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  1. I'm gonna try and give the PS3 a miss, I'll be first in line for the Revolution though. Viva la Revolution!
  2. I'll see if I can pick one up today, a standard Xbox one will work right? Can you pick those up easily without a game?
  3. I'll add you now, may see you online tonight!
  4. Ginza, I added you as a friend yesterday but I have no idea how to go about racing friends, how did you manage it? Also I don't yet have a headset so if anyone sees me online, I'm not a miserable git, I just have no means to talk to you yet
  5. My machine has just arrived for those who have ordered with gameplay
  6. I don't have mine yet, hoping for a delivery today
  7. I was in there yesterday buying peripherals, they have some remote controls left, are they worth the cash?
  8. My machine has now been dispatched - get in!
  9. I have my fingers crossed for you mate.
  10. I ordered at about 13.00 cubeadvanced. I've also managed to pick up a memory card and wireless adaptor from town, lucky me!
  11. Well, my order from gameplay now has a dispatch date of "Today"
  12. No luck here either (West Midlands)
  13. I'm also tempted, that does look pretty nice.
  14. Don't worry about it chap... I only really want cus all the other kids have one!
  15. I thought about that chap - but see above
  16. Just called and they have non in stock (thankfully - saved some cash)
  17. Damn that's tempting, I could be there in fifteen minutes...
  18. When I first got my japenese Gamecube I didn't have a TV that could take an NTSC signal correctly, the only one that came close displayed in black and white, Luigi Mansion actually looked pretty cool like that... Waverace bluestorm didn't though...
  19. I'll see this and raise you a mars bar.
  20. Yeah, not a bad idea that... lets see if we can get any further interest then now.
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