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  1. Yeah it seems really odd to me, I can't think of any good reason. I can accept there may be a good reason that we can't see for the wide screen obsession, but the Y-Axis inversion omission option is not really acceptable.
  2. I think Nintendo could have done more. Little things like no widescreen in Mario64 and no option to Invert Y make little sense.
  3. Just read that the game doesn't allow you to invert the y-axis. Why do they keep doing this? It's such a simple option to add.
  4. That picture confused me, why is Ronaldo the only one dressed? He played against Sweden to score the goals to take him to 100 right, that that was the second game of two.
  5. This is a genius offer. Wasn't planning on picking one up until now.
  6. Rumour at the moment. The word was we wanted to send him to Porto with Telles going the other way. Apparently Man Utd are also looking at him (Telles). Believe it or not, we've been strongly linked with two more Porto full backs, but it is a position that needs attention right now. I believe Telles is in the last year of his contract and Porto need money to pass FFP regulation. As things stand Vinagre is our first or second choice left-wing back with the Brazilian guy from Lyon.
  7. Lads, we’ve signed another portugeezer!
  8. Made up for Coady. First Wolves player since Jarvis in 2011 to play for England and first since Bull in 1990 to start. Hope Grealish gets a shot this half.
  9. Amazing goal. I was sitting on top of a portaloo in a fan park in Cologne when that went in. Good times
  10. Can't wait to play these again, but I also think it's a bit crap to not even enable widescreen on Mario 64. It could easily be an optional thing for all the purists who want 4:3
  11. Yeah that's horrible, nothing about it, aside from the badge, says 'Chelsea'. Shame after their amazing white away kit last season too. Spurs yellow shirt looks like Arsenal away to me, although it is nice aside from the centralised badge.
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