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  1. After about 20 hours I finally got to the biome 2 boss. I didn’t last long (only just got to the second health bar before it went bananas). I only had about a quarter life bar left. I have real trouble with severed, especially when there are a few of them and/or mixed with those big octopus things. I don’t know how to deal with them teleporting around me. I’m ok if it’s one severed alone but usually there’s more to deal with. I’ve also learnt not to open those tomb chests or go to bonus rooms in biome 2 because more often than not they’ve been traps.
  2. I still can’t get through biome 2. I always go for the bonus rooms and end up getting killed!
  3. I’m on 1.003.003. Does this mean I need to reinstall? I haven’t had any error messages yet.
  4. It’s the giant tentacle monster thing that usually kills me in Atropos. It’s too fast and I can barely even hurt it with the pistol. It keeps jumping on me. I think I’ve got a better chance against the boss - if I ever get there again - than that thing.
  5. I’m finding Returnal too difficult. I’ve only got to the first boss once. And that’s after about 10 hours play! I always get overwhelmed by multiple enemies at once. I’m going to continue with it but can’t see myself ever finishing this game.
  6. It’s not been the same room or item/buff each time but it’s always been an item room rather than a lockdown room. Maybe I’ve just been unlucky encountering the same bug three times - and I’ve only played the game for about an hour!
  7. It’s 55gb for me. There’s mention online of a bug getting players stuck in lockdown rooms if they’re wearing a dlc suit but I don’t think it’s that. I get stuck in item/buff rooms without lockdown. The doors and teleports just won’t operate. I’ve got a feeling I’m doing something wrong - that I’m meant to do something with the new buff to progress. I’ll have a better look round next time and read some of the tutorial notes.
  8. I’m enjoying this but don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I’ve got stuck in a room for the third time now. The doors won’t open. The first time I spent about half an hour walking round trying to figure it out. I’m still not sure if it’s just a bug or if I’m doing something wrong. It’s a shame as I was doing ok for once.
  9. I don’t even remember buying most Mega Drive games for £30 - £40. Maybe Sonic 2 but not much else. I - and most people I knew - were trading in and getting second hand carts. Those expensive imports were way out of my budget. I really really like the look of Returnal but I refuse to pay £70 for it. £50-ish maybe.
  10. I’d like to know this also. I could Google it I guess but don’t trust unknown Googled websites.
  11. I think I was just approaching it wrong and also The biggest flaw for me with bosses is that you can only use assess when you’re already fighting them, and then find out you’ve got the wrong materia equipped so have to either struggle through or reload.
  12. Is it just me or is the ridiculously difficult and unfair. I think I’m stuck.
  13. I had a similar problem logging into the Vita (I haven’t set up my PS3 for a few years now). What caused me the most trouble was finding the right Sony page to generate a password. I spent around half an hour navigating the PSN website before finding the right one.
  14. Ah - that makes sense. I was hoping one of them might be the NTSC version. It’s a shame they’re not labelled so there’s no way to tell which one’s which!
  15. Yeah - it worked eventually. Now I’m trying to navigate the download list. There’s five versions of PS1 Metal Gear Solid on there - all slightly different sizes.
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