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  1. I once sat on the train to Euston following a Wolves vs Burnley game and the next table was occupied by American Burnley fans, could it have been them, or do Burnley have a load of American fans?
  2. This isn't the place to discuss it really, I just thought your characterisation of the motives and drives being similar was hilarious.
  3. Absolutely loved this game, worked really well on the game pad too.
  4. I have a season ticket so I'm not sure, but I think it's possible, Everton looks a good shout actually as it's a Monday night game and on TV so might be one to aim for.
  5. Hope that person is ok, bloody horrible.
  6. Feels odd wanting Spurs to do well, lesser of two evils today.
  7. Get well soon mate. I was bloody worried about this four game run we had, prooved me wrong, three in and nine points. My mate in East London managed to get a ticket today lucky git, I think he's flying back by the sound of it!
  8. Sorry lads, didn't see that coming. Fully expected a loss today.
  9. I'm surprised just how good this is, I wasn't massively looking forward to it, but it plays and looks fantastic. As with most games, the boss fights are the bits I enjoy the least, only been through the first real boss, and it took a good five or six tries, hope they don't get too tough for me as I really want to see this through.
  10. Watched episode one last night and the violence is too much for me. I think I’m a bit soft as most people seem fine with it.
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