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  1. Consistancy is again the problem. It's an uncomfortable thought, but clubs in the Premier League don't all experience the same set of rules.
  2. Not watching the game, but I’ve seen pictures, the outcome seems inconsistent with the decision to award the first penalty in the Wolves v West Brom game.
  3. Oh god, Albion fans in London? That's it, I'm definitely not leaving the flat now.
  4. Yeah, I'm not sure how you got those either
  5. It's definitely a bit shit at the moment, but I still love the sport and watch it every week. It's a tough season for Wolves but I'm actually finding the shift in our tactics and the manouvering in the market we're doing really interesting. I'm sure many fans in here have seen their club's go through shifts before, but it's the first time at Wolves I can remember seeing a manager trying to change their approach so much. Having said that, getting to 35 to 40 points is probably the most pressing thing for us right now, which feels a bit crap to a lot of fans after three
  6. His Bolton team was decent.
  7. Leicester looked so impressive today. Two wonderful goals too.
  8. Don’t worry, they’ll get at least one win this month
  9. Nah, Brighton are a massive bogey side for us, fully expect to lose. I expect to lose to two different Albions this month.
  10. Well deserved, only one winner here I think
  11. Brighton deserve to be level here
  12. Brighton had four days to wolves five. If you think that’s the same as two days to three in terms of impact on player recovery I can’t help you.
  13. Great goal, I enjoyed watching him at QPR where he really stood out, good to see him find his feet, exciting player
  14. Portuguese are the best, so no surprise there
  15. I believe we are seeing more penalties now and they do seem to be deciding more games which does lead to a more boring sport, it's a fine discussion to have.
  16. Ah I did that ages ago, thought it would have been changed by now
  17. Celtic on top in the Derby. Griffiths just had a great shot which brought an amazing save.
  18. That one looks much more of a penalty than the one you were awarded which still looks like a terrible decision to me. Mings can count himself lucky there.
  19. Thanks for posting that, it does look bad, he’s leading with his arm, could have easily been a red.
  20. Yeah that Dan James one was ridiculous, we had a couple of similar ones against Arsenal and Spurs. The Burnley goal against Leeds was probably the worst example of officiating this season.
  21. That’s fair enough, it is subjective of course. I’m enjoying the game, mainly thanks to the story, but I’m pulled out of the experience quite often due to the depth of the simulation. But I’m glad people are enjoying it, it has a lot going for it for sure
  22. I don’t know what the gaps were for both teams, but that was an advantage for United, OGS said so himself.
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