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  1. I’ve never played any of these games before. I’ve never owned an N64 or Wii. I had a GameCube but only had a handful of games on it and Sunshine wasn’t one of them. I’m quite looking forward to this!
  2. I'd rather have the 60fps. It might have been the dodgy stream but a lot of it looked quite choppy.
  3. Is this a case of diminishing returns? Remember seeing PS1 for the first time? And PS2? This really doesn’t look like as much of a leap. I don’t think I’ve been really impressed by stuff since I saw Xbox360/PS3 for the first time.
  4. The only Oddworld game I’ve played was Stranger’s Wrath and theat was admittedly excellent.
  5. If this doesn’t get any more interesting I’m giving up and playing Spelunky 2 for a bit.
  6. I thought the height of the Cold War was the late 1960s. Anyway, I’ve no interest in military themed shooters. Even less so based on real events.
  7. I’m honestly happy with a crappy old 1080p telly. I can’t tell much difference between 1080p and 4K unless I sit really close to it. Maybe I’m just old. It’s like when I tried to convince my dad there was a difference between a 1080p/720p signal and stretched smeary SD on his brand new telly about 20 years ago. But I really don’t care anymore. As long as it works.
  8. A few Provia 100 Rolleiflex photos: Also - Kodak Ektar comes out with weird colours in the sky if underexposed and/or taken at the wrong time of day (I was puzzled by this for ages and thought either I or the film processor had done something wrong):
  9. I’d forgotten how much the Tony Hawk games hurt your fingers. I’m a lot older now and my hands can’t take much more than 10 minutes. I have no idea how I managed to play this on a DC controller.
  10. I’ve often tried to get that boat shot in Richmond but it’s never come out as well as that for me.
  11. Not a particularly interesting photo but my colour correction method seems to be working well as long as I've got a pure white in the photo. All I do is use the white balance eye droppers in levels (or curves). Set black to black (the border does for black), white to white, and it usually just snaps to the right colours.
  12. I think it’s more my lack of technical knowledge. I don’t know any of the terms for anything. It makes sense now. Vuescan sounds like something I might try. The Epson software isn’t great. I’d like to try Grain2Pixel too but I’m a bit worried about adding anything to Photoshop right now as it’s barely functional as it is (slowing down and crashing every 15 minutes). I don’t think it matters, though, whether the negative has been inverted or not, as you don’t lose anything by simply inverting. I sometimes invert slide scans to see dust and crap more easily to repair them.
  13. That’s really impressive. I saw a few of them on Flickr. What do you mean by linear? I scan on the Epson V550 without any sharpening or colour correction, just inverted. So I get a really blurry, washed-out blue image. Then I use the levels tool to colour/contrast correct. I’d like a better scanner as the Epson leaves vertical colour streaks - as every scanner tends to. I’ve thought about lab scans but it doesn’t seem worth the extra cost unless I decide any are worth printing.
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