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  1. I couldn’t handle Resident Evil 7 or - even worse - any sort of driving on the PSVR 1. I just felt really nauseous. 


    So maybe I shouldn’t be even considering this new one.

    Weirdly, Polybius was absolutely fine. Even more comfortable than Astro Bot where you weren’t moving much at all.


  2. 9 minutes ago, glb said:

    Can you lay a trap near them, then shoot it with an arrow to damage them? Or Chuck an explosive spear? Sounds like you’ve been unlucky with glitches; I’ve played almost 90 hours and not experienced similar with enemies.


    Think I’ve got two main missions to go. There are still bits of the map with fog over them, and so many side jobs and errands, but want to wrap this up and get back to Cyberpunk for the rest of the year.

    I didn’t think of that. I reloaded and luckily it had saved mid-mission. I think I get glitches because I tend to play messily. Rolling everywhere and melee, rather than slowly stealthing it.

  3. On 11/11/2022 at 20:16, majic said:

    Bit of a departure from the last pic, these are phone shots from the night bus. 




    You must have steady hands! Whenever I've tried similar, I've ended up with a wobbly mess. Also, how do you do long exposures on a phone?

  4. 6 minutes ago, Stoppy2000 said:

    I seem to remember it had awful jumping sections as well? Or insta-death pits?

    I’ve just watched a video. It had pits everywhere that you had to perfectly time jumps other. If you got stuck between a pit and a monster, you could sort of get stun-locked and couldn’t avoid death.


    I wanted to like the game - we even played it a lot - but it was just so frustrating! It was one of those games that made you want to smash the joystick up.

  5. On 05/07/2022 at 11:57, Stoppy2000 said:

    I also bought this on the c64 - I presume the original box art wasn't used for the budget release as it had caused some minor controversy? 


    *Edit* actually looks like this was the full price box art as well but the 'controversial' images were just adverts in magazines?




    I had the big box version on C64. It definitely had Maria Whittaker in a metal bikini on the cover along with Wolf (and a poster of the same).


    I bought it on the strength of the reviews though - not based on the box. And it was rubbish - really horrible to play.

  6. 3 hours ago, superfunk said:

    Has anyone who registered yesterday (as opposed to the people who expressed interest months ago) received an invite yet?

    No and I’m not even sure I registered correctly. I haven’t had any confirmation and the page still had a “please sign in” notification at the top even though I’d already done so.


    How are people selected anyway? Is it first come, first served?

  7. 4 hours ago, Kevvy Metal said:


    I certainly don't agree regarding OLED tech, but I'm starting to think HDR is a minefield of broken-weird looking not corrrectly calibrated nonsense that games actually look better with it turned OFF. 

    My TV only does HDR10+ rather than the proper one. I can’t notice when it’s on or off except when it’s not working properly and everything looks grey. 

    My iPhone does weird stuff with HDR photos and videos that looks rubbish and fake. 

    Is HDR the new 3DTV nonsense?

  8. 12 hours ago, Let us measure said:


    I actually de-hacked my Megadrive Mini at the weekend and restored to factory settings, getting rid of dozens of roms I never played. Curated playlists is where it's at.

    I’d like to do this also but can’t remember how to do it. I think it’s Project Lunar I have on there. Is there a guide somewhere?

  9. The most annoying bits were riding the cloud to the halos and also the shooting range. The puzzle room and the teleporting hoops were also irritating but you couldn’t really mess them up.

    I spent a lot of time playing this game! 

    I seem to remember you could make the game unwinnable by using a useless item like the socks or red herring.

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