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  1. Have sent the link in Discord. If I'm unable to make Sunday, the mandolin has used it's daily charge of cure wounds and invisibility. I did buy the mandolin on D&D beyond, but the charges on there aren't clear what I have used them for.
  2. We're dinnering tonight, sorry! I'm not sure what time I'll be back, my sister and I usually go for some birthday drinks after we've finished eating, but we're feeling pretty rubbish so I might be able to get out of that.
  3. Sorry, I know I have been MIA so much recently - Summer is typically okay for me, my "busy time" is always Winter as we have so many family birthdays and stuff. I think we may be going out on the 7th now for my sisters birthday but will confirm closer to time.
  4. yeah, am in Manchester for the weekend exploring the Christmas markets
  5. Don't say that! I'm down in Manchester on 24th November, Shipley on 1st December and it's my sisters birthday on 8th December. That's three weeks in a row!
  6. Rikku

    Diablo IV

    That druid. This is the announcement that I have been waiting 2 years for, and it didn't disappoint, dark and gritty. I just really hope it isn't a 10 year wait from announcement to playing! The fact they have an early playable demo available for those at Blizzcon gives me a little hope it won't be that long.
  7. Did you mention that you were attacked by a beholder? I hope you get better soon and they figure out what's wrong.
  8. I know I mentioned it on Discord but I won’t be around this Sunday, 10th November, 24th November. Should be okay for the 3rd November at the moment!
  9. I might not be able to do full session, but will be there in part from the start!
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