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  1. I took this about a year ago.


    I can’t figure out if it’s the film in general (Ektar), this particular roll, the light on that day, or the processing- but every scan from this roll came out a bit off. The colours and contrast are both kind of fucked - muted and shifted weirdly in both lights and darks.

    It’s not really fixable (without a lot more effort than any of the photos are worth).

    Kew Pagoda


  2. 2 hours ago, Fallows said:

    Same. Just replace Thai reality show with Taiwanese ‘talk’ show where you have a studio full of people each equipped with a microphone all shouting over one another at the same time with blistering sound effects randomly slapped on top.




    Not watching that. But Thai TV does the sound effects thing and it does my head in. It’s just a pure wall of noise that is somehow really loud even coming from a phone speaker.

  3. 2 minutes ago, FishyFish said:

    Do you use the Epson 120 negative carrier? If so, have you used the little plastic card to keep the negs flat so they don't touch the glass?


    It makes scanning more time consuming, but I find it works.


    Yes, but these negs were rolled back on to a spool after being developed. I tried to flatten them under heavy books for a few months but they're still bendy! 

  4. This was from a roll of film (Ektar) that I got developed in Thailand. I don't know what's up with this roll but I can't seem to get a clean scan without Newton ring artifacts. On this one it's ok as it's barely noticable. I've had the same issue with some really old 1980s negatives I've scanned.


    Edit: removed the NR in photoshop as it was irritating me.




  5. After this last season of BCS, I’m going to cancel for a while, at least until there’s enough stuff worth watching. Most Netflix originals are dire, and they don’t have a great amount of choice of other stuff.

  6. 10 minutes ago, Chadruharazzeb said:

    My god the last bosses are exasperating. It'd be great if your character did as they were told all the time, but sometimes they're just "Eh, not right now". And is it even possible to fight EB with a DEX melee build? All I get is the camera flailing around wildly giving me no chance to avoid any attacks because I simply cannot see that they're happening.

    I had the same problem. I could barely get close enough to hit it before it moved away. It was an unfair fight so I ended up taking advantage of a glitch on Radagon to get to EB with full flasks and a not half-dead mimic.

  7. I started watching something called “Choose or Die” with Eddie Marsden in it. It’s meant to be in America but it’s clearly London. One of the first scenes is in Boston Manor Park under the M4 flyover. They’ve just CGIed American looking signs up and stuff. It’s offputting. I can’t watch it now.

  8. The NLP ones do look noticeably better. Less contrasty/harsh and more natural. But your original scans look decent. I often end up with unnatural colours and contrast from Ektar to the point where I’ve started to avoid it.

  9. 2 hours ago, FishyFish said:

    It’s a plug-in application for Lightroom. You basically take a white balance sample from the film border and the application inverts the negative, removing the orange mask.

    It doesn’t have film profiles as such. There are several different scan profiles to emulate lab scanners and a bunch of other settings to edit the inverted image, giving a wide range of different looks. It’s non-destructive, so you can undo / redo the process using different settings.


    It’s not cheap - about £80 - but you can try out a fully-featured demo which allows about a dozen inversions with no watermarking or anything.

    I’ll definitely give it a go and see what I think. Anything that saves time is good!


    I think I’ve been doing something similar but manually. Using levels in PS, I set the film border to a neutral black using the eyedropper, then find the closest to white in the photo and set that to white. It’s a bit hit and miss though, and I often end up having to laboriously adjust the RGB levels.

    The one film I really have trouble with is Ektar. I can rarely get it to look right.

  10. 15 minutes ago, FishyFish said:

    Those are really nice scans. I'd be very happy with those.


    I've recently bit the bullet and bought a copy of Negative Lab Pro and I'm getting some nice results from that. Getting colours I'm happy with from colour film has always been a PITA though. :)


    He're are a few recent colour film images, scanned on a V550 and then converted with Negative Lab Pro. Shot with a Bronica ETRSi on Lomography Color Negative 100.


    Double prowUp above the waterline


    Flamborough HeadFlamborough Head lighthouseThe top of the light




    I like those. Does the software have profiles for different films?

  11. I killed Malenia earlier. She was a pain in the arse so I used mimic ashes - I don’t care if it’s “cheating”.


    Now I’m back to utterly lost at Crumbling Farum Azula. I’ve killed the first boss there


    (Godskin Duo?)

    but I’m now just going round in circles.

  12. I’m losing the enthusiasm to scan film. It takes so long, and it doesn’t seem worth it a lot of the time. Removing the orange mask and sorting out the contrast can be a chore too. I’m reasonably happy with a few though. These are all on 400iso film. 


    On the beach






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