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  1. I hope its not a musical but then has lots of scenes that have that sort of set up that prefaces the bursting in of song. Like sort of making you think its coming but then it doesn't. What suit the character and his pranks.
  2. Great post. Ironically, If they'd been brave enough to have ALL the families perish at the hands of the night king and the inevitable winter then they could have made a really powerful point about mankinds inability to pull together in the final hours to tackle the real shared issues we have such as climate change. Opportunity missed. People would have hated it at the time but it would have grown on them over time I reckon.
  3. "Wait a minute.... Who am I here?" You're right, it is great, but its one of those ones where if you tell someone its great they'll watch it and find it hokey. Much like Timmo did with Hellraiser
  4. There's a borderline terrible 80's movie called The Stepfather where a guy is going around marrying women, killing them, then taking their heritage. There's a bit in it where he gets his own name wrong and his wife questions it. He then turns and breaks her nose. It's not scary cos you don't see it coming, and it doesn't make you jump with lazy sound FX. But it's so terrifying because you realise it's about being in love with someone that you don't know. It's cerebral horror. The 80's did it very well. I miss it.
  5. Absolutely. Great shout. Mandy has the totally unique 'atmosphere' that Hellraiser has. Otherworldly and unlike anything you've ever seen before, despite actually being a very conventional revenge film. It's the exact same movie as death wish yet not at all like it. Brilliant film.
  6. Thanks for answering. Personally I wish more horror would lean towards the existential, even if it meant sacrificing the scaryness. Ghosts and monsters don't scare me or intrigue me as much as desire, obsession or self destructive behaviour.
  7. Its not really scary, its more curious. Like the box itself. It's great precisely for the reason it doesn't go for simple shocks, it goes for cerebral imagining. So few horror films go into that dark existential territory. Were you at least entertained?
  8. ITMOM is absolutely superb horror. It should be in the so good its good thread that doesnt exist. Tobe Hoopers Lifeforce belongs here and is utterly brilliant. 2 boobs out of bum
  9. A genre classic. Bettered a few years later with 'The Principal' starring James Belushi. But that toilet scene with the sink and Roddy's performance are still eminently watchable.
  10. Ah gotcha. Thanks for clarifying your shitty etiquette. Winky smiley.
  11. I'm comfortable with that. I'm either correct or incorrect. And time will bare that out. Hurling insults is a little pathetic and quite frankly beneath me. Calling a stranger 'a bit of a twat' doesn't shower you in glory.
  12. My point was super simple. Top Gun Maverick is not as good a film as people are proclaiming and they themselves will admit as much as time progresses. It was the right film at the right time. I agree it doesn't make anyone an idiot.
  13. Apologies, the full monty. stupid memory
  14. This is a good point and one I agree with. It WILL be remembered as better than its peers. For sure. We live in sad lazy times. It will be celebrated as a 'hark back'. it will never ever be revered alongside Robocop or Die Hard or Buster Keaton.... It's 'the best of a bad bunch'. Excellent point.
  15. I saw this in a 2 screen cinema in Amsterdam and loved/hated it. No lie, the film playing in the other screen (and advertised in the marquee) was 'Big fucking tits II'... I didn't regret my choice. The first one was shit!
  16. Oooooooooh! Good spot!!!! I wonder if thats a subliminal reason I rented both of these and loved them? I certainly saw Taxi Driver over a dozen times before I rented these dire (yet absolutely incredible) films....?
  17. That landing requires you to go with it, but its one of my favourite all time endings. From the (spoilers) hotel gunshot to the (spoilers) long lonely haunted walk. Thats how you end a show!
  18. WHAT!? He gives context and reason for his spot on observation and you mock him for not agreeing with consensus? Top Gun Maverick is a forgettable sugar high of Movie adrenaline after a covid drought. It's akin to Four Weddings and a Funeral after Diana's death. It almost exists in a 100% terrible plane of everything that is wrong with cinema. The story sucks, the characters are awful, the plot is non-existent. However, we all needed a release and a spectacle and it has this amazing photography and daring do that only cinema can provide. As such it was the right product at the right time. Like chupa chups during Thatcher's Britain. But there is no argument that it is not disposable trash. it won't be remembered as an example of good cinema beyond it's aerial photography 5 years from now. Like Dam Busters.... Calling someone an idiot for being correct is a Dunning Kruger post. And yes, I did see the pun.
  19. Blood In Blood Out is the Latin Gofather movie we didn't know we needed. Vatos Locos forever!!! It's the reason I learned Spanish (I never learned Spanish) I'd like to volunteer Crimewave. Written by the Coen Brothers and directed by Sam Raimi. Its total shit, and yet every scene is an absolute stone cold classic. it's the best worst film ever made Also, Cherry 2000. How could a film this bad be so good!?
  20. It felt like Tremors to me but without the charm. I wasn't too enamoured.
  21. The Chimp stuff was well directed but it really shouldn't have survived the editing process. Its just a confusing diversion that goes nowhere.
  22. Wow! Thanks for typing all of that out. I agree with all of it. Except the words. Crowe SMASHES the shit out of The Nice Guys. He kills in every scene.
  23. "At least you're drinking again...." The Nice Guys is the absolute best
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