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  1. Monkeyspill


    I’m really enjoying Morrisons “the best” Ethiopian Ground. I don’t normally like supermarket branded coffee - it’s normally either too bitter or just really tasteless. This is good though. It’s got that almost fermented fruity taste you get with naturally processed beans.
  2. How popular were the 8-bit consoles in the UK? I had one or two friends with a NES or Master System but they seemed to be exotic machines when most people I knew had Spectrums or Commodores. I remember being kind of fascinated by the consoles but couldn’t afford one until at least the early 90s.
  3. But then the pun wouldn’t work. Christmas Binner?
  4. I don’t remember the Neo Geo stuff but definitely Street Fighter II and Final Fight. They also had Rastan but I can’t remember anyone ever playing that.
  5. I bought Armalyte there after reading the review in Zzap 64. I remember the guy there was saving the last copy for himself but took pity on me and sold it. I had the Commodore fixed in that shop too. We also used to go to Lightning Records in Ruislip High Street, which was a bit nearer for us. Ruislip Manor was good a few years later because there were two newsagents (near the Baptist church?) that had arcade games in them.
  6. I like this note on the game website:
  7. I remember seeing this a few years back and I’m not convinced they’re real.
  8. I think I’m right at the end (can’t remember the episode) so I’m labelling this END GAME SPOILERS.
  9. Didn’t Manhunt get a really high score in Edge (as in an 8 or 9) or did I imagine that?
  10. My game is still bugged. I’m 60 hours in and still have order 25 - Road Reconstruction unable to be completed because I built the road before accepting the order. Is it actually possible to demolish roads? I’ve tried but can’t seem to find a way.
  11. Is the mini hackable yet?
  12. I’m looking for some thugs. Have you seen any?
  13. They were mules in area with all the crevices. I think I just got too close to them. The terrorist group were easy to go round.
  14. Episode 5: Why are the mules still coming for me when all I’m carrying is . I thought they were supposed to ignore you unless you’re carrying valuables.
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