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  1. No I'm tired of people trying to inject "politics" when there isn't any.
  2. Its a stupid blanket term I know, but it still stands that there's people on the right calling it that and yet here there are people are saying the opposite and not being progressive enough. I mean people this is a movie and not a TV series, there are so many things you can add and its a mess already.
  3. I agree, I don't think I heard anyone talking about Maria acting too black except here.
  4. Some of you people are projecting. On the flip side there are grifters saying this movie is woke, and feminist garbage and you get people here on the left saying the opposite saying its not going woke enough. You can't win.
  5. What happens if I want to install Windows later on etc?. Will that still be possible?. I do have a 512GB microsd card but not sure and I don't want to order one and make a mistake.
  6. is the 256gb the sweet spot, really want to get the 64gb to save money but not sure if this is a bad idea.
  7. Finding the whole series vastly underwhelming, the foundation is there to be great. However, the episodes are so condensed with around 5 mins of recapping and getting the viewer to speed that everything else just feels so rushed that I'm left unsatisfied. If the episodes were longer, or make them a 2 episodes for each character would have been better. The What If comics are great, but just series doesn't really do it for me and I was a big fan of this when it was announced.
  8. I can't believe how much subtitles I had to read.......and I loved it. Some of the translation wasn't accurate to some of the people in the audience. Great fun, final battle was just copy and paste. Tony Leung is the best. Going to watch Infernal Affairs again.
  9. Any good?, this looks painfully average that my hype level is non existent.
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