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  1. That’s bloody sublime. It just floats along the surface picking up speed. I could watch that all night long.
  2. It has been £3.99 on Xbox in previous sales, last time was May 18th this year. Looks like it goes on sale a couple times per year so hopefully it won’t be long before it’s that price again.
  3. What’s the best / safest way to buy from from the Turkish store? Can you buy directly using a credit card via VPN or do you need to buy credit first?
  4. Just received an email from Microsoft about the missing reward points - 10 days after I submitted the case: As a resolution, we have manually added your 3,000 points to your account for the missing points for completing the following: * November monthly bonus round = 2000 points * 5 free entries to the Custom Back 4 Blood Xbox Series X bundle sweepstakes = 500 points * Microsoft Rewards top 10 = 500 points We also added another 500 points for the inconvenience that this has been caused. Happy with that response
  5. 4 months later and fully paid with using Microsoft Rewards Points so it didn't cost me a penny. I love it.
  6. This is why I love threads like this, I never would have guessed Strider (2014) was a metroidvania. One to spend my reward points on the next time it goes on sale. My goto answers have been mentioned already but I heartily recommend both Guacamelees and Yoku's Island Express. I also had a lot of fun with The Messenger and The Mummy Demastered.
  7. That looks like the profile button, not the share button, so you can switch between controller profiles you create in the accessories app. If it is the profile button, it’s probably exactly the same model as the elite 2 controller.
  8. I experienced the jump issues when starting Omno, falling to my death a couple of times, but you do quickly adjust. The game was lovely and well worth experiencing all the way to the end.
  9. No show for me in Liverpool. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
  10. (my turn) - You can all thank me for buying Katamari a couple of weeks ago when it was on sale for the first time ever. Expect to see Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory on Game Pass next month too.
  11. Almost bought Raji when it was in the last sale, another saving had. Such a fantastic month for me with Raji, The Ascent, Last Stop and Omno.
  12. Slow clap for everyone in the thread saying Chiesa was faking it
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