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  1. Rikku

    Nintendo Switch

    I didn’t stay up but did pick it up this morning. Really excited to get back in to this, tried to pick up my PC save a couple of months ago after having a chat about the things I used to do to pawns. Like sending them back in pretty dresses to their owners. But I just felt like I would need to restart to get to grips with what was going on and I couldn’t face deleting my save game. My pawn was so high ranked with billions of spends and people were still using her. Bowie lives on. And a new switch Bowie will be born after work.
  2. Is this why we were given the wand of wonder? To be fair, Ari did facepalm the first time Feneth went down, told them to stop it, then knocked Errick unconcious and decided to go after him as he was in reach. It honestly is really difficult when you have such limited healing to stay true to the character, I was absolutely tapped out of spells and nobody else (except maybe Feneth!) could have reached Feneth. I don't like to think I meta game, so for Ari to see the blast from the wand of wonder knock Errick down, she had to choose between seeing that and going after Errick or Benny Hilling after a rhino and lion. I think I made the "right" call for Ari. Difficult session!
  3. "not evil" It will be curious if you give Ariana an actual headache now and not just a metaphorical one.
  4. WAND OF WONDER! <3 Killing all party members since 1763.
  5. Rikku

    The Division 2

    But how can you live with the annoying unread ! notification? I thought everyone must read everything to get rid of them.
  6. Rikku

    The Division 2

    That's what shooting those targets do?! I was out grabbing some parachutes, I happened to glance up to check out the weather and noticed some targets in the windows. What else are you gonna do, but shoot! I got very dead, really wasn't expecting anything to happen. I hit WT5 the other night, and the game just keeps opening up. Would love to team up to get some of those guys and do some bounties and stuff, I'm always a bit unsure of just hopping in to anyones game though so always tend to pop a message up in clan messages.
  7. I want Dave to join us. Dave was cool. Can we trade our Lion for Dave?
  8. Rikku

    Borderlands from Gearbox

    Yep I hope they get the fixes out soon for PC users as it seems as though there are a fair number of issues. There are a lot of audio bugs too.
  9. Rikku

    Borderlands from Gearbox

    They tweeted that they are aware of people having issues and asked for people to submit support tickets on 2k. My Lil is up to level 25 on PlayStation version. I had forgotten just how good the game is. Face melting never gets old. I can’t recall the best way to tackle the DLC though. I think when I first played at release, we were already on the second play through when it hit.
  10. Rikku

    The Division 2

    I have side stuff to do too! Only done the side missions that i’ve done with you. not sure what my gear score is, but I know it’s high enough to love from WT 2 to 3 as the stronghold is doable now. Just been sucked in to Borderlands but have some annual leave this afternoon and Monday so am sure I can spare some Division 2 time.
  11. Rikku

    Borderlands 3

    We got you, Boo. I think this release will be one that warrants a day or two of annual leave! I absolutely adore the Borderlands series.
  12. Rikku

    Borderlands from Gearbox

    I could have, but I decided not to take the chance and just get a refund. I have the same issue with Little King's Story and a few other games. It really isn't a big deal for me not to get the free upgrade, I'm quite happy to throw £25 at them for an excellent game. @5R7 I was watching a stream yesterday evening and the guys were having the same issue with the refresh rate, hopefully it will get a fix soon.
  13. Rikku

    Borderlands from Gearbox

    I rebought it on PC yesterday. Then got it refunded a second time as I realised it was the second time I bought it and the second time I couldn’t get it to actually work for the PC. Think it will be available on console at 3pm and the update on pc at 6pm.
  14. Rikku

    Borderlands from Gearbox

    Quality time with me is priceless, Moosey. Priceless.
  15. Rikku

    Borderlands from Gearbox

    Bit of a thread revival, but didn't want to clutter up the Borderlands 3 thread as that is likely to have it's own announcements tomorrow. Is anyone planning on picking up the remaster tomorrow on the PS4? I put loads of time in to this in the original release, really looking forward to revisiting and would be nice to have some buddies as it's such a great co-op game.

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