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  1. Eh? I'm saying you can't tell how many it sold by its chart position. The same sales may have been number 1 the previous week or the following week for all we know.
  2. What race? What does one game have to do with another?
  3. From Kotaku: The game's sold an estimated 500,000 copies in the US during its first week on sale, which is not only impressive in its own right, it also makes it, according to Nintendo of America's George Harrison, "the best-selling Mario title ever in its first week".
  4. And chart position isn't a sales figure. So we don't really know how well it's done.
  5. And what a great point it is. Simply by posting that you make two broken 360's come back to life.
  6. It's a wierd one this. The story seems to be about pirates attacking supply lines yet the actual game seems to be about defending\capturing bases in small arenas. Not sure what to make of this. Can't say I enjoyed it. I think it's one of those situations where the fancy graphics obscure the underlying gameplay. I found it hard to work out what was a base and whether or not I'd captured it.
  7. Specifically, I don't believe your story of not knowing much about the game and getting everything from the demo. Ultimately it's not those that (claim to) have understood the tutorial that are the issue. It's everyone else. It's like when people pipe up with "well my Xbox hasn't died" as though that somehow counters the absolute fact that many, many of them did die.
  8. Forgive me if I don't believe that for one second. A few psychic internet geniuses who (by amazing co-incidence) happened to have been following the game development and were going to buy it anyway, don't really reflect the experience most people had.
  9. The success of not-massively-dissimilar games would suggest otherwise. I think the game is very close to be being ideal for Live Arcade. It just needed a few obstacles removing.
  10. Yeah, people like yourself who'd been following the game during development and had a pretty good idea of the core concepts already. It makes perfect sense to me now I've learned the concepts from elsewhere.
  11. Me & Ste! Well we work at home, not actually in our bedrooms.
  12. I don't think you're thinking these through bcass.
  13. Heh, the game just sent me an email (on the Wii I mean). Excellent touch.
  14. I'm not convinced (m)any people understood the game from that demo. All the Minter fans were discussing it on the forums. I certainly got my explanations from here and Jeffs forum. I couldn't understand the demo fully until after I'd learned about the game mechanics elsewhere.
  15. I must admit I've never heard of MS (or Sony or Nintendo) charging QA fees. In fact, I don't think they do.
  16. I know they don't (believe me I really know that). But it can be important in terms of reputation. Just like the way movie companies like to make oscar contender films which aren't really ever going to be blockbusters. Not that I'm suggesting Mario Galaxy is in that category. I think it will sell several million copies.
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