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  1. Made up for Coady. First Wolves player since Jarvis in 2011 to play for England and first since Bull in 1990 to start. Hope Grealish gets a shot this half.
  2. Amazing goal. I was sitting on top of a portaloo in a fan park in Cologne when that went in. Good times
  3. Can't wait to play these again, but I also think it's a bit crap to not even enable widescreen on Mario 64. It could easily be an optional thing for all the purists who want 4:3
  4. Yeah that's horrible, nothing about it, aside from the badge, says 'Chelsea'. Shame after their amazing white away kit last season too. Spurs yellow shirt looks like Arsenal away to me, although it is nice aside from the centralised badge.
  5. What did you make of Doherty today? Twitter was not complimentary
  6. Lads, you're not gonna believe this. We've signed a player from Portugal.
  7. The bit in the video of the kart driving around with paint on the wheels is how you map out a track.
  8. Also ordered: https://store.nintendo.co.uk/nintendo-merch-accessories/game-watch-super-mario-bros./12690781.html
  9. Does he have enough time to go to Eton?
  10. Quite like the blue shirt, but the white is horrible. Hate centralised crests.
  11. @disperse and recoagulate keep in mind Adama has just been diagnosed with Covid-19, so will probably miss the start of the season.
  12. Oh and Oskar Burr, who played one game (and scored 2-2 v Hull) and has a great 90s style curtain haircut.
  13. Vinagre and Adama at the moment unless we start Sanderson who did well at Cardiff last season. We also have Luke Mattherson who scored at old Trafford for Rochdale last season. Theres also a decent rumour we’re about to sign Argentina’s left back from Sporting. Forgot his name though.
  14. Grealish called up to the England squad too.
  15. Nah, we're light on the right, for that position anyway, plus our other starting wingback just picked up a six month minimum injury.
  16. Something seems off at Wolves to me at the moment.
  17. Me too, one of the best this year.
  18. It's the 1990 world cup final shirts smashed together. It's actually growing on me, but just a template, Adidas not trying as usual.
  19. Just realised we don't clash with anyone this season so might not use it much, but I hate our home shirt too. Feel like pure shit, just want W88 gold back again.
  20. Truly the season of shit kits.
  21. I think Le Tiss was ok. Gutted about Matt Doherty, really odd one from a Wolves' point of view, his raw output will be hard to replace. I hope there's a larger plan at work.
  22. Roy Keane is fucking awful on Sky, as is Souness.
  23. Where's Arteta planning to move in the next three years then?
  24. Full version: It's a stone cold banger
  25. This really is the year for shit kits. Roma away and galatasaray aside.
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