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  1. dr_manhattan^

    Mario 64

    Yeah, that’s roughly what I tell my boss too.
  2. Champions of FIFA Quarenteam, you’ll never sing that!
  3. This is the real Europa League.
  4. Wolves through to the last four of Orient’s FIFA Quaren team competition. Can’t believe how far we’ve come. I saw first hand in Porto how dangerous Standard Liege can be but I really think we have a shot.
  5. This just gets better and better
  6. Haha, I’m sure it gets worse! It was ok actually and the combat was really good fun, the reloading clicked during combat and the locomotion is becoming much more comfortable. It was more about how much more ‘personal’ those sections are feeling in VR
  7. Started the first bit with It was the first time I’ve played a game and was proud of myself for keeping calm through a section
  8. I like the idea of that, but that looks terrible for sickness. I really wanted to like that pilotwings-like game but I just couldn’t take the rolling.
  9. Just started again from the beginning having closed some apps down first and fuck me this is absolutely amazing. The world looks so cool, you find yourself just standing and staring at times, it really feels as if you're in City 17. The locomotion is fantastic too. Not felt sick once. Absolutely love this game, I really hope it's the first of many.
  10. Absolutely love this show, gutted it’s ended. Possibly for the best though as it did tail off at the end of this series. Ive watched the first two through probably five times already, never gets old.
  11. A bit jerky at some points for me but totally playable, and it’s bloody amazing! How do you go about changing your height? I was far too tall for some reason and had to play sitting down as a result.
  12. Getting excited thank god it unlocked at 5pm or WFH would have been a challenge
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