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  1. Ah that's really shitty if they gave those assurances. Very disappointing from Arsenal.
  2. I also have a Japanese copy of this, although that's at my parents at the moment. Absolutely love the box art and it's probably my favourite SNES game. I've been playing the PAL version recently.
  3. I actually want to set that up, I just don't know where to get the rom from. I bought it twice should should be ok
  4. Not a hope in hell of me clicking that.
  5. I think it's to do with game pacing, in BotW you're free to do what you want from the start, in Horizon, you're definitely introduced to different areas in a structured fashion, as you say I guess you could limit the height Aloy can climb, I could see that working actually, so I'm coming round to your point of view
  6. Well, all about opinions but that sounds awful to me. Games don't all have to be the same, and if this were in Horizon we'd be full of people saying they had ripped off Nintendo's ideas.
  7. Do you feel the same about every other open world game? If not, what's the difference? The climbing is great in BotW and adds something to that world which is designed to take advantage of that system. In Horizon, the peaks are natural barriers and serve to introduce the different areas at the right time.
  8. I added to basket then talked myself out of it.
  9. Don't worry, I'm not offended, it's just a game I think it's just because they both came out around the same time.
  10. I'm a weirdo who enjoyed clearing out the camps in Horizon. I didn't get on with Frozen Wilds for the most part, but did enjoy the more involved sections waking up the big giraffe things. I also hated the end sections in the cauldrons. The area was just too tight to enjoy the combat, I often reduced the difficulty there. I did like that it forced you to drop any use of stealth in there however.
  11. Subjective of course, but I wonder if these same people turn up in every other game thread to spread the good word.
  12. Did Villa have a great team spirit a year ago? Half of them had only just met each other!
  13. They are different, you're right, the only reason we compare them in this thread is because of people coming in here to say how much better Zelda is.
  14. The big calls definitely went arsenal’s way today, and Chelsea were really unlucky with injury. They were the better team though.
  15. Great to see what it meant to Martinez. I liked him when on loan to us, lovely to see.
  16. Couldn’t have had a worse last three weeks of the season. Congratulations Arsenal.
  17. How about a goalkeeper running down the pitch holding the ball?
  18. Ah bollocks. Good goal. Gonna miss those European away trips next season.
  19. Yeah, second season running we’ve been waiting on the result of the cup final. Last season was a little more comfortable.
  20. I love both, but preferred Horizon.
  21. I don’t know if it’s a widely held position but there’s certainly not been a shortage of connoisseurs telling us how painful it is playing horizon after the bliss of breath of the wild.
  22. I'm enjoying it. Keep posting!
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