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  1. I'm going to TRY and not let the 100% completionist in me take over this playthrough. That will be as successful as your little peek. I'm really, really happy with what I've played so far. It looks and sounds awesome, and it's great to be playing Xenoblade again.
  2. I can't even remember who or what a Zimos is or why I loved them so much! This is a gooooood day to find out.
  3. "surprisingly smooth wins" = Rikku rocked Journey's in Middle Earth - 3 chapters from the end we realised that we had made a crucial error and had made scrub mode slightly easier on ourselves than it should have been. I'm really looking forward to trying the DLC or a replay of the original campaign to see how we go against it. Have also pre-ordered the first big expansion for it. Have decided that this will probably be the app driven game that I go all in on. I have the core sets of Descent and Mansions of Madness, but neither have seen anywhere near the same play as Journeys. Although I suspect Descent might be the next skypeable journey.
  4. That was at Nate. He kept telling me you were on the brink of being stabbed or you were all about to die. I couldn’t tell if he was messing with me or not as I missed so much.
  5. Just to say, I have one copy of Tabletop SImulator in my steam inventory that I can gift, I bought a 4 pack ages ago and the last copy has been sitting gathering dust. If anyone wants it, please gimme a shout.
  6. Played quite a few chapters of Journeys in Middle earth over the weekend, think we're getting near to the end of the original campaign. Have really enjoyed this and would be happy to play through it again with a different set of characters, Gimli is an absolute beast at taking down bad guys though. I'll miss him! Has anyone purchased the DLC campaign? Just wondered if it was more of the same - if so then I'll be all over it! But think we might try Descent 2nd Edition campaign first or maybe even a skype Folklore Affliction campaign playthrough, just have to work out the logistics of the latter!
  7. Yeah, taking B in was always going to be messy, I did consider asking him if he wanted to wait on the boat! But decided against it in the end. I missed the entire queen speech due to the little one being incredibly unsettled tonight (he had a mouse in his room...) so I kept having to go sit with him as he was a bit scared. But kept coming back in time to do crits! That was a horrible choice to make though, with 3 down, advantage, one spell slot left... my heal does very little as well, whoever I got up would have had to survive long enough to get another heal off on someone else and it could have been a wasted round to get back to exactly the same position. Very lucky!
  8. Oh man, it's such a fun game @Nathan Wind linked me to something on board game geek, an episodic type story mode for it which might be of interest after you've played a few games! It looked really neat. https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/197345/horrified-story-mode-s01
  9. As mentioned above, I recently bought and have been playing Aeons End: Legacy (New Age is sitting in the wings!) I sailed through the first three chapters, relatively comfortable wins. I’m playing solo with two breach mages. I faced Chapter 4 yesterday and got utterly splatted within the first couple of turns. The nemesis had back to back first turns, which saw minions appear that hacked away at my health AND discard my economy so there was little I could do on my turns. And then it went back to back again on the second turn with unleashing a ton. Chapter 4: I’m not too sure what strategy I need to use against this nemesis! It seems very unforgiving but I’ll be giving it another go after work. Really enjoying what I have played so far.
  10. Ooooh what gearlocs have you gone with? Also true solo? I've had Too Many Bones sitting unplayed for a couple of years, bar one initial set up and quick go - it's one I keep meaning to get around to.
  11. Have you played Pandemic before? I think that maybe one of the legacy games, probably season one could be a good fit if you enjoy the base game. It starts out very similar to the base game, and rules and things unlock the more you progress in the story. It's probably one of my favourite gaming experiences. I don't want to say too much because of spoilers! I've recently bought Aeons End Legacy, it's more of a deck builder than a board board game but again rules and things unlock as you progress through the chapters of the game.
  12. Cartographers might work, I'm sure there are printable sheets available on the website, you could use the solo rules for ambushes. I have a copy arriving this weekend with the hope of playing it the same way. In fact, I think someone even compiled a Google Sheet playable version if you are on Board Game Geek. We played Legacy of Dragonholt which is quite similar in the way it plays to Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. it's essentialy a choose your own adventure style boardgame and one that we played over skype video call. (Although we did both have a copy of the game). You create characters and use those characters to go through various chapters of stories with some skill checks, etc. Escape The Dark Castle works really well, the only sticking point is the special dice that is used, but you could proxy this some way. I don't think the other games we play would fit your requirements, mostly the things we are playing over skype video call - we both have a copy of the game and one person controls the shared decks, but I'll keep having a think as I'm sure there is others! Journeys in Middle Earth is playing like a dream, we video call, I screen share the app, and we both set up accordingly which opens up playing Descent and Mansions of Madness.
  13. I can't figure out whether you are drunk or hungover... I've had a couple of drinks too.
  14. We're in a different server by the way, I was having issue with D&D one!
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