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  1. Just watched “Dragged Across Concrete” as I noticed it on Prime. I wish I hadn’t. I don’t know what I was expecting considering who was involved but it was just incredibly unpleasant and nasty - as well as being massively overlong.
  2. I was really enjoying Horace. Until I thought I’d try using the Switch controller instead of keyboard. The Switch controller went bananas, started a new game by itself deleting my save game. I really don’t know if I can be bothered to start again.
  3. The C64-a-like computer is a nice touch:
  4. I’ll try it but if it’s like colour balance in photoshop, I’m not very good at it. I always end up with something looking a bit unnatural.
  5. That seems a bit better. But I was hoping for a way to keep the lightest pixels highlighted. I’m trying to colour correct negative scans using levels by setting the lightest pixel as white, the darkest (usually the frame so easy to identify) as black then fiddling with neutral grey until it looks “right.” It’s a bit fiddly but I can’t find a better way of doing it.
  6. Knowing what to do and where to go next. Most games have a map or screen prompts or some sort of instruction on the pause menu. Go back a few generations and you had none of that. I remember spending days wandering round and round Tomb Raider levels not knowing where to go. Dark Souls/Bloodbourne are an exception to this.
  7. That’s what I’ve been doing but thought there must be a more precise way. It’s odd that it’s not there (if it’s not).
  8. Nintendo have never sold at a loss.
  9. Is there a clear way in Photoshop to identify the closest pixels to pure white and black (assuming there is no pure white or black)?
  10. I was stupid! I’d missed a reply obvious door - I must have walked past it 20 times. I was so hung up on being told to “meet in the main hall,” that I was convinced I had to do something in the area with all the statues. I’ve also got so used to relying on maps in games - and real life - that not having one means I get totally lost.
  11. I was enjoying this but I’m on chapter 4 (I think) and I’ve been walking round for ages trying to work out where to go. I don’t know if it’s actually bugged because I must have been absolutely everywhere countless times.
  12. I took it on my first (unfinished) playthrough and got totally lost as to which way I should be going. Every route seemed to kill me. When I played a second and third time, finally finishing the game, I chose the Old Witch’s Ring.
  13. I’ve only been subjected to the Thai version (“The Mask Singer”) and it’s like a cheese and whisky nightmare. Not as bad as Animal Kwackers mind.
  14. I think I bought it for £1.99 on the C64 (or £2.99 whatever budget titles were priced at at the time). I had Fantasy World Dizzy too. I don't remember liking either very much but played them both quite a bit anyway.
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