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  1. Ah @Pockets you were doing so well.
  2. Football is shit again. Think we're in trouble this year.
  3. This is turning into the Wolves thread again, despite my efforts to talk about Southend. Let's get off the topic. Who are Spurs playing tonight?
  4. Steve Bull scored his 250th goal at roots hall in the 94/95 season. Regarding the colour, it's a contentious issue. In my opinion we've been far too orange since 2000 ish. 90s colour was nice, but I love the shade more on the yellow side that we have this season and the 18/19 season. This matches the actual colour, old gold, as I understand it, which is a lighter shade. Love to go away to Southend United, it looks like a fun ground. I saw a copa90 video on the problems there recently and it's pretty sad.
  5. I think they'd prefer us to be called "Wolves" over "Wolverhampton Wanderers" I'm fine with either, but it never sounds right to me when people call us just "Wolverhampton" The name and colour are one thing, but if they ever apointed OGS as manager there would be trouble
  6. Our owners are really pushing the brand, Wolves, the wolf head, as much as they can, it's a big reason they brought the club. They're doing a lot in esports and fashion as well as this recent move. It's bothering fans as I believe a lot of this is through the Fosun group rather than the club. I guess the idea is you build a broad fan base, it would have been better recieved after not losing four games out of five, having scored one goal in those five games (not including the own goal) and neglecting areas of the pitch that need attention though. We'll see how it goes, I like the community aspect of it, it definitely adds more than all the esports to the local area. We could very easily lose this weekend to Southampton and things could turn nasty quickly. Could be our first Big Sam season.
  7. Bruno is even better, no goals in either half.
  8. Just meant more time in the pub before we had to go the the ground. Very thoughtful of him really.
  9. Not sure if Nuno will be back to Molineux this week after all.
  10. We could have scored a couple for sure, it’s a little odd how difficult we’re finding it to score, but even with that the best team won for sure. Not sure why Toney was winding up the home fans after he scored, he was not song about at all. He was excellent though. Regarding Nuno at Spurs, it looks a bad move all round. He needs to be on the front foot and I don’t know why he’s so conservative while at a club like Spurs. Coming back to Molineux this week, he can’t stay away!
  11. One more thing, Raul missed a sitter towards the end and then took his headband off. Wasn’t too comfortable with that.
  12. First all season we’ve been second best. It was a bit bad second half how every time the play was stopped two of your players were on their arse, but no complaints. Losing our first three home games without scoring is awful but our performances do deserve better. Problem is it’s a competitive league this season, could turn out badly for us.
  13. Second half Brentford seem to have a lot of players rolling around. Fair play though
  14. I don’t think this is the same Toney that was awful for Peterborough though. Can’t be!
  15. Brentford’s press is impressive, they seem to create good over loads on both wings, lovely passing in midfield and seem to crowd their own box. Best fans here since promotion too in terms of noise.
  16. Yeah Raúl just isn’t sharp enough understandably
  17. Brentford are the best team I’ve seen all season. Hope we can keep the score down
  18. Manchester United have the best kits this year. Ours are great too, at least I'm happy with them. Everton 2nd is really nice Villa 2nd is nice, I think their home shirt is the worst they've had since relegation.
  19. First away game since Espanyol 18 months ago for me tomorrow, can't wait!
  20. That picture doesn't look as bad as the angle shown live on TV. He really seemed to grab him pretty roughly to me at the time.
  21. There's definitely a feeling that the midlands clubs, and the midlands in general is overlooked within the midlands, and I personally think there is something to this, but I don't believe this is the case with Grealish. He wasn't going to get anywhere while playing in the championship, but since promotion he's been brought into the squad and has been gradually introduced. He's shown himself to be capable and Southgate feels comfortable playing him. There's no anti-Villa / Midlands bias in this case.
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