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  1. FC Scuttlers are in again! 46 from 3 players so far. I'd debated triple captaining Sterling then bottled it and went Salah normal captain. Doh!
  2. Same way they did stuff in FFX perhaps? Points you can travel to in the airship/etc, but not actually navigate yourself? Or smaller navigable areas/archipelagos that you can float in and out of.
  3. Nope, I know FF7R is being done in episodes. I was replying to his point (whether he was right or wrong) that I think it'd be a mistake to make this episodic as well. Now I've thought about it though, they didn't do FFXII like that so I can't see why they'd do this that way
  4. I'd totally play this again. Don't think I'd buy it if it's episodic though. Feel like they're already taking the piss a bit with FF7R being however many parts it is...
  5. Pandy


    Really wanted to watch this after The Thick of It... where can I legally catch it? HBO?
  6. You playing again @Wickedkitten? Hit me up! Be just like the godo old destiny days!
  7. Can anyone recommend the best stats tracker for Apex?
  8. I've never had to wait more than 60 seconds. Usually a lot quicker than that Really loving this game. First few hours were horrendous (getting killed and making a mess with every weapon) but I'm finally able to get at least a few kills in each game and not be the first to die. So much more fun than fortnite as you don't need to piss around with building things.
  9. I preordered this before Christmas... can't believe it's actually finally coming out I remember when KH1 and 2 came out back in the day, and remember KH2 i n particular being wonderful. I've rewatched a load of the cutscenes and I remember it being a bit darker at the time. I'm hoping they find a good enough balance for the older gamers so it's not so cheesy, as I was cringing a little bit watching the old games. Having not played any of the other games outside of KH1+2, I am also worried about the storyline being all over the place. Apparently there's a few cutscenes/movies that will be released to accompany the game on release to help with the storyline, so we'll see if that and the cut scenes in the game clarify things.
  10. Jesus. How did that not go in!!!!
  11. Ha I was thinking that. Laporte been a CB all season and suddenly playing LB tonight. Odd . Pep seems to have really gone off Kyle Walker too - guy has been benched quite often of late. Would love Liverpool to win this
  12. I thought Henderson's been decent the last few games he's played. Wouldn't have agreed last season.
  13. I had a disgusting week last week. Played my wildcard this week :LOL: earliest one I've ever done, I think. Bolded the players who weren't in last week. Ederson Robertson Mendy Wan-Bissaka Mane Salah Mhikataryan Guendouzi Mitrovic Aguero Zaha Bench of Flappyhandski, Fraser Daniels Bennet Ended up sacking off Aubamayang, sick of his 2 point performances. Of course he'll bang in a couple against Cardiff knowing my luck :/
  14. Only £4m and almost guaranteed to start - he started all the pre-season games. I reckon he'll be great this season. Good player to have in any team imo. If Palace have an easy game, stick him in. If not, sub out and it's the cheapest bench option.
  15. I found it difficult to routinely pick City players last season - way too many rotations and squad depth.
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