of anything approaching fun. It just feels like work, and for what? Fuck me.
  13. I don't doubt that they can put together a decent game, given a year or two for things to settle, but it's really not good enough is it. The way it looks at the moment, they're not too fussed about the earlier PC release. It will help them get things in a better state for the PS3. So, I wouldn't moan too much about PC gamers getting the game early.
  14. I've dropped the beta too, but not because i'm afraid of spoiling it. More because it's absolutely fucking gash to play.
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