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  1. Good goal. Losing to Wolves Villa and Leeds without scoring is a bad look for Blades.
  2. Good game for 0-0 Sheffield United vs Leeds. Goalkeepers having good games
  3. Premier league is bloody entertaining this season. Is that the first draw?
  4. Great strike to put Albion in front. Chelsea’s kit is awful
  5. Nah it was the right decision.
  6. Feel for Brighton there. Stupid decision but they’ve been excellent. United get away with one there.
  7. Was a penalty but fuck me united don’t really deserve to win this.
  8. Been a great game to watch this.
  9. Oh god Brighton! Great break, really should have scored that.
  10. I see your point. I just think in that situation the advantage should go with the attacking player. I’ll look at it again though.
  11. For the record I think he should have been booked for the dive about three minutes ago. Unlucky Brighton there. Hit the woodwork four times haven’t they?
  12. He was running towards goal and positioned his body between the defender and the ball as he should.
  13. I do yes, but maybe I’ll look at it again. I can understand you’re point of view for sure.
  14. Peter Walton Input always equals “the ref was right”
  15. I really think it was personally. Sure Connelly moves in front of pogba but he was heading towards goal and about to get a shot off. Poor decision.
  16. Brighton look pretty good! I didn’t think the penalty was soft personally.
  17. Tried this a few times last night before realising that life is too short.
  18. Adama is such a liability tonight. Never seen him play so badly
  19. I did wonder that. I guess the ref has to be sure, should be done retrospectively. Could be any score this, Adama looks terrible at right wing back.
  20. yeah, but only five of the goals were his fault.
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