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  1. There was an issue of Edge which had a close up of one of the Dead or Alive volleyball girls’ torsos on it. I made sure not to leave that lying around.
  2. I don’t think I’ve played Call of Duty since the very first game on PC. It’s always seemed multiplayer focused, and I’m not good enough for that so have just left it alone. I remember playing one team-based game years ago and fucking it up for everyone because I didn’t have a clue what was going on. If it’s on Gamepass though, I’ll give the campaign a go.
  3. The Quickshot ii had one saving grace. The autofire. My friend had a VCS and I took the joystick to his house (I think he may have only had one Atari controller). We played that Atari boxing game. Autofire on meant I was unbeatable with machine gun punches.
  4. How early you get access depends when midnight is where you are.
  5. Wordle 210 4/6 I just got unlucky with this one. I think it was the first guess and the placement of that yellow letter that threw me off.
  6. Instacrap phone pics as I didn’t have a proper (digital) camera. https://instagram.com/p/CYpinBchIwf/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CYpfgtShi__/ edit: I can’t work out how to share/embed
  7. We definitely had the ones with leaf switches (maybe the bog-standard Quickshot 2 rather than the Turbo edition?). I remember unscrewing it and trying to sellotape the broken leaf switches back together. The first stick I had with micro switches was the Competition Pro.
  8. Don’t forget the weird VMU memory card thing that had to plug into the controller if you wanted to save progress. They were really expensive and hardly ever (if ever) did anything useful except for being used as a bog-standard memory card.
  9. I was wrong about it having base buttons - I misremembered. It’s actually much worse. Neither of those top buttons were comfortable to use. Terrible, terrible joystick.
  10. My Dreamcast version was scratched and wouldn’t play past a certain point. Electronics Boutique refused to replace or refund it because it booted to the title screen. It was when they used to keep discs behind the counter in cardboard sleeves. That’s my main memory of Shadow Man unfortunately.
  11. But - it was the only stick you could realistically use for joystick waggling games without destroying it. They were almost indestructible compared to something like the Quickshot 2, which would fall apart if you looked at it funny. edit: Quickshot 2 is actually a contender. It looked cool like a helicopter pilot’s joystick. It had three buttons (one left, one right, one on the trigger) but they all did the same thing. The suckers on the feet never worked, and it was really uncomfortable to use with a huge amount of travel even though it only had leaf switches inside. The worst thing was that it was ridiculously fragile. They’d break in a few weeks and good luck taking it back for a refund because this was back in the eighties when no-one was going to give you your money back.
  12. Wordle 208 4/6 The third guess was kind of stupid. My wife, a non-native English speaker, is consistently better at this than me. It took me ages and four guesses. She did it in three in a few minutes.
  13. The annoying thing is I had the correct answer to it in my head for guess 3 or 4 but thought “no, that’s - it won’t be that!” And for the last 3 guesses ended up choosing anyway because I’d run out of options but not that word.
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