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  1. For the first game ever I actually ploughed loads into Crafting & not only can I make and upgrade legendary weapons I can also make thousands selling them too. Once I’ve finished it I will check out some videos of other builds on YouTube and probably be amazed how differently people have approached this.
  2. I thought it was great for all the reasons people have mentioned. Got to be a no-brainer for a second series.
  3. I was level 132 before the reset and can comfortably say this is the 2nd worst COD I’ve experienced at launch. The honour of 1st place goes to Advanced Warfare but it’s a close run thing. I only like 6v6 and there is a lot of other content in there that many people will enjoy but for me there is a laughably small selection of mostly terrible maps (Crash is now the best map in the game. Hackney Yard & Gun Runner are half decent), the TTK is far too fast, there is no real gun variation and the footsteps are ridiculous. If if you enjoy crouch walking & playing tactically/camping you will get good scores but it’s so, so boring. Rush & go 23-1 or 5-15. It’s a lottery. It’s not really COD. I’ll still play it.
  4. I read recently that he wanted the character to wear waistcoats to make him more annoying.
  5. Line Of Duty is a decent British drama but like so many it's little things that let it down in my opinion. One thing that did my nut in episode two was: Whether it's the need to squeeze everything into relatively few episodes or not I don't know but there is always something just missing from these shows when compared to the best American ones.
  6. Stephen Graham is great in pretty much everything so this one should be good even if it goes in to Bodyguard territory. I'm really hoping it doesn't, mind.
  7. This is really worth a watch. It does a good job of remaining balanced, in spite of some of the lunacy on show. In the end it’s just a community of people who have come together over one of the less believable conspiracies and most of them are portrayed quite sympathetically. It actually has quite a bit to say about how people buy into these kind of things and the wider implications it has in modern politics. And pretty much all the scientists has really interesting things to add to the discussion.
  8. Coming from a predominately COD background I agree but without this kind of mechanic (the push for better armour & gear) I don’t think anything other than the ring would stop people sitting in buildings camping.
  9. I liked how they pretty much fired or ignored anyone who tried to point out that logistically it was never going to work. Reminded me of my place.
  10. Yeah, the changes in Wendy are central in season two. I felt it was done in a believable way too.
  11. So true on John Terry. He has given everything to the cause when he could have coasted for an easy pay day. How lucky Chelsea were to have him all those years.
  12. Got this for Christmas & I've got a question. Sorry if it's been asked and answered already. I never played Stick If Truth so is it recommended to play that first? I feel like playing FBW first bit fear the new mechanics will make the first game seem a step back if I do.
  13. Have to chime in and agree the last couple of levels in this are absolutely brilliant. I've only played the game on and off since it released so I probably won't appreciate it fully until I go through it again but even allowing for that I think it holds its own in series. The only negative thing I can come up with, and it's a personal thing, is that it has too many puzzles. I like the exploration, characters and the combat in Uncharted games and the puzzles I kind of put up with. LL had a couple too many for my liking. It's still excellent though.
  14. I've only just finished the main game after playing on and off for two years. Every time I played it I always asked myself why I wasn't on it all the time. It's really immense. I think I got what is generally considered to be the 'bad' ending of the main quest line. This doesn't have any effect on the DLC does it?
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