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  1. You snes guys may be interested in this, something I was involved with.
  2. Something I was involved with pretty cool history doc
  3. one of my favorite consoles ever. remember wanting one more than life its self. biggest problem for me was the controller. lets the console down in my view but i loved the vmu tech. If you like games from this time period check out POLYGON SYMPHONIES PODCAST. it my show dedicated to PS2 games. https://polygonsymphonies.buzzsprout.com/
  4. True Saturn was and still is a fascinating console to explore, the PS2 finally got away from Sony's obsession with pure 3d visuals and embraced 2d games finally and they did very well on the PS2. The broadest library in gaming still I believe.
  5. Been podcasting for over a decade now and thought it was about time the PS2 got some dedicated love. Started this forum to get opinions on topics and games to cover. Over 30 episodes are already live so take a listen and anyone can suggest anything and we will take it on board. Just search 'polygon symphonies'
  6. Me and my buddy Dylan have done many podcasts in the past. We wanted to apply our format to the massively under represented library that is the PS2 back catalogue. Any suggestions for games and topics from this era please let me know.
  7. The perfect podcast for the gamer that loves the PS2 era. We breakdown PS2 games one at a time and then rank them in order. Polygon symphonies is the no nonsense retro gaming show dedicated to exploring the PS2 library. https://polygonsymphonies.buzzsprout.com/
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