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  1. It looks like it's been made inside a computer.
  2. Tearing can't be fixed by a TV.
  3. Sounds like the TVs internal processing was causing the tearing. There's no way a TV should be able to fix it. If the game is tearing then it's delivering partial frames to the TV (part of one, part of the next I mean). The TV wouldn't know the difference.
  4. Oh he'll never get the role and he would be very different but I think he's a superb actor. Watch him in the Paul Whitehouse thing (Happiness?), some of the scenes with his kids will make you cry. He apparently nearly got the role of Sam in LOTR which he would have been perfect for. Why they went with the American bloke I'll never know.
  5. Johnny Vegas would be amazing. He's a brilliant actor.
  6. Considering they've already shown a playable demo of something very like Pilotwings it's not far-fetched that they've decided to develop it further.
  7. Yeah I just saw that. None of the sites mention it turning into amber jelly though.
  8. I was packing the shopping the other week and for no real reason (other than we had plenty anyway) I bunged some garlic bulbs into the freezer. Anyway, I took it out the other day and when I came to use some it hard turned into an amber coloured jelly. A bit like roast garlic. What's that all about? Is it okay to use it? (I have and nobody died yet).
  9. Wow games are all starting to look the same. A bit depressing that list.
  10. Sorry that was meant to be 2 separate posts. Hence the '-------'
  11. Perhaps he just had the balls to correct an error of judgement? ---------- When these subjects come up I find its the "I can't believe anyone is surprised" brigade that are the most tiresome. The idea that game reviewers are typically corrupt is rubbish. Most reviewers (like most developers) are, in my experience, fairly earnest and passionate about what they do. As I mentioned before, this case is evidence that reviewers are NOT corrupt. It's also perfectly understandable and natural for publishers to scream and shout (and threaten to pull advertising) and for spineless managers to react by attempting to curtail reviews. I think this does highlight a problem with the advertising-funded business model of most forms of specialist press. And yes, this is nothing new. But I, for one, am surprised by this sacking.
  12. Cracking episode. I really liked the couple. It seems the bloke was right all along, they'd set off in the wrong direction and just needed some help.
  13. This is what I didn't understand about Boyatsea's post. I don't see how the game fits with the more 'casual' (normal people) audience at all. It seems to an ultra-geeky game. It certainly didn't explain itself to me. Then again, I don't understand Sonic either.
  14. As far as I know the 480p thing is just the entire buffer being displayed instead of half of it. All games on GC and Wii are rendered at 480p internally anyway. There's no performance penalty. Galaxy is extremely impressive. And the fact that it runs at 60fps is quite amazing. I wonder if (with perhaps a bit more RAM) the game would run at 720p at 30fps (i.e. typical performance for a 360 title)?
  15. Nope. What was the purpose of obscuring him?
  16. Ah ok. Did I imagine him appearing in a teleport like effect? So the dust was meant to be his skin? It's bollocks that dust=skin stuff isn't it?
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