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  1. 6th April If what Rubberjohnny suggests pans out and...
  2. I just don't think Teddy, Clementine, Angela, etc are interesting enough for it to be them and I think they've pretty much played their part in season 2. I mean, why would we even care if it's one of her original Westworld crew? Why would the show be keeping it secret? There's some far more compelling theories knocking about, for example, it's Caleb and we're being shown different timelines, or one of the timelines is actually a simulation inside Rehoboam, which runs a timeline to try to predict future events, hence those graphics showing diversions (which remind me of Arrival tbh). Or maybe it's another Dolores and she's effectively reproduced. Maybe she's capable of reproducing any host, therefore...Maeve? The maternal instincts (paedo throttling) could be a clue. Someone pointed out that Charlotte's Delos assistant was pregnant, which won't be by accident. It's possible we may see her again without the baby bump suggesting an earlier/later time period (or different reality ) Serac...just reminds me of the Matrix Reloaded. A Frenchman typecast as an arrogant philosopher sort. Is he a real person, or just Rehoboam's projected persona? I simply couldn't keep up with this show without watching various YouTube analysis...
  3. They're doing a pretty bad job of it so far. I started watching this earlier then wandered off for a bit and returned...and I've no idea what's happening anymore. My first impression was that It feels more like Shenmue/Yakuza than a JRPG, but yeah, we all knew that, plus what has felt like a traditional JRPG from Square-Enix in recent times other than Octopath and Bravely Default?
  4. Nope. Leaving Midgar. This wallpaper could be the exact moment...
  5. Just a heads up, the 1.12 update has brought the photo mode of the upcoming PC release to the PS4. Kojima spoils us. Now, everybody get cracking with some gorgeous landscapes and action shots (before the PC crowd move in and do it better)
  6. Cursed beast! This forum's finished... Today is the five year anniversary of Bloodborne's release (well, technically the 27th in the UK, but judging by this thread you ingenious lot used the US store...) It's sad that we're all similarly holed up inside to avoid a scurge on the streets. I'm tempted to get a pink lantern up by my door and burn some incense. Anyway, what a game! It's great to see so many people still playing it. Still the Watchdog of the Old Lord's bollocks.
  7. I googled the code, just like I did for every locker/safe in RE2 because remembering things is really not my strong point. If you want the answer though, it's not really a puzzle at all.
  8. Nope, 'fraid not! The beasty at the entrance to the Unseen Village takes you to
  9. There's very obvious trigger points where he appears/flies off. It's quite comical to repeatedly tease him out then get him to piss off again. He's like "Uh oh, I've gotta be on the other side of that wall so I can dramatically break through, I best make myself scarce..." *whizzes into the sky* He's not exactly the Terminator. I have a feeling these triggers will be placed differently in the final game, they just wanted a memorable ending for the demo.
  10. After beating Amelia, you should have picked up an item in the Hunter's Dream called 'Eye of a Blood-Drunk Hunter'. It's likely you picked it up, thought wtf? then forgot about it. Once you have that in your inventory, the beasty outside of Oedon Chapel (who someone called a glitch earlier ) will teleport you to the DLC. Easy. The internet says level 65 is the recommended level, so you're a little light, but like I say, it's worth having a look. Once you unlock the lantern you can access it via the grave where the doll will sometimes stand. You want to be careful you don't accidentally finish the main game before you do the DLC, but it's tough to explain the point-of-no-return without spoiling anything.
  11. It's tough but once you level up a bit it's not so bad. Do you know how to get into the DLC? You could try dipping your toes in. It's easy to do a few suicide runs and grab a few fancy weapons and outfits in there.
  12. I've seen other players stun him, but they were playing on easy mode. It must take a lot of firepower otherwise because I've tried and gotten nowhere. I've played through this about four times now. Once you learn how the Nemesis is triggered and how the demo ends, you can take your time and explore a little. I like how there's multiple routes and shortcut ladders (very Dark Souls). I hope you get to use them to avoid the Nemesis completely. In the demo, one route is blocked so you're forced towards his first encounter. Does this demo seem a little dark to anyone else?* I tried increasing the brightness but that just washes everything out. She has a torch, but she won't bring it out in the street when it's pitch black. I tried to clear out every zombie so I could more comfortably avoid Nemesis, but so many times zombies seemed to appear out of nowhere. I hope they are crawling out from under cars and not magically spawning, but as it's so dark it's a little hard to tell. Are the guns a lot less powerful compared to RE2: Remake? The shotgun seems pretty weak to me. But yeah, I know they're just the starting weapons and I suspect there'll be more of an emphasis on upgrades, seeing as in the original Nemesis would drop them. Hopefully later you'll get the guaranteed head pops and instant Robocop limb disintegration. Also, are there really 20 bobbleheads in this demo? Because I've found 3 max... *It's those damn settings they make you go through. They always, without fail, make everything way too dark.
  13. Well, that was pretty stressful, running (strangely slowly) from the big guy, whilst trying to hit dodge at the right moment to evade zombies. Still, the graphics and tight controls of 2 remake are still lovely as ever. I just hope Tentacle McTwistynose takes a timeout now and then so I can relax and soak up the atmosphere. What's with the tentacle grab where he drags you towards him then does nothing? It would be good if it were like Half Life barnacles and you could pull your gun and shoot as you were being dragged. I held L2 expecting her to aim her gun.
  14. Don't worry about the cutscene you missed, it's literally a few seconds staring through some burlap, seeing sack guy leave the cell*, then slowly waking up. You should go check if you're able to fight the beast that Spanx just spanked around the corner. I'm not sure if you can at that point. *cage with an unlocked door
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