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  1. So this has just been picked up by Showtime for a feature length film to tie up the loose ends from the final season. The quality definitely deteriorated over the course of the seven seasons but I am happy to spend a little more time with Ray, Mickey and co. https://deadline.com/2021/02/ray-donovan-returns-feature-length-film-liev-schreiber-co-write-david-hollander-1234700145/
  2. 4. The Sentinel by Lee and Andrew Child Raced through this - genuine comfort reading. This is the first one Lee has co-written with his younger brother Andrew as he plans to hand the reins over. No major differences - maybe a little more technology involved than in previous books. Previously:
  3. 3. The Secret Barrister by Anon Bought this on a whim in Waterstones but proved to be a fascinating book. After reading it you are amazed we ever convict anyone of anything. Particularly interesting for me as the Crown Prosecution Service are one of my customers. Previously:
  4. I'll be doing Harbinger with a mate tomorrow night if you want to join us and assuming your PS4.
  5. Never got in to Bows but trying to persevere with the new Exotic. I hadn't ever used a Linear Fusion Rifle until the last Season and love them now. Good to mix it up. Still have Falling Guillotine as my Power Weapon though.
  6. I got three last night over a couple of hours. Bad Juju was the Tribute Hall thing wasn't it. I got fairly close before they Sunset it so thought it was lost forever but back in the pool.
  7. Can you not still get it by playing Harbinger?
  8. I like the Challenges - better than the individual weekly bounties. Got a couple of new Legendary weapons that are fun and it seems to be throwing the older Catalysts at me - finally got the one for Bad Juju although really want the one for Sweet Business. What's the story with Seals - couldn't quite work out what has changed?
  9. I did Shattered Throne for the first time a couple of weeks ago - to me that's a perfect balance. I don't generally have time for the Raid but the things like the Wrathborn Hunts are too simple/repetitive. Harbinger is pretty good though. Anyway, update done so let's see what this season brings.
  10. I'm really looking forward to this. Just getting to the point where I was running out of things to do. Really enjoyed the Harbinger activity although the double centurions last week were tricky with just two of us.
  11. 2. Believe Me by JP Delaney Really enjoyed "The Girl Before" - one of those books I read in a couple of sittings on holiday but this didn't grab me in the same way. It was okay I guess but the writing not as good as TGB. In the acknowledgements he mentions it is a rewrite of a book he wrote when he was first starting out which might explain it. Previously:
  12. 1. The Guest List by Lucy Foley I enjoyed Lucy's previous book "The Hunting Party" despite all of the characters being hateful and not caring which one of them died. This book is almost a carbon copy - another event in a remote location where somebody is killed. Thankfully the characters are more balanced and it is much more evenly paced. I guessed the murderer pretty early on but another easy to read thriller.
  13. 93 books is impressive but I've just joined a reading group found through Twitter and some of the people are hitting 200+ for the year. I've set myself a target of 52 for this year which is 4x this year but should be achievable.
  14. That's a pretty hefty book though. Read it after finishing watching The Wire and found it fascinating.
  15. 12. The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman Well this took a long time but nothing to do with the book - personal issues meant I haven't read much recently. I think this is still number one in the charts and was the fastest selling debut crime novel I believe. It's a bit different to the usual crime novels I read but I enjoyed it. The characters are interesting and probably the best part of it. As a crime novel it is a little frustrating that there aren't any clues. The crimes make sense when exposed but there was nothing previously to give you an idea. I believe he is already wr
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