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  1. I've had the sounds issue, I found switching weapons has corrected it.
  2. Even with BF (big fan) around the corner this tempted me into a purchase as it kind of reminded me of CS years ago. I realise it's not the same but I think it was more the aesthetic and smaller player numbers. Anyway, had a few rounds last night and rather enjoyed it. Played the Firefight mode mostly, quite liked the spin on that with the tension it creates when you're team is down to a couple of players and you're waiting to see if they capture to bring you back in. You really need to slow your pace though and check every angle as the first couple of rounds, I got my arse handed to me as I adapted to shaking the initial urge to play it like a BF/COD. Guns feels great, as is the sound. Looks a little ropey but serviceable enough.
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