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  1. For the first time (that I’ve been in to check the prices) I’ve hit over 500!! https://turnip.exchange/island/e3f02347 Rest of Island is closed, due to renovations. Anything appreciated.
  2. I’d love to come over tonight - will save me worrying about it at the end of the week!! Tips will be left
  3. No, I didn’t unfortunately. Next time!!
  4. Beautiful island. Thanks for letting me explore!!
  5. it’s the only use my twitter account has!!
  6. I had a Panasonic Q. Had to sell pretty much all of my game related stuff several years ago due to being made redundant. I wish I could’ve kept the Q.
  7. Thanks for opening mate. I was the sexy village people policeman. Sorry I took a while, new to the hopping online islande thing.
  8. The only highlight of episode 3 for me was recognising the exterior club scene shots were under Peckham Rye train station!!!
  9. That would be great if you could. Thanks mate.
  10. I’ve tried 3 different cards, but all have been declined (iPad/Mac and 2 different browsers) If anyone could purchase some rubles for me, enough for the ultimate edition, I’d gladly chuck in a few extra quid for the inconvenience....
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