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  1. Congratulations forest! Quite a season that
  2. It’s so odd the way some decisions are looked at and others not. That looks exactly the use case for VAR but nothing.
  3. That looks a penalty to me
  4. Exactly my thought. Everything is through the lens of the top six.
  5. Liverpool win is inevitable but looked a decent penalty shout for us.
  6. We got our second draw of the season vs Norwich last week, so Wolves are clearly no pushovers.
  7. Yeah that's nice actually. Looks like a Pumas or Club America shirt
  8. Always hated centralised club badges
  9. Unlucky Rangers, fantastic effort.
  10. Great cross, I think goldson should cut that out though.
  11. Europa League > Champions League
  12. Yeah it's awful. I really like United's kits this season, home strip based on the 60s kit I think and away the 92 (ish) one. Really nice, sponsor aside.
  13. Ah crap, Huddersfield are coming to take six points off us again aren’t they?
  14. No, just hinting that a viewpoint may also be held by small minded little englanders
  15. Thanks for the long reply, I’m cooking so can’t give a full response, but that’s all fine aside from the racism assertion which does piss me off to be honest. it’s a personal thing, our experiences are all different and football means different things to different people. What I posted above comes from a love of my background not a desire to keep people out, far from it.
  16. Of course no one thinks one shouldn't be able to choose the football club they support, but a football club should in some way represent the community it belongs to, and ignoring that and choosing a traditionally successful club you have no connection to is little different than choosing any brand in any industry, and those fans who haave a tie through locality or family are naturally going to think less of that support. It's a bit shitty to link that to ideas of racism to be honest. Top level professional football has been taken from the communities that created it, packaged up and sold, and the result is the vicious circle @Naysonymous spoke about. It's not going to be a popular view as the result of that feedback loop is the majority of football supporters will follow a big six club, but the reality is the industry is done as a competition, and the best you can hope for is to swim against the tide for a while. I don't blame any individuals, they're unwitting consumers really, it's just all quite sad, the sport really can be beautiful.
  17. No, I wish it was this, but we've been shite since February. Was looking really good up until then, I was at the Arsenal away game where we we're fifth in the league at half time, however narrow losses to Arsenal twice and West Ham once knocked the stuffing out of us. Basically we just don't have the squad to push for a whole season at that end of the table, the spine of the team really needs some work, and with Raul a shadow of himself adama living his dream on the Barca bench, and Neto coming back from a nasty injury it was always going to be tough, top half finish is a result. Big summer for us, there will be a lot of change. The word is we were unable to really spend following a breach of UEFA FFP rules during our season in Europe, and that restriction has now ended, so we'll see, but there will be a good number of players leaving this summer.
  18. Yeah, Vieira over Moyes is ridiculous.
  19. Not the most helpful pic, but here's all the new Castore tops
  20. If you want a laugh, take a look at the penalty City got against us at their place this season.
  21. The right sleeve is optimistic, but overall I like it.
  22. This was a beautiful kit
  23. Honestly I can't remember the shorts, but really like that shirt, gold and black though I guess
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