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  1. I might not be able to do full session, but will be there in part from the start!
  2. https://ddb.ac/characters/7778183/OLsIWH Ari: She would try and buff the party and stay within 30 feet using either Aura of Vitality to heal / Crusaders Mantle for damage - This would be her main concentration spell She has 3 Bardic inspirations left - She would inspire anyone that looks as though they needed it / cutting words Radiant Soul in emergency - once per long rest - available (wings) Healing Hands - once per long rest - available (Action - 8hp) Wand of wonder (specifically targeting the beholder - 5 charges left - she would not expend ALL charges) and only if no allies were in danger range Sessil She would not let Sessil die. Spell slots left: 4 x 1st Level, 2 x 2nd level, 2 x 3rd level, 2 x 4th level Ac is 14, and currently has 50/50 hp Feel free to use any of her spells, please try and kill beholder with Vicious Mockery cantrip... The main instruction is, that if things look like they are taking a turn for the shit, she would dimension door her and her sister as far away as possible. She would try and save a 4th level spell slot to do that.
  3. I'm genuinely really excited for this, Her Story was great. Do we know what time it will release on steam? Currently just saying 23rd August with no pre purchase.
  4. I updated the sheet with availability I'm probably out the 1st September, family birthday meal night. And then it doesn't go this far ahead but I'm away on the 22nd September too.
  5. Should be able to make it, but might not be able to stick around for the whole session. Going to play it by ear.
  6. Yep, think we’re two down and i’m an early start for travel on the Monday. As a heads up, over the next month or two I might be away a fair bit. Our team has gone in to consultation, and there are a number of meetings I need to go to hundreds of miles away. The last individual meetings with outcomes are currently pencilled for 19th September so normality will be resumed then.
  7. There is a trick you can use on him if you want to...
  8. See you in 15 hours for your impressions, of course to you it will feel like just 1 hour.
  9. I haven't been able to work it out if there is, I just went by the music change. I only put a few hours in to My Time At Portia, it was still in early access when I last played, and I thought it was great. But yes, bin it off and get this instead. Particularly if you are a fan of Dragon Quest.
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