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  1. I hate crests in the centre of a shirt
  2. Really enjoyed that, two teams trying to win up until the final whistle. Think we should have won based on the chances we created but not losing to Brighton makes me think we can do anything.
  3. Amazing goal from Son. 3 points from 4th if we somehow manage to win tomorrow. Point would be a good result though.
  4. We certainly seem to struggle with that particular arrangement of colours. Just hope we avoid Porto in Europe! I’ll be there in Sunday. Went to both games last season where we managed to fail to score in both while having countless chances, so just scoring would be nice.
  5. Portuguese police were complete cunts tonight though. Batoning and pepper spraying people for nothing. Women got pepper spray. My mate was hit with a baton while on the floor until pulled away. Real shame.
  6. Class game. 3-3 fair play to Braga. Weather really played a part but such a great game. Should have won really but we’re through.
  7. Great day in Porto yesterday aside from the standard Liege fans causing trouble. Off to Braga now!
  8. They'll be going mental in Surrey right now. If there are any Chelsea fans there, they'll be happy too.
  9. 1-0 Congratulations on the title Liverpool
  10. To be fair, it was the officials at the ground this time. That takes me back...
  11. VAR fucks Wolves for a change.
  12. He’s much more of a fan than those he’s referring to. I completely understand his point. We’ve done this time and again though. All power to those people supporting clubs they have no connection to.
  13. You can be clearly and obviously offside though, and if you're not, maybe leave it up to the linesperson.
  14. That's not true, you now have multiple useless aresholes to worry about now rather than one.
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