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  1. So where's the best place to order/get this from? Ideally wouldn't want to spend £50.
  2. How can I join in on the fun? My Cod name is Zeroborta as per my psn screeny.
  3. I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but how the heck do these people look normal at 6 in the morning! Season after season they get up, are told ot get ready in half n hour and then hey presto! they look like they've been up for at least a few hours. HTF!!! Anyways, I agree with tonights outcome, you can't afford not to contribute at this level. Noone could say anything about Maj becuase he didnt give anything!
  4. Yeah watched it too. Really insightfull and paints a true picture of the average Japanese working folk. Most people here are in a similar though less dire situation too.
  5. Hi fucking Five! I think that's that crux of the situation, I think it's fair to say that the system there has failed a lot of people over there. And consequently everyone is trying to survive and I can't blame the activities of the private protection companies.
  6. So did anyone actually go see this inthe cinema like any other normal person ()? I had to sit in a shitty front row corner so didnt really enjoy it as such but WOW. What a film the sound track is teh AMAZINING too. Is this the only bond thread here?
  7. I am watching a movie on my ps3 off my laptop wirelessly and my ps3 is playing it natively PS3 is teh future!
  8. I don't get it. Why are you going on holiday again?
  9. I just got a copy of gta 4 uk pal and my ntsc ps3 is giving wrong video output error message. what can be done?
  10. it's even nicer to have it cost just 250...no import duty, shipping, handling fees...bla bla
  11. oh yes they will be soon. I really dont care as I now know i've got the best ps3 possible.
  12. Mad scenes!!!! Brother just arrived from ca and managed to get rare 80gb ps3. Brand new but unboxed though as it was too big for his luggage. Anyhow...doodle to set up, picked up wireless straight away and had to set device her eon my laptop. Got it browsing asap. Just need to order three more dual shocks and get some games! but for now MGS4 should do.
  13. OMG!!11 NTSC PS3 80gb 1st post online!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. whilst you're at it, you can tell us how to pronounce your name too.
  15. SONY are hardcore to the max!!11!!111.
  16. bUT...it says 110v on the product description. Does the power supply accept any voltage?
  17. Is there anyone who has a JPN PS3 and uses it here in the uk? I want to know whether I'll need a step down or not.
  18. Cool thread. So just to confirm the last several pages, if I buy JPN PS3 i can play, COD4 and Pro Evo online? If that is the case then I'll be ordering a Ceramic White one from GameChoiceClub. A better alternative to play-asia imo and they are doing Dual Shock 3s for 29pounds! Oh. Power wise, do I need a step down for JPN PS3 or can i simply change the power cable?
  19. so is there a reason left tp buy a ps3?
  20. So thinking of getting a ps3 within the next two weeks, game are doing a gta offer for 319.99 can't see much else thats better. Had a look at the release sheet in store and cant say i am too impressed tbh. Res4, MGS4, ridge racer and f355 challenge catching my eye though naught else. Of course i don't have a wii or xbox but what attracts me to the ps3 is the thought of playing pro evo (we 2008) for free and online!
  21. and oh...i'll wager nothing will beat as cinema quote of 2008.
  22. Lyrics explaination thread nicked form another forum but thought it would be a good idea. Seriously, does the music we listen to have any meaning at all?
  23. Digestives + Date Honey (though regular honey is fine) and milk for that extra goodn post some of yours
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