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  1. I do wonder if subscription/cloud gaming is as much of the "future" as predicted. I know its only a recent thing - but there's been an massive boost to to physical media sales - CD's in particular. Its nice to be able to actually play games/listen to music/watch films without paying a subs fee or being able to watch films and series that currently aren't available outside of what the streaming companies decide they are providing at the moment.
  2. I crumbled and it's been my post Elden Ring binge game. I played this on the 360 and my goodness it's even better than I remember. I'm playing as a sneaky beaky archer with very little magic. Seeing things I've not seen before and currently distracted by building my own home. Love it.
  3. Ooh Tempest 4k is out! How did miss that?
  4. If you loved the original the sequel is a treat
  5. You're in for a treat. The Golden Sun games are wonderful. Heaps of charm. Two of my favourite games ever.
  6. A few little extras :)
  7. Where does it stop though? What about someone's deeply held religious belief that all gay people are scum? Or that black people are uncivilised lazy drug dealers that the police are well within their rights to give a good battering to? Appeasement, being reasonable and talking to these people has got us nowhere. This bullshit needs calling out for what it is - and if you're on the (wrong) right wing side why the heck should we just keep our heads down and tolerate it?
  8. Mines wending its way from PlayAsia tight now. Really looking forward to this
  9. I kept 2 360 games which I really loved back in the day. We've only git a bone but I think RR6 needs a spin
  10. The 3DS versions are gorgeous. I might be a bit biased though
  11. Somehow this slipped my radar. Interested piqued (to the extent I've pre-ordered the "normal" physical release from Play-asia). SOTN meets bullet hell. Art/music and play style are definitely scratching that DS era castlevania itch.
  12. Skyrim is half price (£24.99) and worth every penny. You might want to invest in pile treatments though, given how many hours you'll be spending playing it on the toilet. Coming off the back of Elden Ring its clearly a different kettle of RPG - but it plays smoothly and looks wonderful (especially on an OLED Switch).
  13. WIth the exception of the two Golden Suns I never really "got" RPGs. The art style and look of the remake has me wanting it though!
  14. Recently dipped my toes into the world of boatd hames after spending a couple of weekends playing with some friends. Myself and my partner really enjoyed Marvel Champions (I can't find a thread?) so we've dived in and treated ourselves. Picked up an expansion, hero packs, sleeves etc and can't praise https://www.bgextras.co.uk/. Really patient with my daft questions and great service.
  15. Point taken. It's not affected my enjoyment negatively at all. Then again I'm not a hard-core schmupper anymore or looking for non handheld/emulation experience. I think most people will really enjoy it. Borderlands for example is a problem for me if that gives things some context.
  16. Google is your friend Belive it was 11, now 8 frames. If you're a 1 cc type then I guess it's still not for you. I've been really enjoying it though. Then again being 50 i suspect my reactions will be more of a hindrance!
  17. That's actually great now following the performance patch (I assume that's the issue with it)? I haven't touched Guardian Force yet to be honest but the saturn Cotton games are wonderful - even better to my taste than reboot.
  18. Available to order in the EU. It's also in 3D. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.pixelheart.eu/en/produit/andro-dunos-2-3ds-eur/&ved=2ahUKEwilyv_anfr2AhVHQMAKHbeaDIsQFnoECD8QAQ&usg=AOvVaw0CC3ScuHFJrfTTkzL7na4p
  19. Just amazing. How do you make something this engaging, big and constantly surprising? If I could show the 12 year old me, who thought Star Raiders was incredible his head would explode.
  20. I love this game. Was having fun ambling round in Snowy land of happy freezing then decided to go back to Limgrave and butcher some deer to get some more twigs to make arrows with.
  21. Kirby

    Nintendo Switch

    Goldeneye? Tempted but I'm worried it won't match my rose-tinted memories. That and thanks to ER I've got a metric tonne of stuff to play.
  22. Sleep pots work on lobsters?
  23. I squeaked like a mouse on helium when I found the lantern. I *love* Bloodborne. That said I don't think I could go back to any of the previous games now. The last one I played was DS on the switch which I absolutely adored. First time ever playing it (on the run up to ER). My From history is DS2/BB/DS3/DS then ER.
  24. What's brilliant is you can play it how you're comfortable with. Part of my time has I'm sure been going back to the less lethal areas with a new weapon putting a few levels of stones into it and having a great time paffing everything. Love the charged double handed attack of this beauty. I have it up to +14 and it absolutely destroys even multiple Cristalians in some of the dungeons. No from game (before Bloodborne) has let me do this or motivated me to before. Also speaking of Bloodborne I found this awesome bit of fun in a certain manor ...
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