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  1. Oooohhh trying to relearn braking technique in-race would be the recipe for disaster. Plus the pain is pretty distracting. Coach warrior for the evening it is. Good luck in the race!
  2. Thanks man, will do! Expecting to keep the back of the pack tastefully unsafe next Thursday
  3. I know, was looking forward to this, car felt good and all. But, as you said - not one lap is wasted as it´s valuable practice for the future!
  4. I can´t believe I´m writing this, but it looks like I´ll be missing the race. Got what turned out to be a sizeable wart (!) removed from the ball of my left foot this morning and they apparently had to dig deep. Hurts pretty bad now, and I struggle even walking on the foot. Cranked out the wheel and pedals to see if it affected my braking and it sure did. Pressure point almost directly on the wound so braking was pure misery. So a full sixty minute race plus practice and quali is definetely a no-go today. Gutted as I love driving around Spa and was looking forward to racing a growing grid. Good luck guys, see you next week (hopefully)!
  5. NICE! I´ll make sure the back of the pack is suitably unsafe. Also I promise to strive to maintain better mic dicipline than I did on Snet. Looking forward to the race, my aim is to drive as consistent and controlled as possible, not kill anyone and avoid stupid mistakes like pit speeding, forgetting to activate wheel change in the pit stop etc. See ya on track!
  6. I'll have to downscale the quality of my phone cam as the pics end up being too large for this forum haha. Talking about first world struggles!
  7. Nice setup there Meers! I'll try to take some pics later of my situation with cramming two hobbies into a sub 7 square meter room (music home studio and sim racing) and how I make it somewhat work
  8. Agree with @milko, it was fun seeing so many people hop on the server yesterday. I was doing some longer runs and was too knackered after a rough day at work to join the voice chat, but it felt good having people around. I felt that the Macca was pretty stable and felt safe and controllable in the corners on max wing (could even take eau roughe/radillon flat a couple of times and that´s a first for me), so I´ll probably go for that. At the end I exeperimented lowering the nose and raising the back slightly to regain some turn-in but not sure if I´ll stay with that. Will do some A/B testing and go for what feels best and safest. Did a (for me) long session yesterday, in total 41 laps before I had to yield due to headaches, and i managed to puch myself into the 22´s, and that´s a personal best for me at Spa, so pretty happy with that. I estimate I´ll need a lot more hours to get to the level of the rest of you, but I suspect that´s a matter of getting the hours and laps in. Aim is to try to find another second or two but as long as I can stay consistent around traffic and don´t do any major mistakes in the race, I´ll be satisfied. Good flow around Spa, really love driving it.
  9. I found an app on App Store that looks pretty accurate, I tested a 30 min stint now against its predictions and I had just under 6 litres left after 30 mins so that looks more accurate than the others. That was for the safe option too so think I’ll be happy with this
  10. Nice! That looks like a nice setup. Unfortunately I don’t have a rig and I’m really struggling for space in my hobby room so pretty certain I’ll have to stick to my hybrid super hack setup.
  11. Very kind of you to offer but I should have an old android kicking around the house if I really need it. However I’d prefer to have it on my daily phone so I don’t have to have an extra device at hand for races. Will try a couple of other services and if they don’t work I’ll just calculate myself. Thanks for the offer though!
  12. @milko @Meers Cheers guys, but I’m on iPhone and those looked like they were android only. I might look into the one @davejm uses of just hunt around for an app. Even though I should be able to do the calculations myself tbh. But too slow in the head!
  13. Do any of you guys have a reliable fuel calculator that actually calculates correct fuel estimates? I’ve used SimGrid’s estimator and lately one from cardoracing.com but find that I always end my races with an abnormal amount of fuel left, on Thursday I think I had more than 50 litres left by the end of the race. I’ve had similar experiences with the SimGrid one so curious what you guys use
  14. Man, that’s quick. Nice one Dave! I might be there in another 200-500 hours. I’m at the stage where I m pretty consistent around spa and don’t spin out as often as I did but still unable to get below 2.23. Think I’ll need to do a couple of long runs the next few days to see it I can improve slightly. The setup feels safe now so I should be able to push it a bit with practice and getting some more hours in.
  15. It’s great that you spoke up, it’s important that everybody enjoys this and to be frank it IS distracting when people are talking, so this is a good opportunity to make sure we’re mindful of this in quali and the race
  16. No need to be sorry, it’s a useful reminder for us to stay more quiet. I probably was one of the chattier towards the end and I honestly forgot that there might have been someone fighting closely further up. I’m sorry about that, and will keep this in mind for future races and try to practice better mic discipline in race and quali. Hope it didn’t destroy your race copletely!
  17. Pretty tight field! Looks like the drivers with the strongest nerves and smoothest touch will win tonight
  18. Nothing but love from here, in a slightly reserved and awkward Scandinavian way, of course It’s a challenge to drive in the rain, both driving technique wise and setup wise, and I’m certain that fighting through the challenges of a wet track makes us better drivers in the end. Of course, for a rookie like me I find it immensely difficult but at the same time I relish the learning and the challenge. And I love listening to the rain from within the car looking out at the track. That’s what growing up in Northern Norway does to you 🌧
  19. Not selling myself short, just stating the general truth. No doubt David will find more pace in a few more laps. I AM the slowest and the least experienced driver here, but my aim and hope is to practice enough so I can become quicker and start battling and challenging at least a few of you Really appreciate this group, love how friendly you all are.
  20. Even though I’m probably the most dangerous driver in these conditions I’m also for keeping the settings as they are, purely for the challenge to HAVE to learn how to drive and set up in the wet. Thanks to the legend that is Erik, I got some tips on how to set up the car and how to improve my driving in these conditions so I’ve improved more than I imagined I would (even though I’m still off pace by a margin), but nevertheless I feel that a challenge like this is refreshing in a season like ours, making things unsafe and challenging. I still remember the midnight at Monza with Powerq and I’m not sure I’d remember it if it wasn’t for the sheer fear and terror and loss of everything grip Anyway, my word shouldn’t count as I’m the slowest and most dangerous in any conditions but I’ve started to feel that Wet Snet has a somewhat….charm to it….
  21. Ooohhhh....it's Snetterton Haven't driven that in a year after getting angry trying to learn the track Some work ahead of me now, I see! Good thing that the Macca is such a heavy and stable car that never tries to kill me
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