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  1. I’m in the mood for a stat heavy, management style game, but I largely couldn’t give a shit about football. Am I mad for considering this?
  2. Which games are you playing on local co-op? If I could find some good ones it would be a good excuse to put together 3 pads in MS Design Studio. (Have just seen your post on the last page - thanks)
  3. I appreciate the SSD is fairly high spec, Quick Resume etc, which is why the expansions cost what they do. Do we have any idea when they might become more affordable though? I am almost at the point of having to chose what I have installed. Whereas with my One X I just piled everything onto an external 5TB drive that cost £200 years ago.
  4. Is anyone else just really taking their time with this in order to prolong it? Or am I just weird? I won’t play it for more than about 30 minutes each evening, as I don’t want it to end.
  5. The S seems to pop up quite often at the likes of Argos, so with some luck you may get one for Christmas.
  6. I got the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X for RRP through John Wick-esque focus, commitment, and sheer will. A normal person stands no chance. Which I would understand for the first 3 months, 6 at a push. But this is just taking the mickey.
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