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  1. Yeah, them including copyright material in the emulator was a very stupid move
  2. Mega CD and Game Gear seem pretty notorious for this, and the PC Engine. Nintendo stuff seems fairly robust.
  3. I'm thinking they should stick to "comedy" Majora at 17? F-Zero X at 54? Get out
  4. You hit it with an axe, didn't you? Don't use an axe for that
  5. I'll bet that's The Celestial Toymaker back, minus the actually quite racist bits
  6. You also could have got the warm clothes that were also there in the Great Plateau. As I recall there was something else you could do, like bring a burning stick with you too. "You don't have what you need for here, come back later" has always been Zelda's MO.
  7. This is basically me. Switch is main console, as it has exclusives worth a damn. PlayStation is doing better than Xbox for exclusives, but this generation that's not really saying much, the amount of unmissable Sony titles is pretty low. Xbox is better hardware for me than the PS5, backwards compatibility means I have a disgusting amount of stuff to play on my Series X despite not having a One or buying that many Series X games. If they start releasing the good stuff I'm here waiting for it.
  8. Poke On It's a game about making Manic Miner completable
  9. This does sound like a Wii U gamepad without some of the more fun functionality. Which genuinely appeals to me because the Wii U allowed me to play games despite other people imprisoning the TV. But it's Sony, so it'll cost the soul of your firstborn and they'll find some way to hamstring it that I haven't thought of yet
  10. This has been the case for years, I've done it at least twice already
  11. I've always thought Jack Nicholson has a slider from "Normal" to "Full Nicholson" which he sets according to each role. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest would probably be about 95% power Brian Blessed has the best gig ever, he's his nuts shouty self in every single role. I'd love to be paid just to be noisy and weird
  12. This is me. '89 was a huge thing when it came out, but I've never loved it. Now Batman Returns, that's the good shit. It's a strange film in structure - it feels like two or three short stories more than one cohesive film - but the atmosphere and everything about it is magical (and it has a great SNES game too). It's really dark and really sexy and the Christmas backdrop escalates it even more. Batman '66 (?) is a goddamn camp masterpiece. It's the 60s formula perfected. With those, the Nolan trilogy and The Batman, Batman has a shockingly good batting average
  13. They'd have been shot on the way up, no cover Why am I discussing Star Wars battle tactics
  14. That's probably why people do their own Directs now, to prevent hilarious disasters like that and the unexpected appearance of Giant Enemy Crabs
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