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  1. Should be a good game tonight. Three close games last season, expect a tougher match tonight. Don’t expect many goals and can’t see either team winning by more than one.
  2. VAR follows the rules, but I absolutely hate the wait to celebrate a goal. New handball rule is awful, can’t see it surviving till next season intact.
  3. I guess we could talk about the Super Cup. Anyone give Chelsea a chance? Why is it always in Monaco?
  4. I think we're allowed to talk about Pyunik Yerevan, they finished second last season. Big game for them tomorrow! Their first competitive game on English soil I believe if they can turn around the 4-0 score from the first leg, they get a glamour tie with Torino. They obviously feel pretty relaxed about it all if they're out shopping. Hope they're enjoying the beautiful English summer time. We're ok to talk about our next game too as the opponents are one of the Sky Six.
  5. Fine I’m gonna make my own football thread with hookers and blackjack. You know what, forget the football thread!
  6. How are you expecting today to go? You hate Wolves don’t you? should be a good match I think today. Expecting a few chances. I actually think Europe will help us today as we will have a bit of sharpness already.
  7. It was typical wolves drawing Torino, the toughest possible draw for the Europa league play off round though.
  8. Villa playing well. Impressed with them.
  9. dr_manhattan^


    Haha, I have a lot of free time on my hands at the moment I did read 20-40 seconds somewhere though. I thought it was on the sheet that came with the press. Just made my fourth one, it's fantastic. I really wish I'd have got one earlier.
  10. Not exactly a new kit, but I bought the newly released Wolves shirt from football town recently and it’s lovely. Might get a couple of other clubs
  11. dr_manhattan^


    Wouldn't the coffee just fall out of the mug?
  12. That does seem to be an odd one. I thought when you signed him he'd be a great player for you if you happened to go down.
  13. dr_manhattan^


    just the basic I think, scoop or two of beans in the grinder, then in the press, water on top, stir, then press for 40 seconds. Whole milk on top. I haven’t even looked at other recipes yet. Honestly I love it to bits, can’t believe the difference it makes.
  14. dr_manhattan^


    Bought an Aeropress yesterday. My god it's amazing. That plus Nude Espresso East blend and I'm done.
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