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  1. The funny thing is the imperfections stick out like a sore thumb, but only to the person who did it. Everybody else will be none the wiser
  2. They really are. Not too difficult and they really look the business
  3. £115 from Droix, cheaper from China with the usual warnings
  4. It's brilliant, it's what I have. Good screen resolution for old games, pretty easy to transfer files (can do it wirelessly)
  5. Depends on the mod. For an original Gameboy, pretty easy with an IPS V4. One bit of soldering to move the speaker across and that's it. You do need to swap the case and lens for a different one though. The latest laminated FunnyPlaying kit for the GBC is fantastic, and not ridiculous to fit, however soldering is required, and it's slightly more involved. It's easy as soldering goes, but it can be offputting. I'd look at The Retro Future's YouTube channel. He does these mods and it should give a good idea of what's involved.
  6. The Game Boy Micro is an excellent bit of kit. However, at the time that seemed to be the prevailing opinion. Joke is on them though, because I ignored them and got one while it was still a single price. And as a person with Gruffalo sized hands it's still fine. That said, the GBA was clearly circling the drain at the time, so it was an odd time for a refresh
  7. Yeah, sticks alone feels so horrible and imprecise now that I'm used to gyro.
  8. There's three custom OSs I know of - AmberELEC, JELOS and BlackSeraph's custom Android build. All three offer performance enhancements and features. https://youtu.be/GB6IPbi9FeY They won't give perfect Dreamcast or PSP and you can forget GameCube. Nothing (including the Odin) can do that yet.
  9. Yeah, the upgrades to these things are hugely worth it. ArkOS, AmberELEC, JELOS et al are fantastic and really get the best out of these consoles. I'm thinking about getting an RG552 after the improvements it's seen, and that's down to the community's efforts
  10. I... can't dispute that one. Much better than the arcade.
  11. Droix has a sale on at the moment - 15% off. They're a good site, so if you're on the fence about buying one of these, have a look.
  12. Alpha 2 is my favourite Street Fighter. Alpha 3 is also good but it feels a bit mugen-y to me. Alpha 2 has the best game feel, stages and music, introduces Rolento and Rose is really good in it. No Blanka but nothing's perfect.
  13. I've never done it, but look in the Lunar program / Hackchi. If the worst comes to the worst and you've lost it you should be able to find an image on the internet - they make you download your own for copyright reasons, it's not unique or anything
  14. You should've got a dump from when you installed both Lunar and Hackchi, I'd try installing that. I'm a little annoyed with Lunar. Unfairly so as it's people giving up their free time to give me a free mod, but Lunar is basically 1 revision away from being really good and I wish they'd just fess up that it's not coming now.
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