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  1. Already got Vietnam flashbacks of the 12h rain race I did there last summer - in the Audi, too Last night was good, although too inconsistent. I managed to sprinkle in a few errors here and there, which I'm not too happy with, but all things considered, P5 is not a bad finish at all. Had to play catch-up right from the start - not blaming anyone as there was nothing they could do as I was trying to avoid an accident right in front of me. That netted me nine seconds of repairs, which I didn't take as the car felt okay and I don't think I would've gotten the time back on the track. Still hoping for an incident-free race at Suzuka though
  2. Feel better soon, both of you! In case anyone wants to watch what we're doing tonight, I'm gonna stream my POV again on Twitch.
  3. Damn. Hope you'll get through it without feeling sick and be on the grid if you feel well enough!
  4. I've been thinking about dusting off the trusty old GTR at some point again. Had many great league races in the turbo brick. Bonus points for the awesome noise
  5. Wow, this should be a good one. Love the track, so I'm excited for tomorrow already Gotta make sure to avoid that killer curb on the inside of the penultimate turn. It feels a bit like some sort of trap on a Mario Kart circuit
  6. Bit of conflicting advice, haha If in doubt, better listen to @Erik just to be sure
  7. That's what I found when my teammate and I were driving the thing more often. It is decent on turn-in, but can be much better with a bit more rake.
  8. Good news: The load cell arrived today and I just finished a test run on the practice server. No issues to report, so Thursday is a go from my side
  9. Thanks man, that means a lot. Hope to be able to make it a good fight next time out without being let down by external factors The folks at Venym are super helpful, it's incredible. Can't blame them for load cells shitting the bed, that's on the manufacturer that makes them. Had it happen with my clutch before and they made it right within days. Good thing France is next door so shipping won't take too long
  10. I guess he was just as confused as I was Would've expected more of a tirade as I enabled the sweary messages some time ago - which everyone should do, because if you don't want to hear "come on, this is shit, make it less shit" from time to time, are you even using Crew Chief? New load cell is on its way btw, should be here by Monday. So next Thursday should definitely not be out of the question.
  11. Here's the brake failure from my POV - from shooting the shit with the guy you're battling to utter disbelief in a matter of seconds Twitch Clip
  12. Hey everyone! It felt great to race with all of you again after quite a while of me being absent, I had a ton of fun yesterday! Starting in P2, leading for about 500m before the collision with @davejm, then making my way back up the order with a shot at the podium about 15 minutes before the end - really cool stuff. Until my brake just packed it in, that is. Super sorry for ruining @EuroVapeSim2's race in the process, but it hit me completely out of the blue. I shot Venym an email this morning already so I hope to get it fixed asap. They've been super helpful before when my clutch LC went the way of the dodo, and if all goes well, I should be back for next week. Love Kyalami, what a track - wouldn't want to miss it!
  13. Still glad to have you on board of the community! Won't be the last event we'll be doing
  14. Glad to read this, just accepted you so you should be able to register for the events now
  15. Hey guys! Hope you're all doing well, haven't had time to stop by here in forever! In case you don't have anything scheduled for tomorrow night: I'm organizing a race event with SimRacing Unlimited and RaceDepartment using the RSS GT pack. The plan is to do two 30-minute races at Donington and Spa, respectively, starting at 7pm CET. There are still some spots on the grid, so if you want in, feel free to join our simracing.gp community here.
  16. I can't make it for the finale unfortunately - which sucks, cause I love Imola Gonna have to see if I can take part in more league races over the winter because I got hockey practice on Thursday nights, so it might be one-offs for me until the rink closes for the summer in April.
  17. We got 13th in the end, which is really good all things considered. Had a few problems here and there, including a disconnect during a driver change, that dropped us down the order a few times, but the pace was great. A top 10 spot could have been in the cards had that not happened. Annoyingly, my PC decided to randomly reboot itself after a few minutes now, so I could not do the final stint as we had planned. Still have to fix that, not sure what it is but can rule out power supply - it doesn't do it when it's in safe mode, so I might have to reinstall Windows and see if it helps.
  18. Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA for a bit, but the internet suuuuuucked at our vacation spot In case you got nothing better to do, I'll stream today's 24 hour race at twitch.tv/yhaustein38 Green flag in an hour
  19. It has: https://www.twitch.tv/yhaustein38/v/1176695163?sr=a&t=0s Decided to stream it pretty spontaneously last night, otherwise I would've dropped the link in here beforehand.
  20. Yeah, certainly wasn't my night. First few laps were pretty good as there were people to battle with, but after piling up incident after incident because this track actively tries to throw me off every time I race there, I was convinced I would stay dead last when I came out there after my pit stop. Didn't turn out that way luckily, but I was glad it's over now. Hats off to @SANtoOos and @davejm for being so fast at the sharp end of the grid, well done, guys! Bummed I'm gonna have to miss Zolder, I think it would've suited the Porsche very well.
  21. I've tried it for the first time yesterday to make sort of a "first look" article about it and could hardly put it down. It's a ton of fun and much less cartoonish than you'd think, you really need to hit your apexes and everything to be competitive. I like how it is approachable yet still using sim-like elements.
  22. I somehow managed a 47.9. No idea how, this track remains a complete mystery to me
  23. That's a bummer @Meers@SharkyOB, maybe sometime in the future Sounds good @Erik, just let me know once you know for sure.
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