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  1. I love this game. Was having fun ambling round in Snowy land of happy freezing then decided to go back to Limgrave and butcher some deer to get some more twigs to make arrows with.
  2. Kirby

    Nintendo Switch

    Goldeneye? Tempted but I'm worried it won't match my rose-tinted memories. That and thanks to ER I've got a metric tonne of stuff to play.
  3. Sleep pots work on lobsters?
  4. I squeaked like a mouse on helium when I found the lantern. I *love* Bloodborne. That said I don't think I could go back to any of the previous games now. The last one I played was DS on the switch which I absolutely adored. First time ever playing it (on the run up to ER). My From history is DS2/BB/DS3/DS then ER.
  5. What's brilliant is you can play it how you're comfortable with. Part of my time has I'm sure been going back to the less lethal areas with a new weapon putting a few levels of stones into it and having a great time paffing everything. Love the charged double handed attack of this beauty. I have it up to +14 and it absolutely destroys even multiple Cristalians in some of the dungeons. No from game (before Bloodborne) has let me do this or motivated me to before. Also speaking of Bloodborne I found this awesome bit of fun in a certain manor ...
  6. Kirby

    Nintendo Switch

    Second, I *love* the Cotton franchise. I never had a saturn but instead a rather loaded friend at Uni who did. Very happy memories of Panzer Dragoon (that blew me away) and of course Cotton. Now that the lag has been fixed (razor sharp shmup head I'm not - just a warning) this is wonderful. I've not sat down with Boomerang yet (or Guardian Force) but this is just lovely. I prefer it to the also rather nice Cotton Reboot.
  7. Kirby

    Nintendo Switch

    Do you remember a little while back I had a nice little package from Play Asia? First off Caladrius Blaze. Whilst my days of annihilating Ikaruga are over I still love my shooters. I think this is definitely on the easier side - which is perfect for me. I suspect the resident shmup nuts will not enjoy it as a result. Loving the art style and pace. Couple of screen grabs:
  8. Are those the one's I referred to as saxophone playing weebles?
  9. I'd been in hospital just before. It has literally been a life saver whenever I've been able to sit on the couch and play. I think it helps that I tend to walk everywhere. It's definitely got a pokemon feel. (must have every piece of this armour set - despite it being not particularly useful). #soulsfashion
  10. Have a snoot round the towers to the Northwest of Caria Manor. Let me know if you'd like less vague : )
  11. Just opened up Atlas Moutains. Bosses are not a problem so far - a few have taken me a while to learn their attacks but it seems so much more I dont know how to put it accessible. Backstabs and counters are sublime. I really do need to learn to parry though I seem to have more grief from some of the tougher wandering gribblies than I do with bosses. Absolutely loving this. Comedy hours/level update. Rocking a +9 moonveil and +20 fire claymore currently. Invaders get a dual wielded Blood Uchigatana+20 and Serpentbone Blade +15 plus the wave emote. Even started summoning them from red. Very satisfying. May respec for arcane/blood build though. .
  12. I've just started it and fuck this area. Especially the first dungeon. Which is confusing as a confusing thing.
  13. Thanks for that - will have a read. That said is Switch Player yours as well? Like the look of Kirby on the latest issue If its not too late I'll back issue 6. I had a SNES (Starfox edition which cost me 15 weeks of Saturday jobs!), Gamecube and then GBA,DS and a 3DS & happy to support you as I'm guessing your covering all of that up to switch. Sounds like @Rex Grossmanknows his onions and free advice is free.
  14. Had an hour and its wonderful. Looks amazing on the OLED and great on a normal tv as well but on the OLED. Super smooth and joyous. Interesting to read the interview with the team behind it : Very happy for more of this - although I like the reference to 2D in the future as well
  15. Supposedly pre-order only -but it is "while stocks last" so could be worth giving it a shot at nintendo.co.uk.
  16. I know. I was being smug. It should say in the My Nintendo store - i.e. if they've emailed you or something? You're in the UK?
  17. Check your order status in My Nintendo. If there's nothing I'll post a video of me playing it. Go Bugsy!
  18. Happy Kirby day : ) DPD have my parcel - he's on his way!
  19. Dude, skillz is all I can say. Me, majestically traversing the world of Elden Ring, earlier:
  20. Possibly by not fast travelling or riding a lot. Investigating absolutely everywhere and gone a bit Pokemon on armour sets:) Just love constantly finding new things despite being so long in. I wonder if you've missed much aside from the "main" storyline? Speaking of which I need to go back and sort out the rest of Sofija River.
  21. I think this says it all. I'm loving this and going through it at a guess a snail's pace compared to some. Like a good book I never want it to end.
  22. I don't agree - given their involvement in the Witcher lore etc through the games I think their heart's much more in it than Cyberpunk. Either way I'm very much looking forward to it. They can take as long as they like though
  23. I must be playing this differently to everyone else. 211 hours in. Think I've rinsed the available areas and I still keep finding new things. Just started the Capital and ... A few minor complaints but this really is something amazing. Mapping L3 to nothing for horseback fights made a huge difference. (Settings, controller and square so it's---). Aside from making PS4 sound like a jet taking off how is this running so well?
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