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  1. Really enjoying the Season of Plunder. The armour for this season is the absolute nuts :) The new weapons feel really good - although I'm still abusing Nezrac's Whisper in crucible. The weapon crafting drops look like they've been tweaked a to be a lot better and the new Hunter Arc super is great fun. Was running a legend nightfall and repeatedly managed to get it to stick in the Boss's arse which is wonderful, I don't care what anyone says. Blink is also great - but useless in any activity which needs accurate jumping.


    Not sure yet about Lightfall - this last few years has had lots of downs but its still so good when it comes to gunplay. There's been 3 new crucible maps IIRC but no gambit ones. Can't help but feel pretty disappointed as we've had what feels like lots vaulted.


    Still enjoying it though - and as I say for me, this season's armour looks absolutely top notch.

  2. I'm a huge GS fan boy. 


    When it came out for the GBA it was something very special. I would love to play it again but unless I can fund a cheap GBA I think I'll have to wait. A re-release would be great. The sequel is also superb, again its the charm, the characters.... the world. Wouldn't it be something if we got both games ... with a sequel for Switch?

  3. I do wonder if subscription/cloud gaming is as much of the "future" as predicted.


    I know its only a recent thing - but there's been an massive boost to to physical media sales - CD's in particular. Its nice to be able to actually play games/listen to music/watch films without paying a subs fee or being able to watch films and series that currently aren't available outside of what the streaming companies decide they are providing at the moment.

  4. On 28/11/2021 at 23:36, Broker said:

    Oh shit the Switch version is on sale. Guess I’m paying for Skyrim twice today :lol:


    I crumbled and it's been my post Elden Ring binge game.


    I played this on the 360 and my goodness it's even better than I remember.  I'm playing as a sneaky beaky archer with very little magic.


    Seeing things I've not seen before and currently distracted by building my own home.


    Love it.

  5. On 25/04/2022 at 09:12, Luseth said:

    I have 2 3ds's and honestly I think they will be true collectors consoles one day, I know there are an abundance of games available but like others have said, the consoles themselves are quite spot on with their portability and have some fantastic games.


    I have a Pikachu 3DS XL which sit's nicely with my GBC Pikachu edition and then the new 3ds (ambassador edition), I wouldn't mind picking up a new 2ds XL when finances are a bit better later in the year but I don't think I will be hacking them as I typically like my consoles untouched in that regard unless I've bought one specifically for it.


    That said I have started picking up the odd game for the DS / 3DS as I can see a fair few titles becoming expensive before long, the latest addition I have coming is Golden Sun Dark Dawn :) 



    You're in for a treat. The Golden Sun games are wonderful.  Heaps of charm. Two of my favourite games ever.




  6. Where does it stop though? What about someone's deeply held religious belief that all gay people are scum? Or that black people are uncivilised lazy drug dealers that the police are well within their rights to give a good battering to?


    Appeasement, being reasonable and talking to these people has got us nowhere. This bullshit needs calling out for what it is - and if you're on the (wrong) right wing side why the heck should we just keep our heads down and tolerate it?

  7. On 05/05/2022 at 23:17, Gloomy Andy said:

    A few of the Etrian Odyssey games are reduced as well. 


    I think I read IV was a good starting point for people so I might get that too. 




    The 3DS versions are gorgeous. I might be a bit biased though :)



  8. Skyrim is half price (£24.99) and worth every penny. You might want to invest in pile treatments though, given how many hours you'll be spending playing it on the toilet.


    Coming off the back of Elden Ring its clearly a different kettle of RPG - but it plays smoothly and looks wonderful (especially on an OLED Switch).

  9. Point taken. It's not affected my enjoyment negatively at all. Then again I'm not a hard-core schmupper anymore or looking for non handheld/emulation experience.


    I think most people will really enjoy it. Borderlands for example is a problem for me if that gives things some context.

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