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  1. The Laser Eye battle is incredible. Another highlight of the game. Give everyone a try in your team, Zylo is incredible and there's quite a lot of hidden characters to find.
  2. Hmm, apparently so. I was getting confused with the 50Hz on the WiiU virtual console; there the problem was that the WiiU couldn't output 50Hz and it was the WiiU that did the duplicating. Disregard the 50Hz comment then!
  3. Yes, me. My favourite Mega Drive game. The circus fight is really hard - Shining Force really mixes up its battles and that's the first one you fight against a powerful mage. As for promotion, you're advised to hold off. If you wait ten levels then your stats will grow way faster after promotion. It will make the battles before promotion harder, however.
  4. 40 Hz gives 40fps. The reason 120fps can give smooth 40fps display is because it divides neatly. Show 40fps on a 60fps panel and it'll have to duplicate frames on every other frame, 120 gives an even display. It's why 50 Hz stuff looks way worse on a modern display, as every 5 frames it'll have to duplicate a frame resulting in hitching. Screen tearing is something else entirely.
  5. I think he got a bit of a poisoned chalice when he took over. I think his decision to remove the Saturn from shelves meant SEGA basically disappeared from shops and losing visibility was a mistake. Still, the Saturn was costly to the company, too expensive to make to be competitive with the PlayStation and N64, and in third place in most places except Japan. RIP Bernie, I wouldn't fancy making that call myself.
  6. I don't get how people can't understand the It's Star Wars. Starships are basically cars, they're bloody everywhere. Does everything need to be spelled out nowadays?
  7. Yeah, I loved it. Great end to the series, and it had
  8. No argument here. SoR4 has a good soundtrack, but it's the one bit where it struggles compared to its ancestor.
  9. Basically what other people have said here, but aside from the added mechanical depth (which is huge) it feels like Streets of Rage 2. You can play it like that if you want, but the new stuff adds so much to it and detracts nothing. It's a brilliant bit of design.
  10. Rathbone Place was a bit of a pilgrimage for me in the nineties and early 2000s (and from there Tottenham Court Road). I got my US copies of Pokemon Gold and Silver from there back then. It's a huge shame those kind of shops are pretty much gone now.
  11. It's an entirely inconsequential film which fills on a lot of lore we didn't need to see (look, this where Han got his desk lamp level stuff) and replaces Han's actor with another one, who's somewhat less iconic It's a fun film, but I wouldn't be distraught if I never saw it again. The figures were back up for the Rise of Skywalker, so the joke is firmly on those who sat out Solo
  12. I didn't like that. It was cool as hell, but The Empire Strikes Back would've been about twenty minutes long. JPL should spoiler that seeing as the episode came out yesterday, and it is there visible the entire time
  13. I can't help but feel Obi-wan Kenobi is priming us for Andor. It's the very beginning of the Rebellion, and it's an interesting time. Andor himself came from a Confederate planet, which is potentially interesting; we've never really seen that side.
  14. Because she's worked out where it heads and it's better to head them off. She turns around and gets to the spaceport. She doesn't go down the tunnel, which is cramped and slow. That was a great episode.
  15. Symphony of the Night is a great game. It's not the same game as Super Metroid at all - it's comparatively messy and unfocused - but that's actually its strength. You can feel the developers shoehorning every idea they had in there making a glorious mess of fun stuff. Alucard can equip platform shoes making him a pixel taller? Why not. Secret (pretty powerful) Street Fighter inputs? Of course.
  16. Yeah, the RG351V is a great device. I absolutely love mine.
  17. That's not how that works. If a drive wasn't designed to read a format, it won't. It has nothing to do with levels of technology.
  18. The funny thing is the imperfections stick out like a sore thumb, but only to the person who did it. Everybody else will be none the wiser
  19. They really are. Not too difficult and they really look the business
  20. £115 from Droix, cheaper from China with the usual warnings
  21. It's brilliant, it's what I have. Good screen resolution for old games, pretty easy to transfer files (can do it wirelessly)
  22. Depends on the mod. For an original Gameboy, pretty easy with an IPS V4. One bit of soldering to move the speaker across and that's it. You do need to swap the case and lens for a different one though. The latest laminated FunnyPlaying kit for the GBC is fantastic, and not ridiculous to fit, however soldering is required, and it's slightly more involved. It's easy as soldering goes, but it can be offputting. I'd look at The Retro Future's YouTube channel. He does these mods and it should give a good idea of what's involved.
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