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  1. Meh, could have been worse.
  2. Adama is such a liability tonight. Never seen him play so badly
  3. I did wonder that. I guess the ref has to be sure, should be done retrospectively. Could be any score this, Adama looks terrible at right wing back.
  4. yeah, but only five of the goals were his fault.
  5. Yeah I’m enjoying Mario64 but it’s bloody annoying for many reasons. Absolutely wonderful game though that deserves a remaster.
  6. These handballs are fucking stupid
  7. This game is mad, Southampton haven’t been bad at all but their Defense is awful. Having said that, the balls from Kane second half have been unreal. So many goals so far this season across the Premier League.
  8. Robbie savage just remarked on Koch trying to pull out
  9. The Costa v Cav Derby! Great finish. Leeds get a pen now!
  10. I actually think it’s a good move for all parties.
  11. It’s sort of a complicated answer. Firstly from your point of view, I think he’s an excellent signing, he’ll really fit in with your forward players and his ceiling is very high. He’s come on so much in the last three years and has some inconsistencies To iron out, but when they are he’ll be world class. He’s a deceptively strong, pacy forward, great ball carrier, strong shot with both feet, you’ll love him. However he’s very very patchy in terms of output and that’s hurt him and us. He’s scored three Hattricks in two years for example, but can go months with no a
  12. Really good game this. Nuno confirms Jota gone and the Dutch defender, Dyson or something, going the other way.
  13. Can a player switch more than once? I guess not because of the time limit right?
  14. Yeah this is a bit shit, but cycle two of the team and all that. Gotta expect this.
  15. It was either this or the blue and white stripes of Porto, which to be fair, would have been a laugh
  16. Yeah it seems really odd to me, I can't think of any good reason. I can accept there may be a good reason that we can't see for the wide screen obsession, but the Y-Axis inversion omission option is not really acceptable.
  17. I think Nintendo could have done more. Little things like no widescreen in Mario64 and no option to Invert Y make little sense.
  18. Just read that the game doesn't allow you to invert the y-axis. Why do they keep doing this? It's such a simple option to add.
  19. That picture confused me, why is Ronaldo the only one dressed? He played against Sweden to score the goals to take him to 100 right, that that was the second game of two.
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