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  1. Another thing it very much had in common with the IGAvanias. Good luck trying to findi a sealed copy of Harmony of Dissonance in the wild back in the day!
  2. Ooh! Yes! Which reminds me: Aliens Infestation! Fantastic little metroidvania. Moody, too. You'll need your DS, though...
  3. Nah, the awkwardness of the name adds a very videogamey flair to the subgenre. I agree with Jim Sterling that it's actually a pretty smart name! Hence the Metroid bit in the name! No, but the genre really owes a lot to Igarashi and his Castlevania games. They really helped to establish the classic metroidvania formula while the Metroid franchise was focused on pumping out the (more Zelda like) Prime games and stuff like Hunters and Prime Pinball. Metroidvania is called 'search action' or something in Japan, IIRC. And while it's not a bad name (it's definitely more elegant) it just doesn't have the same, charismatic ring to it.
  4. This. All three games are bloody fantastic. I just finished my third Dread run and I've already managed to get a few hours into Circle of the Moon And, yes, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Moon. Very much in the same vein. Also, yes, try the Souls games! They're essentially the 3D spawn of Symphony of the Night, but with almost all of the platforming removed and the difficulty ramped up.
  5. Wait, what do you mean with parry? Do you mean the two chances you get to break free once it catches you? Or...? I'd be as happy as a pig in shit if they released Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission in a package like Castlevania Advance Collection!
  6. You must hate DOOM's box art. As for your spoiler:
  7. Getting those final upgrades is the best thing about the game. They're the hardest challenges in any Metroid game, ever. Whoever designed some of those shinespark puzzles really wanted a lot of gamers to hate him/her Ridiculously satisfying to pull off, though. They do require some advanced techniques that don't get mentioned in game, like shinesparking whilst in mid-air or keeping a shinespark going whilst wall bouncing and sliding. RE: the final boss:
  8. This has been my biggest gripe as well (as well as a perceived general lack of bigger, more open rooms). The contrived way the game closes off routes in order to funnel you forward made me worry about a general lack of interesting replayability, but luckily it didn't take long for the community to find all kinds of ways to sequence break this game. I'm currently doing a third run, on Hard, focused on doing things out of order as much as I possibly can. Getting the bombs early was a very satisfying undertaking, and it taught me much about the game that otherwise would've been left unexplored. For instance: while sliding out of an opening in the wall, you can 'jump out' of said slide if you get the timing right. Without needing the double jump upgrade. Combine this with a well executed wall bounce, and this technique lets you skip the big lava lake in the south-east corner of Dairon super early, for instance. Sublime game. It's no Super Metroid, but what is, eh?
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