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  1. We've had about six shots on target in five games. I just think Everton, Palace, Burnley, and Chelsea look better than us at the moment, so we really need to step it up to stay top seven.
  2. Also we were both shite, so don't worry about it. Hanging on to Europa League places now. We're looking awful, could see us missing out with the fixtures we have left.
  3. I did enjoy the Sky commentator saying Wolves will need a bigger squad if they manage to get into Europe this year just now.
  4. Five subs continuing seems odd. Makes sense when you have to suddenly start a season with players not being fully ready for it, but not now. Cynic in me thinks this is good for the larger clubs who can afford larger, quality squads.
  5. dr_manhattan^


    Two inverted Aeropresses in and I think I'm a convert.
  6. dr_manhattan^


    Nearly ran out of aeropress filters so I've just ordered 700 more plus a metal one to try. Sounds like it gives a different taste based on comments. I've also just discovered The Inverted Method tm So I'll give that a go tomorrow, probably before I get dressed so I don't have to change twice.
  7. I bet his shirt was nicely tucked in though
  8. Now you've started to play Ryan Bennett there'll be no stopping you.
  9. I didn't watch the game yesterday, but I thought this about his second goal against Palace. The Palace defence seemed to set up in exactly the wrong way to deal with Vardy. I guess they were pushing for a goal, but it seemed like they were asking for trouble.
  10. We were awful mate. You know to worry when Nuno deviates from the standard line up. We were sloppy and flat all over the pitch. Unlike us, but pressure is off a bit now.
  11. Arsenal played well today. Deserve this win. Completely nullified us.
  12. That rule is so damn stupid. I wish Boly hadn’t scored that goal against Man City now.
  13. Good goal by Sheffield United. then spurs draw level right away
  14. Say no to black sleeves. This looks better though: Lighter shade too, which I like.
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