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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7114699.stm
  2. Well it absolutely led to 4 people not being able to find one and 4 (3 if you kept one) people paying over the odds. I'm not especially bothered but I could do that myself.
  3. I didn't bother with the Zapper at all. I'm at a loss to understand what it could possibly add.
  4. I just played the first 3 levels of this. Each level is 3 stages (all completely different) based on assets from Twighlight Princess. They range from a basic variation on the Duckhunt game in Wii Play to levels where you have control of Link (on Nunchuck stick) so it's like a mini Zelda level. It's ace. Really frantic and very varied so far.
  5. No. It's consistently delightful and inventive. If you don't like the first ten stars you won't like the rest.
  6. Heh. That's ludicrous too but I suspect he's played the game.
  7. He's just trolling. He hasn't even played it.
  8. I had Coffee & Cherry Pie in the Twin Peaks diner once (twice).
  9. Ahh the endless confusion between average=medicore and average=typical. A real evergreen. I wonder if it happens in other languages.
  10. I really struggle with the swimming. And anything that's against the clock
  11. Saw Jungle Beat yesterday at Ste's house. It's amazing how much of Galaxy originates in a daft Bongo game.
  12. I think everyone understands that. It's not necessarily a good idea to insult the player though; especially when they aren't actually doing anything stupid. When you die or do badly in a game it's fairly crucial for the player to be clear about why. In the best games you always blame yourself; in lesser games you tend to blame the game. Of course it is. Particularly when the game is apparently familiar but the rules have changed. My game Sticky Balls got some criticism because you could complete a table with pretty much zero skill just by blasting the balls about. You got a crappy score of course because the game was about 'score mining' each table but some people just didn't get that; because there was level progression so they felt that completing levels was the aim and thus the game itself was pointless. Those who understood what we were trying to do really liked it but are the level blasters wrong to find the game pointless? And even if they are wrong, they are potential customers so it's my fault if they fail to get the point. I make the comparison because the problem was my unusual rules on an apparently familiar game style. Now I quite deliberately used the familiarity of pool\snooker to draw people in so I can't moan when people are upset that there are significant differences.
  13. No clue. Aren't there supposed to be 1.8 million machines being made per month? Where are they going?
  14. It's the only one aimed at a casual audience. The originals were quite geeky. It might require tutorials for the various holds but they are hilarious. Probably my favourite part.
  15. A bit of both. It's an advert thinly disguised as a game.
  16. Give it a go. It doesn't cost anything to download (assuming you're not on dial-up). I download everything. Check out that Shrek mess for possibly the worst game evar. (I don't count Yaris as a game). And that falling down a drain game from last week was baaaad too.
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