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  1. It had a good 100 years or so I guess.
  2. Keeping three clean sheets in five games in this mad season is something to be thankful for. Rui hasn't let in a goal in five games for Portugal and Portuwolves since that West Ham game.
  3. I think Raúl should have gone there
  4. Bale has turned this game on it’s head!
  5. Ive also read cov/Wolves was A big deal in the 60s. Sounds like it was pretty nasty actually. Wolves never have had a rivalry with Villa aside from a silly spat three years ago which is mainly played out still on Twitter.
  6. I think Leicester v Coventry is the M69 derby just to add weight to your argument
  7. Just to add, the Pickford challenge was bloody awful, he clearly should have been sent off and I feel for VVD.
  8. Is that an obsession? Passed me by that one. It is a crap name for a derby though.
  9. People complaining about Liverpool seeking special treatment in having VAR investigated just because it’s them should remember, this is Liverpool, this means more.
  10. I think he had a much bigger impact in our championship winning team. It was a big shock when we let him go. Hope he gets the hat trick!
  11. I feel kinda sorry for him. Two championships and twice he's been ditched straight away.
  12. It was 10m, then he agreed a new contract with Porto where his release clause was increased over 100m. Porto probably trying to save face, plus apparently that journalist isn't too keen on our best mate. https://en.as.com/en/2019/11/22/football/1574428723_134549.html
  13. Apparently his release clause was actually 100m but I really don't know.
  14. That's fantastic, first time I've seen that
  15. Liverpool and united are the worst.
  16. New contract for Raul. I can relax now.
  17. Is it a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Conway's Game of Life?
  18. Well I like it. 3rd was my best finish from four attempts.
  19. Nunout Congratulations @Scruff
  20. Don’t remember looking this bad when not playing Huddersfield
  21. Great finish. What is Boly doing?
  22. The second one in particular looked very similar to the second Brighton one yesterday that was ruled out. Mad score line this, well done to Leicester. City look a shadow of the team that battered us first half on Monday.
  23. That second penalty looked pretty similar to the second Brighton one yesterday to me.
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