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  1. I’m glad Sky have arranged it so I get to find out what one of Leeds’ best league one strikers thinks about Newcastle vs Wolves.
  2. I was only messing mate. The commentary in the wolves Leeds game was funny in the end. Didn't see the game tonight. Off day or bad luck?
  3. Even game where the commentators mess their pants whenever a player in white looks at the ball?
  4. I have nothing but love for them I assure you
  5. Brighton only have themselves to blame here. West Brom are the luckiest club I've ever known.
  6. Nuno should get his 25k back. Somebody else called him out this season didn't he? Was it Klopp?
  7. Lee Mason should not be allowed anywhere near a football pitch.
  8. My 40th is also next month. Commiserations.
  9. Ah I really miss the Europa League. I was in Barcelona 12 months ago today.
  10. Getting a PS5 is easy. You should try getting through to a human at HMRC. I'm having a bad day...
  11. Great finish, Brighton really don't deserve that. Massive mistake by Ben White
  12. Bit of a bogey side for us, but I've been a couple of times. Nice stadium, but a nightmare to get away from. We're actually considering moving to Brighton too.
  13. Spot on. I really want Brighton to stay up because I like how they're developing and would like to see it continue.
  14. Makes sense, you can see with how this game is panning out. My girlfriend is going mad here, she's from Brighton so it's almost my second team. They look really good, just can't score. Impressed with Potter.
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