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  1. Apparently, I’ve found 91% of the subverted scenes. I’d have to rewatch every single scene again to find the last 9% and I’m not doing that.
  2. Even the PS5 60fps version runs choppily so I can't see it working at all on the Switch. edit: Maybe I've been running the PS4 version on PS5 by mistake. It wouldn't be the first time I've done that!
  3. I’m going to watch for a bit. If it’s crap I’ll go to bed.
  4. I have achievement/trophy notifications turned off. I rarely look at them unless I’m trying to figure out if I’ve missed something.
  5. Within those 500 hours I’m assuming I’d have to eat, sleep, work, etc. That would mean around 50 gaming hours max for me. I’d probably just browse and download stuff but not actually play anything.
  6. I can imagine it being quite impressive at the time on the Amiga. But on the Megadrive, it didn’t have those fancy colour effects, and we had already had Sonic. Same thing with Chuck Rock.
  7. This thread was started in 2007, 16 years after Robocod was first released. It’s now 15 years since this thread was started. I bought Robocod on the Mega Drive. It was pretty average, but I convinced myself it was a good purchase and played it a lot.
  8. It’s still got a Prime banner but it’s asking for money. Weird because it’s only been on Prime for about a week, I think.
  9. Has anyone got any theories about …
  10. I’ve found some other characters in the black and white footage, not the usual woman and man.
  11. I don’t organise anything: games, books, films, photographs, documents. It’s all just a big mess. Lots of discs in wrong cases. Documents and letters shoved into shelves between books. I think it drives my wife a bit mad.
  12. Have they fixed the bug where you can’t reach the washing machine behind the trolley? I got caught out a few times holding washing but being unable to load it in the only free washer. The only solution was to quit out of the game.
  13. Some of the goals fire multiple times. Due to a bug, I ended up with more than £1,000 for the upgrade shop.
  14. Now I can’t play it because my wife is using a loud food blender. Blending up cheese and stuff.
  15. I’m finding it intriguing - no idea what I’m doing.
  16. The only reason I got it on ps5 is that my joycons don’t work, so I’d have had to play it on the telly anyway. Handheld would be better.
  17. I’ve always hated the idea of streaming (even if it works flawlessly). It just seems wasteful. Maybe I’m still in the mindset of having limited internet. I’ve still got a PS3, and don’t understand why Sony won’t let me play those PSPlus games natively.
  18. That’s it. When you open it up it’s called “sound recorder” and won’t close. At least that’s how it is for me on PS4/5. It might be fine for other versions.
  19. I’m pretty sure it’s called “sound recorder”. I was confused by the name as in “what is it recording?”
  20. I'm on console too (PS5). I'd probably just convinced myself that the running was working! edit: running works on PS5
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