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  1. Saw this on Monday with my girlfriend. Absolutely wonderful film. Biggest revelation part way through my girlfriend told me she’d slept with one of the actors. Would watch again.
  2. You're most welcome! bloody hell that was alright. Gutted I wasn’t there.
  3. Magic! seemed to me we were playing a very well executed plan. Clearly playing within ourselves, keeping the game slow until the last 20 minutes when we went at them. I think its a tactic employed a lot this season due to the number the number of games we’ve had. Three 90+ minute goals now.
  4. Can’t see Villa going down, the defence will tighten up and scoring is the hardest thing to do, which they’re managing consistently. I thought they'd struggle for goals but they’re doing ok there.
  5. I actually thought today I wouldn’t have been happy if I was a palace fan, but genuinely I was happy with Wolves today, best we’ve played all season, created chances and passed the ball through midfield for once. I’ve been critical of us this season too. Appreciate the opposing view though.
  6. Thought we were all over palace first half to be honest. Draw was the least we deserved. Hard to play with 10 against 12 but our performances are improving so happy with that.
  7. Haha cheers chap, it’ll actually be my fourth visit. Two losses to one win at the moment starting with the play off game in 1997 and the last being last season in the league.
  8. Burnley and Leicester was poor too. We haven’t really played well in any game bar arguably united at home. Last night was ok, but still not good.
  9. But the performances have been shocking. Sounded loud on TV too.
  10. I think you’re being a bit harsh on our fans. They’ve stuck with the players through a very bad run of results. Last night was the only one we probably didn’t deserve. Didn't go last night but I’ll be at palace on Sunday. Big game for us now. Four defeats on the bounce would be a bad look, and then we have Reading after that, so it doesn’t get any easier.
  11. Thats the joke, he wasn’t great at either. A player with his injury record working as our fitness coach was hilarious really. He was an exciting signing, just hardly ever played. Peak 90s Wolves.
  12. Best fitness coach we ever had.
  13. VAR check. Non of the Chelsea goals were checked.
  14. 4-2 we might still win this
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