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  1. I thought we had it worst, we actually have just over 48 hours rest where as four teams have exactly that. Really not fair, Liverpool and United have decent rests i think, Fulham have the best break.
  2. We’ve been fucked over again at Christmas. Last year it was City then Liverpool in 48 hours, this year it’s Spurs then United in less than 48 hours. United will have 30 hours more rest (and one more penalty) than Wolves. I know it’s a weird season but that doesn’t really seem too fair.
  3. We didn't get much coverage after playing City and Liverpool in the space of two days for TV. Poor Jurgen. But yeah, I'd like to see some changes to how TV companies can call the shots on when games are played. I'm against five subs however as it does favour the bigger clubs and once it's accepted as norm it won't be taken away.
  4. Albion robbed then and United the completely random beneficiaries?
  5. Watched that Orlando game earlier, one of the maddest shoot outs I’ve ever seen. Didn’t see the United bullshit but it I’m not very surprised.
  6. DHL Truck outside!!!!! Probably doesn't contain my PS5 though as I didn't manage to order one, I just want to get involved.
  7. ah fuck, got to the payment page, but all gone
  8. Worst console launch ever Have fun chaps!
  9. JL back, but product is now out of stock
  10. My JL button from about 30 minutes ago still says "Adding", don't have the heart to close the window
  11. Well done! John Lewis home page isn't even loading for me
  12. Can't even sign in to John Lewis. I had it in my shopping basket for a while though, that was a good bit.
  13. I thought for a while we’d see a Zelda one next year. Count me in for that.
  14. Really fancy this. Good job I can't get hold of a PS5 at the moment.
  15. This is very nice. Praying for an Advance Wars one.
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