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  1. Gun Frontier, which I confess I had not heard of until now, is a great time! I do love me a 'chunky' shmup that really does make you feel like you're blowing shit up.
  2. Agreed. Novice is a decent challenge and still allows for interesting scoring. There are so many awesome modes - all three Arrange modes are fantastic in different ways. A simply incredible game.
  3. Amazon Japan don't muck about - they only took payment two days ago!
  4. I've played a bit. I must admit it's right on the cusp on the level of "squee" I'm able to tolerate in a game, tho I fully admit I'm a grumpy old fuck.
  5. Completely agree - it's a great shmup!
  6. I always like to back a Cave release with hard cash on Steam because I hope it somehow increases the chances of more, but I'm sorry - I ain't dropping close to 30 notes on a bundle where I already have one game on Steam (the better one), and the other on PS4.
  7. I picked this up and, inability to remap the controls aside, am having a great time.
  8. I can already picture my growing irritation as I plough through the 349 button presses that sit between me and the next shmup section. That's a stress I don't need in my life!
  9. In the promo vids I found it a bit tough to pick out what was happening at any given time. You find that at all while playing?
  10. Ah, this is awesome news - I'd still not gotten around to picking it up on PS5, and I'd always rather have a game on PC.
  11. That's more or less the best survival technique, although it is worth thinking about your lock-on attack a little as you want to restock bombs/breaks ASAP, as they're you're get out of jail free card whenever there's a bullet curtain or tight spot. Hitting more enemies with a single lock produces more medals, replenishing the gauge faster. Lock-on use becomes a lot more technical for scoring runs, but no need to worry about it yet. Good luck, dude!
  12. I know loads of other folk like yourself who seem to love Eschatos, but for whatever reason it just doesn't seem to get on with me. Might be the scoring systems, perhaps. Glad you're enjoying it tho, dude. When the time comes for CC you're in for a treat - it's a proper modern classic.
  13. You are a gentleman, sir. Thanks. I shall study!
  14. That would be awesome mate - thank you!
  15. I just came here to say that I saw that - congrats dude. Would love to see your replay if you have the means. I'm consistently falling way short of my top score and am not really sure what I'm doing wrong. Even watching my replay isn't really helping!
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