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  1. I kind-of agree but I was finding the constant things-going-wrong stuff a bit tiring. Benedict Wongs fuck-up was good though; I really felt for him. I didn't much care for the other characters. It certainly felt like sci-fi although I didn't know much about the science behind it. Is it really plausible to make a bomb with enough energy to restart\refuel a star? Where does all that energy come from? The whole lack of food\oxygen stuff didn't ring true either. The ship seemed extremely spacious - loads of room for pot noodle and stella. When you read stuff like Patrick Obrien's Aubry\Maturin books (Napoleon war stuff) you get a real feel for how men can live in confined space for months\years and stretch rations on much smaller vessels than that spaceship. They even got a pint of rum each a day.
  2. I didn't consider that he just sneaked on. How could he do that? Didn't he appear in a teleport-like effect whilst muttering something about time\space? I may have misremembered.
  3. I don't know. The OOOMPH under the hood of the PS3 & 360 comes at a high cost, both for hardware and software development (particularly in terms of higher quality assets). I'm just saying publishers and developers aren't even trying on Wii when it comes to visuals so I don't see how Nintendo could be blamed for that. Sure, perhaps if the hardware was closer in performance to the other machines then we'd see a lot of multi-platform titles with excellent visuals but that wasn't the vision for Wii. I'd be interested to know how many high-budget high-def games are profitable. I think publishers are still hoping to recoup costs by re-using engines multiple times. But can they re-use assets?
  4. Why on earth would any developer need technical help to make a Wii game? The tech is familiar for the most part. It's not technical nouse that makes for mediocre games; it's a combination of low budgets\lesser teams and developers simply letting themselves off the hook because the Wii is considered graphically inferior. Many games don't even look as good as GC titles.
  5. 12 people then. And one of them (bcass) does nothing but moan about it.
  6. Iconography? I found it bewildering myself. Admittedly I didn't give it much time. But it wouldn't put it in the category of something like Wii Sports which is completely intuitive. I think it'll sell nowt too. But I'm still struggling to see what you mean about it being perfect for the audience.
  7. Nights fits the audience? I'm rubbish at judging these things but it looks to me that Nights is a massive waste of time aimed at 12 internet geeks obsessing over an old game.
  8. Saw this the other day. Can anyone explain the ending? Was that bloke really there (if so, how?) or was it all in Cillian Murphy's head?
  9. Much better than I expected this. I enjoyed it more than the book. With better, more memorable dialogue it could have been a bit of a classic.
  10. I give it another go when the 360 can play divx files. Not much point other wise. For the record I went through all the wizards and instructions on the MS site. Installed the connect thingy and tried Media Player 11. But I'm not that fussed as the 360 doesn't yet play any files I have.
  11. I don't know why it doesn't work. Sheesh. I have Windows Media Player 11 too.
  12. My 360 won't walk to my XP machine either. And there's no way I'm going for Vista or Media doodah.
  13. You're on a different planet bcass. You're the only person here who would [pretend to be] confused by that.
  14. I think I'd miss the 360 controller most if I switched. Not that I'd do that, I'd keep both machines.
  15. I can't believe people actually admit to this sort of stuff.
  16. You're on a different planet bcass. You're the only person here who would [pretend to be] confused by that.
  17. Put it this way. Compare to actually making games (see Live Arcade) the costs here are as close to "nothing"as it gets.
  18. I totally agree. But I don't believe anyone really thinks it's shit - or even close.
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