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  1. I watched the first season which I really enjoyed but gave up early in season two. I hadn't realised there was a third and so was somewhat surprised to see season four showing. Just watched that twenty minute recap of the first three seasons and my brain has melted. It has piqued my interest again though so will give season four a go.
  2. Given they literally drove a car into space last time out, I’d love to know what the creative differences were.
  3. This is one of the best shot shows I’ve seen in years - visually incredible.
  4. I’m one of the few people that loved Gambit anyway but finally got around to playing with the changes and all positive. The only thing it needs now is some new maps. It also gave me the DMT Catalyst which I never managed to get from the Master Presage.
  5. Loved this. Big fan of the books and this doesn’t try to do anything different. So easy to watch - binged in two nights which I haven’t done for ages. Can see this running for a while like Bosch did - loads of material to use.
  6. I probably did close to that many when it was the NF last week or the week before. Thought it was a good chance to get the Sleeper Catalyst which I was desperate to get. When it finally dropped I was just relieved I didn't have to do any more LoS for a while.
  7. Just moved house and found this. Good memories (and a load of tat in the box).
  8. I didn’t think they could top last week’s episode and in particular “do you have a fetish for nearly killing Dad” but Roman nails it again. The whole episode was perfect and Was the icing on the cake.
  9. 13. Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline I really enjoyed the original book but hated the film. In fact I hated it so much it almost stopped me reading the sequel which I realised was stupid and so went for it. It starts slowly but once it gets to the main quest, I flew through it. It's basically a repeat of the first book but nothing wrong with that and the pop culture stuff was spot on for me - John Hughes, Tolkien etc.
  10. 12. Jews Don't Count by David Baddiel I've liked Baddiel since The Mary Whitehouse Experience days and have read a number of his adult novels. This has obviously had a lot of publicity and I was curious to read his thoughts about how Jews are ignored as a minority. It's a fairly short read littered with examples, predominately from media to back up his theory. Given the subject, it is written with humour and without being judgemental. Towards the end I tired a little of the constant Twitter screen grabs but would recommend people give it a read as it made me think about my attitudes and perceptions. Previously:
  11. Spookily I found this photo on my laptop recently - 2006.
  12. 11. How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran I read the sequel to this (How to be Famous) last year and loved it. Picked this up just afterwards and finally got around to reading it on holiday. It chronicles the origins of Dolly Wilde, a teenage girl from Wolverhampton who changes her life and becomes a writer for a fictional version of the NME in the 90's. It was really interesting reading this so soon after the Nick Hornby book as Caitlin is also political but makes her points in a more subtle way, woven in to the story. The bands are very much of my time and it must have been very satisfying to write the scathing reviews Dolly becomes famous for. Previously:
  13. Even at £90, Destiny represents fantastic value for money for me given how many hours I play. I could even make an argument that it saves me money as I don't buy many other games. The last game I bought was FIFA 21 and I doubt I'll even get that this year.
  14. I had a feeling Gjallarhorn would be back. Has it been in D2 at all? I remember it coming back after a hiatus but that may have still been D1 time.
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