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  1. Definitely watch Into the Night. I am surprised you haven’t seen it.
  2. No they don't and nor does Heathers! I was going to say the Lemon Popsicle movies and stuff like Porky's. Certainly my guilty pleasure as a teenager.
  3. Oi, Into the Night is one of my favourite films.
  4. 2. The Art of War by Sun Tzu I was in Waterstones getting a load of books for my daughter and spotted this at the checkout. I have heard it mentioned so many times over the years by various Managers so I thought I'd read it. It's shorter than I was expecting so was a quick read and there were loads of bits I recognised. Can't say it changed my life or anything but interesting. Previously:
  5. I have mixed feelings about the cancellation. I loved the first four seasons - it was my favourite show for a while. Season 5 was a chore though. I gave up on it several times and only finally watched it on Now TV for something to do on holiday last year. The only episode I can really remember was the one where Abby and Ray go to Las Vegas. Season 6 was a move in the right direction. New York freshened it up and it's always great to see Herc from The Wire. It was still a little bleak though - whiny Ray is not the best Ray. I've seen the first couple of episodes of season 7 and it's really growing on me again. The end of episode 2 where they are trying to tell stories about Mickey is classic Ray Donovan. I am pretty sure I read this season ends on a cliffhanger too which is always frustrating. Anyway, Sláinte Donovans.
  6. I love Harlan Coben's books and The Stranger is one of the best but I am not sure about the series yet - not really grabbed me.
  7. I am over in Lisbon at the moment and everyone here is convinced it’s happening this time. They probably don’t fully understand Ed’s incompetence though.
  8. I had this problem but noticed at the bottom of the page it had United States as country. Changed to UK and it worked. Anyway, only surprise is I thought Destiny 2 would be more.
  9. I noticed on Saturday night that David Beckham, Idris Elba and Tony Blair were all trending and it was due to this. It’s compulsive viewing and going to save me £40 for the next few Saturday nights.
  10. Didn't see this last year - great idea. 1. Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis. Don't usually read a lot of non-fiction but I have been following Chase's career for years, through "The Best Phone is the One You Have With You" through to CreativeLive. I struggle to keep any creative hobby going - I start a load of things and never finish them and so bought this to try and motivate me. A lot of it is common sense and things that you probably knew anyway but Chase puts his ideas down in a simple to understand way, using a lot of his personal experiences to illustrate them. There are a lot of actionable tips in the book and certainly some I will be following. I'd recommend it to anyone with an interest in photography, writing, art etc.
  11. Is the clan still active? I have a couple of mates that I think have requested to join - misoneist and Corzie. Please can someone accept them in.
  12. Followed the stories on this yesterday. Very tempted.
  13. My daughter told me about this. She is gutted as loves him in Riverdale. 52
  14. Same here and my son finds it hysterical when he watches me play. He has picked it up straight away but he has been playing Fortnite 24/7 for the last year which I am sure helped.
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