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  1. 1 hour ago, JoeK said:


    I'm still utterly baffled as to how the game is going to come out on the Switch. I know graphically it can make a fair stab of it, but I'd have thought all the maths and stuff that goes into making the game's galaxy tick would make a Switch explode...if they pull it off, it would possibly be the greatest Switch port ever. Possibly the most impressive port full stop.



    Even the PS5 60fps version runs choppily so I can't see it working at all on the Switch.


    edit: Maybe I've been running the PS4 version on PS5 by mistake. It wouldn't be the first time I've done that!

  2. Has anyone got any theories about …



    … who the other others (other forms of Lilith) are in the black and white footage? There’s a man I’ve seen twice and a woman I’ve only seen once. And this is after unlocking more than 90% of the footage.


  3. 2 minutes ago, George Clooney said:

    Also yesterday, I had a quick scan through for a few bits and revealed a bit more footage.  There was a scene from Two Of Everything where it’s her in the black wig standing in front of a mirror taking some directions, but when you get the rewind bit - it’s a completely new character.  She’s got dark hair and wearing a bunch of necklaces that look vaguely pagan, but she basically looks sad and doesn’t say anything.  Never seen her anywhere else and no mention of anything that I can think relates to her - anyone else seen this? I’ve only just woken up so I’ll recheck the game in a bit for some more details.

    I’ve found some other characters in the black and white footage, not the usual woman and man.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Pelekophoros said:



    I'm starting to burn out on this. Some of the Goals on the games don't fire - I've 100% a song multiple times on the dance game and it won't give me that one, now Not-Bubble Bobble won't give me the "drop 13 bubbles at once" award - and I've switched it off and on again. I've just bought the Whack-a-gopher as the last arcade from that group and have an investment opportunity too now.


    I've finally started giving up on washing - it seems to have strangely gotten busier now that I've shrunk it down! The arcades are pulling close to £6k a day though, so it doesn't really give me a boost any more.


    I reckon I'll keep going until I hit the credits, but I think I'll be ready to be done then.

    Some of the goals fire multiple times. Due to a bug, I ended up with more than £1,000 for the upgrade shop.

  5. 31 minutes ago, jon_cybernet said:

    I think I found one of those moments you mentioned and it completely made me jump when it happened. 


    I wasn’t ready for that. It freaked me out a bit.

    Now I can’t play it because my wife is using a loud food blender. Blending up cheese and stuff.

  6. I’ve always hated the idea of streaming (even if it works flawlessly). It just seems wasteful. Maybe I’m still in the mindset of having limited internet. 

    I’ve still got a PS3, and don’t understand why Sony won’t let me play those PSPlus games natively.

  7. 50 minutes ago, deKay said:

    Where do you get that? I’ve only got two machines left to buy and never seen it!


    It’s on the office computer. It might have been one of the upgrades that unlocked it.


    I think it’s meant to play the chip tunes from the arcade games but it just locks up the computer - and stays that way until you quit out of the game and reload.


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