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  1. 29 minutes ago, deKay said:


    I've got Sprint (which doesn't work), slow time (which does), and the assistant (who empties all the hoppers). I bought the PC games yesterday - now I have Minesweeper (the controls are broken - your cursor just randomly lurches everywhere) and Solitaire.

    Sprint does work, it’s just not much faster than walking.


    Has anyone bought the car? Does it do anything?

  2. 22 minutes ago, cassidy said:

    Dunno I'm on about the wood chopping game not the match 3 puzzle game. 


    The Ashley (iirc)  keeps emailing you about to challenge you. 

    Not the match three. I’m crap at that! I think I’ve got two identical wood chopping games and one’s harder than the other, but that could well be my addled brain and I’ve just been playing the same one each time. I got just over 200 anyway. I think 206.

  3. 7 minutes ago, cassidy said:

    Nearly started this my thread myself but I'm shit at that.  So thank you @Eighthours


    A friend of mines band is on the Jukebox. Recluse their pretty good. 


    Game itself is brilliant. Anyone beaten my My woodguy jr score it's 146. 

    What’s the difference between Woodguy jr and Woodgirl jr? Is Woodguy just harder? I can get 200 on Woodgirl but only about 100 on Woodguy. It’s killing my fingers (on the PS5 controller).

  4. 1 hour ago, Treble said:


    It'll be a dumb piece of software rather than a clever hacker. Probably started counting the hour from the time the server saw a 'token' redeemed (at download) rather than when the game was actually started :)

    It took probably less than a minute to download and I booted it within the same minute. It only gave me 35 minutes. The sods!

  5. 9 hours ago, Uncle Nasty said:


    That got me thinking about the Soft Aid compilation, I didn't remember the artwork being quite so bleak.




    Typography is pretty nice though!

    I had the C64 version. I spent probably hundreds of hours on Kokotoni Wilf.


    Seaside Special was part of “30 Games”. 30 games for a tenner! Bargain! It had some decent games games on it too.



    Sadly, I could still name about half of the games on the cover. Bozo’s Night Out would never get made now. Get as drunk as possible before attempting the journey home from the pub. Avoid police, hooligans, grannies, sex workers, and DT monsters.

  6. 22 hours ago, Darwock said:

    It certainly was a great film, but let down by Amazon Prime only having closed caption subtitles as an option if you wanted English, so I had to put up with “eerie music plays” and the like flashing up all the time.


    Despite subscribing to the service if I want the best experience I have to pirate the things that are on it.

    “Subs off” is actually normal subs on. Confusingly. It took me a while to figure that out. 


    Also, Viggo Mortensen sounds like Robert Kilroy-Silk.

  7. RE’s typewriter ribbons didn’t stress me out as much as the knowledge that each time I used one I was reducing my overall rating on finishing the game. I felt an obligation to play as far as possible without saving - otherwise I wasn’t playing it properly. Still, I ended up getting the lowest possible rating I think. I was always rubbish at RE.


    The other thing that stresses me out are games that don’t let you know when you’re passing a boundary of no return. I always have to reload an earlier save so that I can check what was down that other route earlier in the level.

  8. 4 hours ago, Professor Rob said:

    I thought The Grey Man was quite good.

    I didn’t think it was crap. It passed the time anyway. But if you were to ask me anything about what happened, I wouldn’t be able to answer - and I only saw it yesterday. 

  9. 10 hours ago, Gotters said:

    First person 3d survival horror, why that'll be the humble ZX81 & JK Greye Software back in 1981 with this beaut - 3D Monster Maze.



    Interestingly it runs at exactly the same frame rate as most PS5 4k titles do on their launch day.

    Run, he is right behind you.

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