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  1. I was fine with the goalkeeper's foot, but the encroachment had a big effect, Raul was in a good position to score the rebound, but the player went too early. No excuse with VAR not to spot that, and after we've been on the wrong side of this both as the team encroaching and as the team taking the penalty this season it's rather annoying.
  2. Absolutely agree. Bloody annoyed about that encroachment, especially after Man City at home.
  3. Feel sick man. Keeper did well, fair play.
  4. Not confident for tonight, but I think it'll be tight. Seville to win 2-1
  5. Always liked FC Koln, that's amazing!
  6. Not a fan of FFP but I believe it’s a small slap on the wrist. The period that was looked at began when Kenny Jackett was in charge In the Championship so it would have been tough To pass, really just illustrates ow far the club has come in a short time. Two other clubs were fined I believe.
  7. Very happy with that. We were pretty bad, but should be a laugh to end the season. I mean, Seville will slaughter us, but last eight, seventh in the league, that’s solid.
  8. Not confident for this second half, lucky to be winning. Didn't their game against Arsenal go something like this?
  9. Looked pretty nasty from Ba that.
  10. And Wolves got a dodgy penalty. The guy in the pervert VAR shed must think we’re Man Utd
  11. Offside. still hate VAR. Olympiacos very unlucky
  12. Just to be clear, when we get beat by Olympiakos later, I should complain about VAR and conspiracies in the other thread right?
  13. I've been enjoying that too, the idea that clubs won't do what Man Utd want is scandalous. Sancho would be worth an extra 5 - 10 penalties a season for United!
  14. Loved the first Pikmin, I actually think it was better for the time limit, which encouraged further play throughs. Not played number three, so looking forward to this.
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