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  1. Is the clan still active? I have a couple of mates that I think have requested to join - misoneist and Corzie. Please can someone accept them in.
  2. Followed the stories on this yesterday. Very tempted.
  3. My daughter told me about this. She is gutted as loves him in Riverdale. 52
  4. Same here and my son finds it hysterical when he watches me play. He has picked it up straight away but he has been playing Fortnite 24/7 for the last year which I am sure helped.
  5. Mercury


    This match couldn't be more Andy Murray if it tried. Hope he gets through.
  6. Darmian was the only one I had real concerns over and I am still not completely sure about Lindelof. Fred looks a great buy and if Shaw gets a good run of games, we should finally see him fulfil his potential. Still Lingard, Matic etc. to come back too. Lots to be positive about.
  7. Not yet so if you still do it would be much appreciated. Andy
  8. My other son would like an invitation now so if any kind hearted soul has one, please let me know. Many thanks again. Andy
  9. Thank you - he'll be so chuffed in the the morning.
  10. If anyone has an invite for the iOS version, you will make my son eternally happy.
  11. My son does so we are going on Friday afternoon. I suspect it's just the thrill of going to a 12A (he's 10) but anyway, wish me luck.
  12. Saw this with the kids this morning and we all loved it. It's great that Marvel are so confident in the universe now that they can make a movie like this. I had a grin on my face from start to finish and loved pretty much all the new characters except for Hela. Korg stole every scene he was in, Loki wasn't annoying and the story moved on at a fair old pace.
  13. This place is amazing. I have had a few IRL friends that couldn't wait to stick the boot in but two people on here have sent me messages asking if I would like to chat and a third offering a PS4. If you are interested, I saw the kids yesterday and then went for a long walk with my wife. We talked through things and are making good progress and I am back at home now. Going to be a tough few weeks and months I am sure but we are both confident we will get through it and come out stronger.
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