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  1. Thanks both - I will look for it this evening
  2. It's been really nostalgic playing this on PS5.... though tbh I can only really remember certain bits of the original. Not sure how true a remake this is (whether they changed certain areas or not) but still, enjoying it Decided to go for a Holy Paladin style build, and everywhere's recommending the Istarelle Spear. Any other weapons worth getting? And is there one that isn't such a pain at the start of the game? Short of getting invaded a few times and them letting you kill them, feels like a mad grind for that one. This world tendancy stuff is pretty punishing.
  3. Re: the design, my initial thoughts were Sky Box and/or Internet Router. Not sure if I like it. The blue lights may be irritating as fuck if the lights in your room are off and the device isn't hidden somewhere (blue light like that being quite piercing and hard on the eyes). But, I think good for them, they've gone for something bold. The Pads will be a nightmare though - I can see that lovely white colour getting discoloured and dirty very quickly. Not sure who's idea a white pad was Re: digital or regular.... I think an obvious benefit I can think of with the digital is hopefully less noise (my PS4 goes mad when reading discs sometimes!). I think I'll go regular though, so I have the option to replay PS4 games and also cheaper second hand games (don't know why digital games cost so much, they should be cheaper than physical!). Digital is a nice idea, but I can see a 900GB SSD getting filled up pretty quickly (and the faff of installing/downloading/etc every time may get irritating). That also said, can finally justify having a 350mb internet link
  4. I guess it's because this time round 90% of the people playing it will have played the original. Everyone knows Sephiroth, either from FF7 or other lore like Crisis Core, etc. It's not an unknown villain anymore.
  5. Yeah, that's what I've been doing. It's pretty relentless sometimes, but I almost have muscle memory of getting haste/regen/manawall up with some of the tougher fights just would be nice if the team did a bit more sometimes. Will be keen to try it on hard mode. So just as I type this... oh man. I finished it. I think I am pretty happy with the game and the ending. Will wait for the endings thread to discuss further. One happy panda here.
  6. In combat, has anyone found a way, or witnessed the characters that you aren't controlling, using magic/items/abilities/etc? The best I can do is get healed by them if the right materia combo is selected.
  7. Just looked - I do not have the DLC option EDIT - bizarrely, just re-entered the DLC code and it's allowed me to download. Previously it said the code had been used (when I first entered it) and nothing appeared to have happened. Thank you
  8. I'm nearing the end of the game now and my thoughts are: 1. Main story - quite enjoying it tbh. It hits enough of the old nostalgia notes and adds some new content and depth to some of the characters (like Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, etc) that the original game didn't/couldn't go into. A bit cheesy but can't say I've not enjoyed it - it's also a bit weird playing it knowing how things will pan out (and still having hope that SOMEHOW it will be different and bad things won't happen). 2. Side quests - these are a bit shit - it could literally be almost any other game that they've been pulled from. Games like the Witcher nailed the side quests imo, but these just feel very... bland. Nothing from any of the side quests is particularly memorable. 3. Battle system - VERY mixed feelings. Playing it on Normal mode, there have been some battles I get my ass handed to me, and you sometimes need to do a battle, use the Scan materia, work out the weaknesses of the enemy, get killed, go again with revisions to materia/kit. That's been quite fun. The SHIT bit has been the party members. Whichever character I am controlling I obviously do a lot of damage/use magic/etc, but the other characters are literally fucking lemons. Don't use abilities, don't use magic, just sit there bashing attack after attack. Unless I've missed something, it feels like they should have built a way to put some more intelligence into their actions and behaviour. Has anyone found them to be useful without you having to keep cycling through each character and doing a lot of management? 4. Main characters - I have to say I like all of the main characters and they all come across kinda like I remember in the first game. I found Barret ridiculously annoying to begin with but now I'm used to him I find he's really grown on me as the game goes on. I like the little bits of banter between fights too that all the characters have. 5. Tieing it into other FF7 Lore - You can see things being referenced from the other games (Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, etc) so they're making an effort to tie up some loose ends in that regard. I think I want to see what happens further down the line (not in this game, but later) before I make a judgement though. In conclusion... I'm not sure I'd be loving it so much if I hadn't played the original. The game actually isn't that big location wise, side quests are a bit shit. I worry they're going to drag this out into too many episodes which will kill it. Would much rather they spend more time to not make this a weird elongated Hobbit-style franchise (film versions obviously. Book was great ). But that also said, it's visually stunning and I got some goosebumps revisiting locations from the originals and also hearing some of the musical scores redone . I'll come back after I've finished the game (or if there's another thread for ending/etc) - hopefully won't be disappointed. ALSO - Incidentally - did anyone get their preorder bonus (Chocobo Chick summon DLC)? - I redeemed the code but I can't seem to find the damn thing. Not expecting it to be amazing, but more curious to see what it's like. How do I find it?
  9. So I looked on Amazon to see if I could Prime it, and it's still saying 10th April release. If ShopTo have already shipped, surely it'll be arriving in the next day or two. Is there some kind of mismatch with the dates?
  10. The awkward moment you realise you had it shipped to your work address fuck sake.
  11. I got my shopto notification today also Are we really expecting delivery by Friday? I thought it'll be 10th April...
  12. Probably not news to most of you, but I did some more reading about this given it's out soonish.... wtf at the first game only covering Midgar? That whole piece in the original would have only been about 5-6 hours at a push. I'm sure they will add a load of stuff in as well as areas being much bigger to explore, obviously, but still - feels like this could end up costing about £500 to buy every episode if they drag it out. I'd have much preferred a Witcher 3 style approach where you make a massive game, with two/three proper bits of DLC vs just doing episode by episode where each game feels like its more a piece of DLC, if that makes sense. Hopefully I'll be wrong and it won't feel like a con.
  13. Only if you actually get to fly it Might just make it like FFX if there's no world map? (that's been confirmed right?)
  14. Both these ideas both sprung to my mind when I was thinking about the previous post about nerfing. FF8 approach does seem to solve the problem reasonably cleanly Will be interesting if they make a Mass Effect style cause/effect system - e.g., some NPC you do something to in part 1 might come back to haunt you in part 2, etc.
  15. I dunno, he's almost 50 now. A bit of makeup and he could easily be aged a bit more. I think he'd be a wonderful Sully, I really like that idea (even if it wasn't an obvious one).
  16. FC Scuttlers are in again! 46 from 3 players so far. I'd debated triple captaining Sterling then bottled it and went Salah normal captain. Doh!
  17. Same way they did stuff in FFX perhaps? Points you can travel to in the airship/etc, but not actually navigate yourself? Or smaller navigable areas/archipelagos that you can float in and out of.
  18. Nope, I know FF7R is being done in episodes. I was replying to his point (whether he was right or wrong) that I think it'd be a mistake to make this episodic as well. Now I've thought about it though, they didn't do FFXII like that so I can't see why they'd do this that way
  19. I'd totally play this again. Don't think I'd buy it if it's episodic though. Feel like they're already taking the piss a bit with FF7R being however many parts it is...
  20. Pandy


    Really wanted to watch this after The Thick of It... where can I legally catch it? HBO?
  21. You playing again @Wickedkitten? Hit me up! Be just like the godo old destiny days!
  22. Can anyone recommend the best stats tracker for Apex?
  23. I've never had to wait more than 60 seconds. Usually a lot quicker than that Really loving this game. First few hours were horrendous (getting killed and making a mess with every weapon) but I'm finally able to get at least a few kills in each game and not be the first to die. So much more fun than fortnite as you don't need to piss around with building things.
  24. I preordered this before Christmas... can't believe it's actually finally coming out I remember when KH1 and 2 came out back in the day, and remember KH2 i n particular being wonderful. I've rewatched a load of the cutscenes and I remember it being a bit darker at the time. I'm hoping they find a good enough balance for the older gamers so it's not so cheesy, as I was cringing a little bit watching the old games. Having not played any of the other games outside of KH1+2, I am also worried about the storyline being all over the place. Apparently there's a few cutscenes/movies that will be released to accompany the game on release to help with the storyline, so we'll see if that and the cut scenes in the game clarify things.
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