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  1. I'll need a little break after Logan goes to bed tonight. Arthur elf has arrived, so I'll need to go do his thing. I'll try and keep it simple tonight...Maybe a train robbery or something!
  2. Yep, on for tonight and next week and then the birthday / christmas stuff kicks in the weekend afte!
  3. I’m absolutely openly sulking... I want dinosaur friends!
  4. Hope everything is okay, Mogster. Good luck with the deadline, Hierophant. Feel better soon, sis! Hang on in there, Hexx.
  5. As long as you are having fun then you definitely aren’t doing anything wrong!
  6. I feel happy that my death was avenged. I have died many, many times so plenty more nemesis are out there.
  7. Oh I'm absolutely crap at games also. I always leave my network settings to friends only so I'm open to being joined at any time!
  8. 12? How cute. Why are we not SWITCH friends though?
  9. Is it still a thing where if someone came to a high level GR rift with me it would get them billions of money and level them from normal 20 to paragon 200? Or does everyone need to contribute a GR stone to the shrine to be able to enter in order to counter that? I haven’t multi played in so long.
  10. I bought Diablo 3 again! For the 8th time. Started up season 15, decided on a monk as I haven't played that class since original PC release and 360. Feels very different now! The build I have gone for is a ranged build which is a lot of fun, run in *boomf* BILLIONS of damage run further *boomf* BILLIONS more. It's just so satisfying. Although it's still a total Glass Cannon, I die if anything even gets a chance to look at me. So of course I play with my eyes closed. Haven't pushed my luck all that much so only on Greater Rift 60 I think, just focusing on levelling my legendary gems and trying to get the weapon for my cube power. It's evasiveness is bothering me. I love just getting that one little item that takes your build from being okay to freaking awesome. I do need more friends on the switch though, feel free to add me Friend code is in my signature, but for those with them off: SW-3044-3683-5232
  11. No worries, hope you manage to get through stuff!

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