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  1. I'm trying to get into sim racing - I don't have ACC but am enjoying practicing in AC right now - @scoobysi sent you a steam request - is there any kind of sim racing thread on the muk? I haven't found one.
  2. Robbo


    I've played about 20 games of this now and it's quite fun. I'd completely forgotten that triples existed.
  3. Just added myself to the spreadsheet (PC) and added all of you.
  4. I enjoyed it a lot but when they started playing Hendrix (spoiler alert) I had to think about the show in a really different way to enable me to stomach it.
  5. I get the feeling there are a number of brexit scenarios and the game picks one at random when you get to the date
  6. Yeah I think I'm going to leave it until then. I wouldn't mind but look at what they are injuring! Broken bones, hamstrings, it's all proper stuff putting them out for weeks.
  7. This game is absolute bullshit. Lost 5 out of 5 opening games, and this is at least partially the reason:
  8. Robbo


    God I just tried to build that and I would need millions of dust - so out of touch with this game now.
  9. Ah rats - I didn't read the thread very closely. Would anyone be up for some time trials in the meantime? (not meatball)
  10. Guys I know I've missed the start but do you think I could join the races as an invitational? No worries if not, just on a bit of leave at the moment and would love to play.
  11. It's not that shady, they're just trying to verify you own the card you're using. Maybe try paypal?
  12. I had a birthday recently. My gf sewed a PUBG tracksuit for me (I wear this in game consistently) and had a crate cake made. Pretty amazing. (my mate made this PS)
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