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  1. I went with Sendeans in the end. It’s expensive, but sod it! Who needs a PS5 anyway!
  2. Does anyone have recommendations for camera repair shops in and around London? I’ve taken my old Rolleiflex to Sendeans in Clerkenwell. They seem like a good shop but they’ve quoted me an amount which is far more than I can afford right now.
  3. I remember ditching a crappy job interview and buying an Xbox with Halo after that price drop. The Job Centre never found out or they would have stopped my dole. Being on the dole and stuck in my parents house with bugger all to do but I had more money to spend on games and shit than I’ve had since.
  4. I killed Hades. Finally! On run 30-odd. With the rail gun - my least favourite of all weapons.
  5. How loud is this noise? Are we talking 360/1st Gen PS4 levels)?
  6. I’ll keep trying but Amazon (and I assume other sites) are crap with email alerts. I don’t think they even bother with them.
  7. I’m assuming PS5s have sold out everywhere now - so if I wanted one without paying silly prices, am I likely going to have to wait until next year?
  8. What if I were to borrow a book and disconnect from WiFi? Could I keep it indefinitely? It takes me so long to get round to reading books that it’s not worth me borrowing them. I still have nightmares about finding books I took out of the (real) library decades ago and forgot about them and realising I’ve got a ridiculous fine to pay.
  9. I’m a prime member and I don’t think I get free books. Except classics that are out of copyright. How did you do that?
  10. My metering is shit. The Rolleiflex’s light meter is surprisingly OK considering its age but the dials to select film speed and stops have broken so I’m just guessing the exposure now. Velvia 100, though, is the most finicky film I’ve used. Much more fiddly than even Velvia 50. I think I might stick to Provia for slides in future as it’s a bit more forgiving.
  11. I'm still struggling with slide film. The raw scan looked like this: After trying to remove the discoloration, I ended up with this: ...which is very wrong but I don't know if I can be arsed with it really. edit - it now looks like this: Slide film is great in ideal conditions but in low light, especially slightly underexposed, it’s a bit of a nightmare. It’s not worth bothering with in a lot of conditions. Digital (Old 5D3) looked like this after an edit:
  12. Could the first Halo be considered a mega game? There was a lot of hype for it for ages on Mac and then PC when it was a different game. The sequels were all let downs to some extent.
  13. Attempt 31: Got Hades down to a tiny tiny sliver of health before I copped it (with the spear and a special gun/freeze boon). I have real trouble with the perspective and positioning myself behind the rocks to avoid the lasers.
  14. I took this mess of a photo (Velvia 100): I don't like it much but I quite like this tiny crop from the bottom left: Dog Bucket. It's a shame I didn't have a narrower lens or a different camera. I tried scanning in an old Holga negative from 2010. I’m not sure what film but it would have been really cheap. I think the negative has faded - or it was badly exposed in the first place - because the negative looked really faint compared to more recent ones. But it came out OK compared to the original scan I made of a printed photo.
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