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  1. It would have been hilarious if Feneth died from that wild magic after surviving the battle. Poor Ari tried everything she had to make it so you didn’t die!
  2. Just a heads up, definitely not going to make the session on October 28th. Will either still be in London for MCM Comicon or travelling back...
  3. Rikku

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    This game is marvellous. I can’t recall the last time I got stuck in to any kind of racing game. It has been years. It might have been Dirt Rally... MMOs and RPGs have consumed my gaming time. This is just complete joy. Although I’m finding it it hard to play longer than 10 minutes at a time without the little one grabbing the control out of my hands “offering” to get me some skill points. His main aim is to go as fast as possible and crash in to stuff. “Look mummy, say thank you! I got you ANOTHER skill point. Now get me that car that goes 300 miles an hour!” It hurts my heart to see him wrecking some of the gorgeous cars.
  4. Can someone please link me the character sheet they use? I don’t know what I do to mine that makes the size so huge.
  5. "You just say boo to him, and he crumples to the floor" Three minutes later: "I'm unconcious"
  6. This is exactly what I wanted to read. Do you get the chance to clean up any missed side quests? I kinda want to push on with the story but side quests!
  7. And giving any "heirlooms". It happened a bit quickly
  8. This is exactly why I said they were disguised grinding. It's slightly frustrating, but what might make it a little easier, it really depends on how many people you have at your disposal. When you switch out a pepped up party member, they keep the pep. So if you only need two people pepped up at the same time, when one of them gets pep switch them out until the other is pepped, then bring them back in and fight the monster. In other news, I just found the casino. Bye life! Hello save-a-thon!
  9. Yeah, it's under orders, click on the spider-man order, at the bottom there will be an activate code button.
  10. Ah yeah, I forgot to mention, I have been getting quite a number of crashes with the message that I should check for updates. I've switched to manually saving quite a lot rather than relying on the checkpoint style saving.
  11. I don't think the game is difficult, but I wouldn't say it was too easy. Particularly with the options to make it more difficult! I've done all the side quests that have been thrown at me so far, which is just disguised grinding really, one of them had me coming up against metal slimes quite frequently so I got a good amount of exp. I think if I hadn't done those grindy quests, that I would have struggled with a couple of the bosses.
  12. I bought this game, not because I like Spider-Man (I don't) and not because I like the combat style (I don't) but because I like collectible, explorey type games and my gosh, did swinging around New York look fun! For those reasons, this game lives up to ALL of my expectations. It looks gorgeous and I've spent a good number of hours just swinging around the city collecting everything that I can and chasing down cars and intervening in street crimes. Then progressing the story so that I unlock more collectibles. My one concern, is there enough back pack tokens in the game to buy everything or do I need to be selective? I also bought a lot of moves that I don't seem to be able to pull off, focusing on the web wrapping of enemies because swinging them round looked mega fun. I can't pull it off at all though, despite doing what the move menu tells me to do. I feel like I'm missing something. The cues come up really fast and furious at the beginning too so I felt I missed a lot. It isn't one that I'll keep a hold, I'll get my enjoyment and then sell it on. But I'm glad that I did pick it up, even if it was for the most ridiculous reasons!
  13. I spent far too long just peering inside windows. Especially when it was time for me to leave home. I went to say my farewells (just to see if anyone would give me some presents!) and when I was blocked by Sandy, I went to the back of the house to see what was happening inside.

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