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  1. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/2193203/club-statement not good
  2. @Boothjan I'm really quite happy with it. It lacks the two elements that always lead to a bad season for Wolves - pin stripes and black sleeves, so that's a good start. The colour looks right to me. I always want a lighter colour on Wolves shirts and it looks like that's what we have. While I of course, don't like the sponsor, I think it suits this shirt better than the others it's been on for some reason. Can't wait to see it gone though.
  3. Wolves will also be wearing a kit next season
  4. @Mike1812 won't notice though, he'll still be struggling to take his eyes off the Kalvin Phillips poster on his wall.
  5. That's pretty complex for me and @Boothjan at the moment.
  6. I don't personally mind the rivalry at all, what bothers me is when people try to justify it by pointing out how evil English people are, each one more eviler than the last.
  7. Love that. The picture of Rashford has strong George Best vibes.
  8. Not exactly a new kit, but I'm a fan of this: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRBMwsXDbpF/?utm_medium=copy_link
  9. Only thing missing yesterday was a crying Danish child. Damn thier Nordic resolve.
  10. Gonna try and get Monday off early doors tomorrow
  11. I’m really happy for the Ireland fans too, must be good for them to see some of their old boys make it this far
  12. Taking Grealish off seems like the wrong choice. I was expecting it to be Sterling
  13. Everyone I’ve spoke to has been bloody nervous about tonight. Any accusation of arrogance is anti-England porn
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