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  1. I’m on 7 hours 40 mins and I don’t think I’m anywhere near the end. I’ve spent about 2 hours lost after getting the . I’m sure I’ve been absolutely everywhere. I’m just going round in circles now.
  2. I started on PC (with the original release) then got the PS5 version when Final Cut came out. It played better with a mouse but it kept crashing on my PC. Console version is fine, but the text is quite small and there were places I had trouble navigating scenery due to direct character control.
  3. Fuck! I killed Kraid, which took ages, fell into some lava then accidentally quit to the title screen. Not sure if I can do it again!
  4. I used to listen to Nick Abbot ages ago on Virgin Radio when it was MW only! Must have been early 90s.
  5. Is that real? I’ve never liked the current one but this looks really cheap and nasty. Like the work experience kid knocked it out during their lunch break.
  6. I don’t have a GameCube controller anymore. I think I lent it to someone about 15 years ago. Are there any decent options for new ones?
  7. Someone on Facebook marketplace trying to sell an “Xbox serious X.”
  8. I really wanted this remaster at first. I’m not bothered anymore. I’ll wait for a sale. My joy cons are knackered anyway (and I really wanted it on Switch.)
  9. One thing kept bothering me. It shouldn’t as it’s just a TV series but…
  10. Joycon drift has made it impossible for me to even start any games. The cursor/select thingy just flies to the top of the screen as soon as I let go of down. I don’t understand it because it was fine until recently and I haven’t been using it - so it’s seemingly happened by itself while the Switch was just sitting there.
  11. Despite having Deathloop since launch, I haven’t had enough time to play it yet. There’s a lot I still don’t understand. If I infuse something, is it mine forever (unless I choose to sacrifice it)? What if I drop it somewhere? Does it come back the next day? Also what if I equip two of the same trinkets? Do they stack?
  12. Yeah - you only screw it in when it’s vertical. It really seems like it wasn’t designed to go horizontal. But I’ve got nowhere to put it vertically.
  13. I know they’ve apparently fixed this now - but the most annoying thing about the PS5 is fitting that stand on when you want to put it horizontal. It’s forever coming off mine when I plug charging cables in, leaving the PS5 wobbling around. I don’t care too much about how it looks, but couldn’t they have at least given it a flat underside?
  14. It just looks a bit cheap. I’d have been happier with the GameCube versions emulated.
  15. If you’re playing on PS5, apparently it runs worse than on PS4 or Pro. I keep meaning to go back to it but never get round to sorting the PS4 (and don’t want to play a less good version).
  16. I turned it off at that point. Went back to it a day or two later as everyone else said it was good. It wasn’t.
  17. I’m pretty impressed with the colour of Ektar 100. It’s pretty much my favourite colour film now. Ilford HP5:
  18. I know. He was just being a dick. It was a tiny film camera - much smaller than a DSLR. I wasn’t sure at the time so didn’t have the knowledge to call him out on it.
  19. I got told off by a member of staff for taking this, claiming I needed a photography licence. Wasting film using a Holga. A few shots taken in the New Forest on Ektar.
  20. This really irritated me at the time. I used to wiggle the Scart plug out slightly so I’d get the equivalent of a fuzzy RF connection through it - but at least it was in colour. I had an Xbox as well - and for that you had to buy an overpriced crap remote control to watch DVDs.
  21. I’ve tried 120fps. I can’t see (or feel) any difference from 60fps but it does have the added bonus of making me feel sick. Low lag is important for gaming but apart from that, you just get used to whatever fancy new stuff they’ve included and stop noticing it. You don’t actually enjoy it more. My TV does HDR but I can’t say I notice whether it’s on or off. It might just be that it’s bog-standard HDR. I dunno.
  22. I was going to comment that I’ve never pirated games. But then I remembered that we used to copy C64 games on my dad’s twin stereo tape deck - and I had an R4 for the DS. I’ve never pirated a disc based game though. I rarely saw them for sale.
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