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  1. On 05/05/2022 at 23:17, Gloomy Andy said:

    A few of the Etrian Odyssey games are reduced as well. 


    I think I read IV was a good starting point for people so I might get that too. 




    The 3DS versions are gorgeous. I might be a bit biased though :)



  2. Skyrim is half price (£24.99) and worth every penny. You might want to invest in pile treatments though, given how many hours you'll be spending playing it on the toilet.


    Coming off the back of Elden Ring its clearly a different kettle of RPG - but it plays smoothly and looks wonderful (especially on an OLED Switch).

  3. Point taken. It's not affected my enjoyment negatively at all. Then again I'm not a hard-core schmupper anymore or looking for non handheld/emulation experience.


    I think most people will really enjoy it. Borderlands for example is a problem for me if that gives things some context.

  4. 9 hours ago, Phantoon said:

    What's the lag in that now? It was really terrible before (something like 10+ frames) and I know it was improved, but it needed a lot of improvement from there.


    Google is your friend  :)


    Belive it was 11, now 8 frames. If you're a 1 cc type then I guess it's still not for you. I've been really enjoying it though. Then again being 50 i suspect my reactions will be more of a hindrance!

  5. On 05/04/2022 at 00:15, Camel said:

    City Connection did the ropey Cotton Guardian Force collection. Hopefully this will be better.


    That's actually great now following the performance patch (I assume that's the issue with it)?


    I haven't touched Guardian Force yet to be honest but the saturn Cotton games are wonderful - even better to my taste than reboot.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Ste Pickford said:


    Such a great moment, that.


    Just amazing.  How do you make something this engaging,  big and constantly surprising? If I could show the 12 year old me, who thought Star Raiders was incredible his head would explode.

  7. I love this game. Was having fun ambling round in Snowy land of happy freezing then decided to go back to Limgrave and butcher some deer to get some more twigs to make arrows with.



    How the holy hells did I miss a giant fucking METEORITE landing and smashing a massive sinkhole? 😳 Into Nokron then. :facepalm:


  8. On 27/03/2022 at 09:46, Qazimod said:

    Wait, Bloodborne's Hand Lantern is in this? I've been running into caves alternating my left hand between torch and shield... :facepalm:


    I squeaked like a mouse on helium when I found the lantern. I *love* Bloodborne. 


    That said I don't think I could go back to any of the previous games now. The last one I played was DS on the switch which I absolutely adored. First time ever playing it (on the run up to ER).


    My From history is DS2/BB/DS3/DS then ER.



  9. 10 minutes ago, NexivRed said:


    Bubble Trumpets!!!



    Reading all these posts about weapons and skills and ashes etc; I can’t help but feel I play the game in a really simple form. Which doesn’t surprise me. I don’t generally like to go outside of my comfort zone. I’m just two handing a sword you can’t even put ashes onto. Seems really basic and I’m probably missing out. 


    Also, I’m back wondering wtf to do next lol. Oh, I was currently failing at the stupid chariots dungeon. Looks like a couple of right cunts are waiting at the end of it 😩 so I might ditch that.

    Was hopefully going to do some streaming tonight complete with swearing at the TV, but so far the laptop says no …


    What's brilliant is you can play it how you're comfortable with. Part of my time has I'm sure been going back to the less lethal areas with a new weapon putting a few levels of stones into it and having a great time paffing everything. 


    Love the charged double handed attack of this beauty. I have it up to +14 and it absolutely destroys even multiple Cristalians in some of the dungeons. No from game (before Bloodborne) has let me do this or motivated me to before.




    Also speaking of Bloodborne  I found this awesome bit of fun in a certain manor ...






  10. Second, I *love* the Cotton franchise. I never had a saturn but instead a rather loaded friend at Uni who did. Very happy memories of Panzer Dragoon (that blew me away) and of course Cotton.


    Now that the lag has been fixed (razor sharp shmup head I'm not - just a warning) this is wonderful.


    I've not sat down with Boomerang yet (or Guardian Force) but this is just lovely. I prefer it to the also rather nice Cotton Reboot.



    FB_IMG_1647252908694 (2).jpg

  11. Do you remember a little while back I had a nice little package from Play Asia?


    First off Caladrius Blaze. Whilst my days of annihilating Ikaruga are over I still love my shooters. I think this is definitely on the easier side - which is perfect for me. I suspect the resident shmup nuts will not enjoy it as a result. Loving the art style and pace.


    Couple of screen grabs:





    FB_IMG_1647252934142 (2).jpg

    FB_IMG_1647252941098 (2).jpg

  12. 1 hour ago, robdood said:

    Impressive.  About 8 hours a day since launch :D



    I'd been in hospital just before. It has literally been a life saver whenever I've been able to sit on the couch and play. I think it helps that I tend to walk everywhere. It's definitely got a pokemon feel. (must have every piece of this armour set - despite it being not particularly useful).



  13. 1 hour ago, Davros sock drawer said:


    I've got all of Blaidd's armour except the head. Could you give me a vague hint as to where/how to get it?


    PS - glad to see it's not just me taking their time!


    Have a snoot round the towers to the Northwest of Caria Manor. Let me know if you'd like less vague : )

  14. Just opened up Atlas Moutains.


    Bosses are not a problem so far - a few have taken me a while to learn their attacks but it seems so much more I dont know how to put it accessible.


    Backstabs and counters are sublime. I really do need to learn to parry though :)


    I seem to have more grief from some of the tougher wandering gribblies than I do with bosses. Absolutely loving this.


    Comedy hours/level update. Rocking a +9 moonveil and +20 fire claymore currently. Invaders get a dual wielded Blood Uchigatana+20 and Serpentbone Blade +15 plus the wave emote. Even started summoning them from red. Very satisfying.


    May respec for arcane/blood build though. 



  15. 6 minutes ago, kensei said:

    The Land of the Giant seems to be a step change in the amount of damage I give and receive.


    Lake of Rot was proper wtf From.


    Also, not a fan of multiple types of what amounts to the same status. It just means you have to manage multiple resistances and healing items.


    I've just started it and fuck this area.


    Especially the first dungeon. Which is confusing as a confusing thing.







  16. Thanks for that - will have a read. That said is Switch Player yours as well? Like the look of Kirby on the latest issue :)


    If its not too late I'll back issue 6. I had a SNES (Starfox edition which cost me 15 weeks of Saturday jobs!), Gamecube and then GBA,DS and a 3DS & happy to support you as I'm guessing your covering all of that up to switch.


    Sounds like @Rex Grossmanknows his onions and free advice is free.

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