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  1. Just bought a ticket for West Ham v Albion tomorrow as I live next door. Fist game I’ve been to as a neutral in decades. Should be a laugh.
  2. But gutting that. We’re close as a club. Gave Liverpool two decent games. If we can sort our Defense out it should be a good second half of the season.
  3. I wonder which part of him was offside.
  4. Has been since the turn of the year yeah, you’re right though, it’s amazing lately. Eight in a row is a lot though.
  5. Eight games in a row now conceding first. I’m a bit sick of it.
  6. A draw puts us 5th, which is mad as we’ve only won one game this year and can’t keep a clean sheet.
  7. Massive comeback for Villa that.
  8. His crossing is probably the weakest part of his game, he has a tendency of slow looping crosses to the back post when he sees nothing on rather than just smashing across the face of goal which I think would be more effective. His shooting has got much better, on his right foot. His left needs work. He’s incredibly good at taking the ball down and staying control of it while still going at people. Sometimes he runs into players in dangerous positions where a simple pass would be a better choice. He’s generally very good and getting better. Worth the ticket price.
  9. don’t worry, we’re WolVARhampton Wanderers now.
  10. Yay, more Steve “I don’t like Wolves” McManaman
  11. Molineux After the away game where I don’t think we really deserved to lose I thought Wolves would be well up for this game, but we’ve been crap in 2020. We’ve conceded the first goal in the last seven league games (although amazingly we’ve won three of them, two of them being 2-0 down) so Liverpool will probably score first and therefore probably win. I guess that comes with playing three midfielders at the back. We’re very rarely out of games, so I think it’ll be close ish but we look knackered and badly need a bigger squad. Unfortunately I won’t be there on Thursday is it on TV?
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