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  1. But I was relying on your updates...
  2. Hi! First time COD player here. If anyone fancies teaming up with a total noob, I’m available. I do things like Molly myself to death and that kind of stuff. Really cool never before seen tactics. tutsiebear for psn and Activision ID is: Tutsiebear#1021810
  3. I meant to reply to your message on Discord @Captain Kelsten, but as I read it at 5am, wasn't sure you would appreciate the ping! Oathsworn is returning to Kickstarter (or Gamefound, can't recall) next month. I went for the standee version during the original campaign due to funds, but I'm really tempted to back again for the minis, they are outstanding and I think it would look incredible all painted up. Will wait and see what is on offer. With Christmas approaching, I've subscribed to the Zatu New Releases subscription box, the idea being that we will have 3 or 4 board game mystery boxes to open on Christmas Day. Let us know how you get on with Destinies, I was quite tempted by it.
  4. He was fine for a first attempt After I finished painting Descent, I really begged @Nathan Wind to let me at some Bloodbowl dudes. I started with the Black Orcs and started to learn glazing and layering a bit more. I love these minis for learning on. The goblins on the team are still a work in progress.
  5. Started with the player characters, Brynn - the helmed lady, Galaden with the bow, and Syrus with the flaming phoenix (not overly happy with the fire, but will be fine for board game and was a learning experience) First time for human type characters, everything else I have ever done has been monstery. Getting the eyes white, plus the iris, plus the pupil in these tiny little sockets is a nerve wracking and shaky hand inducing experience
  6. Finished the Zealots (teal dudes), and then after much procrastinating, the Berserkers, as they were similar to the Blood Witches which I hated doing. Think it’s just the player characters and two more enemy groups to go and Descent is fully painted. Wheeee!
  7. Thank you, the wight looks really great with the additional highlights that I added when they were dry. ! I can definitely see my improvements as I finish an enemy group and move on to the next, I ordered another bunch of colours today just to build on my collection a little (much to the dismay of @Nathan Wind) I have a bunch of minis that came with Tainted Grail, if I'm not mistaken, there is very little use to the minis for that game other than to denote enemy placemnt on the cards, I think I'll get them all primed and just experiment heavily on them for some practice with colour theory and using my imagination rather than following concept art without fear of ruining a really great board game!
  8. After painting up a few minis from Cthulu Death May Die months ago, (my first ever mini painting experience), I've had a bit of down time the last couple of weeks and decided that I should probably attempt to paint the minis from Descent: Legends of the Dark - the sculpts are gorgeous, and I felt a bit bad being an amateur painting them. A lot of the minis are very dark themed according to the concept art, which I tried to follow quite closely as I'm in no way confident of my abilities. I like some more than others, the Uthuk Blood Witches were an absolute nightmare with all the awkward nooks and crannies and angles, it was hard to tell what was flesh and what was wraps, bleugh. I also need to do some highlights on the wights, they have taken arrows to the knees and the washes haven't dried yet. F.
  9. Savage game of Kingdom Death Monster today. Utterly brutal. We hadn't played in a few weeks and took a little while doing the settlement event from last session. Things could have gone better, one of my characters ended up with a disorder and we were instructed to add an event to the next lantern year. We decided to go and hunt a simple level 1 white lion to get back in to the swing of things, get ourselves some resources and start getting some upgrades to our gear. The showdown itself went fine, we felt confident going back to our settlement and taking on the next nemesis. Will now pop in some spoilers: We then had a couple of games of Project L just to take the edge off.
  10. I honestly think we are just bad at it. For now. Rightly or wrongly, the game appears to be designed with replayability in mind and I definitely think there is a way to do things more efficiently. At the moment, we never know what we're walking in to and what checks we will need to pass and pushing our luck in situations which is exhausting us meaning we are ill prepared for combat if it happens. So it feels more punishing than it probably is, but if we played again, I don't think we would necessarily do everything in the order we have done. The game encourages you to keep excellent notes and use them from campaign to campaign. I am thoroughly enjoying it regardless though! I think I'll probably set up Stardew Valley for my solo gaming this evening, it arrived yesterday and I'm quite keen to play something a bit different to anything that I have played before.
  11. It's the Cthulhu boss mini from Cthulhu Death May Die Season 1 boardgame. @Nathan Wind did the baby version in blues, purples and orange which looks awesome.
  12. I'm absolutely nowhere near the skill level of people in this thread, but I did vow that in 2022 I would paint my first mini and I'm pretty happy with the result! Really looking forward to exploring the hobby and actually having a fully painted boardgame for the first time.
  13. why did the skeleton die of starvation?
  14. Not sure about rewind, but definitely means not bashing into walls.
  15. I did try to join the club... but not sure if it worked or not, as I can't see anything in game. Tag is tutsie bear if I could possibly have an invite at some point...sorry to add to the admin! edit: not to worry, it’s showing up today!
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