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  1. When I search for an airport in the world map, it doesn’t seem to want to go into the history for ease of searching later? Anyone else having the same problem?
  2. It’s a rocker switch thing on the front of the throttle. I think it’s digital but that could be more to do with my crack handedness / how hard I’m finding it.
  3. Had another couple of hours this evening and loving it. First of all flying around the Leeds area and then into Leeds Bradford airport. I then took a trip up the East coast past Skegness in the dark. I was planning on going as far as Bridlington but it felt to be taking an awfully long time so I gave up somewhere around the Humber estuary. I’m finding trimming quite tricky using the control on the throttle of the Thrustmaster HOTAS One? Anyone got any tips?
  4. Are you clicking the left stick in? That brings it up for me.
  5. Managed to have an hour or so pootling around the local area, but the only way I managed to get into the game was disabling the internet connection to my Xbox. Not the best first impression but understandable I guess. Don’t want to spoil my first impressions any further and so I’m going to download the World Updates while I’m working tomorrow and have another go after work then. Hopefully MS won’t be getting hammered quite so badly.
  6. Jumped to 200Mbps for me now so should be done in about 6 mins.
  7. The update server is getting smashed too. I’ve got 1Gbps and I’m only getting around 100Mbps.
  8. Woah! It’s 16:01 and I’m still getting available soon!
  9. Just measured. It’s 74” approximately.
  10. Mine has just arrived. I’ll measure the cable at lunch time for you.
  11. l’ve got a lot of hours under my belt in Elite Dangerous, a large percentage of which were spent doing absolutely nothing as I flew towards distant stations. If Flight Simulator is anything like as interactive as Elite then I’m sure I’m going to love it.
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