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  1. Assuming her brothers don’t want them I’ll get them home and create a list of what there is, the condition and then stick it up here. That way if anyone here wants any they can have them for the postage price. @Ste Pickford has first dibs on the ones mentioned if they’re there.
  2. Are old copies of 2000AD, presumably from the 80s worth anything to anyone? My father in law died recently and the missus found a stack of them the other day while clearing out stuff from the house. They’ll have belonged to her brothers but assuming they don’t want them are they worth doing anything with or should they just be tipped?
  3. Which decade did the rich not win exactly?
  4. I’ve no idea what the Dying Light games are so probably never. Horizon was alright. I quite fancy playing the new one but certainly not for £70. I’ll pick it up when it’s about £30 perhaps or on Sony’s ‘GamePass’. Elden Ring I’m quite tempted for on release so maybe then. GT7 is not my cup of tea at all. Far too realistic.
  5. Feel lucky that I got to visit Tokyo back in the early 2000s and spending several days in and around all the big Sega arcades. Row after row after row of Sega candy cabs hosting every arcade board you could think of all in fantastic condition and working perfectly. Showed what arcades could be and a far cry from the cigarette burns and broken controls of UK arcades. I’ve always wanted to go back some time but the chance has never presented itself again. It’s a shame, but I’ll never forget the time I was there.
  6. Yeah give us the ability to sell second hand digital games Ubisoft and then we’ll chat about NFTs eh? No? Thought not.
  7. I don’t think paying daft amounts for old boxes is any sillier than spending daft amounts on old cartridges personally. If you want the original feeling then the box and manual are just as much a part of that as the cartridge. Personally speaking I don’t think either are worth paying for. Neither do anything other than line the pockets of speculators. Everdrive and an SD card all the way for me.
  8. I’d love to give Returnal a go and I’ve got a PlayStation 5 sitting next to my TV ready to do so (along with a Switch and a Series X), but like fuck am I paying £70 for something I’m not 100% sure I’ll enjoy. If someone who’s as engaged with games to the level am isn’t willing to risk £70 on it then how can you expect the average game buyer who plays just COD or FIFA to give it a go? Stick it on GamePass though and soooo many more eyes and hands are gonna get a chance to give it a go. Many might bounce right off it I’m sure, but I’ve got to believe that it would result in way more people chomping at the bit for Housemarques next game. It’s got to be a positive surely?
  9. Ooh I dunno. I’d love an in-depth investigation into the world after the blip and after everyone returned. It’d be great. But then again I’ve always argued the case for a Star Wars documentary series that went into the logistics of building a Death Star so maybe that’s just me?
  10. I’ve just watched this. Seems I’m in the minority but I really enjoyed it a lot.
  11. Good on Microsoft I say. They’ve proven themselves to be very gamer friendly over the last few years. Perhaps Sony might be forced to improve their shocking customer service and back away from charging 70 quid a pop for their games. That can only be a good thing. Let’s make hay while the sunshine shines as the saying goes and enjoy the benefits that’s this brings. If in the future they turn evil then vote with your wallet. They’ve not got a monopoly on the air we breath or water we drink. It’s just video games and there are already more great ones out there than any of us will ever get the chance to play properly.
  12. My Super NT or Mega SG, I can't pick between them. One thing's for sure, if I had the bailiffs at the door and I had to sell off gaming items my PS5 / Xbox Series X / Switch would all be on their way to CEX way before I got rid of either of those. I imagine that when I finally getting around to building a MiSTer that'll be joining them too.
  13. Happy to hear that the massively over inflated ego and absolute fruit cake these days, Maajid Nawaz has been given the boot.
  14. Has that been improved since launch with a firmware update maybe? I’m sure it used to nearer 30w. Either way it equates to a couple of months GamePass at least and by the time I’ve sat down and got comfy it’s ready to go even in the power saving mode.
  15. After seeing how much electricity a Series X uses in stand-by I decided to keep that in Energy Saving mode from day 1. With the increase in fuel prices you’re looking at about 50 quid a year to keep it in stand by unless my math is incorrect!
  16. That’s good then and has saved me a few quid. Cheers.
  17. Have just tried a Switch PSU again after another hour or so playing Spider Man and it's now charging it fine. Wonder if the pad needs to drop to a certain level before it shows as charging on the PS5 dashboard / the light will pulse?
  18. Ah right cheers. I’d read the Apple ones don’t work so never tried. Got a few of those so will have a look. Tried a Switch one too which I thought might be okay but my pad pulsed once and then stopped so I assume that’s not working.
  19. Apologies if this has already been asked a thousand times, but could anyone please point me in the direction of a wall plug thing I can use to charge PS5 controllers and headsets. The information I can find is that 5v 2a ones should be fine, but then other people are saying some work and some don't. I've been doing it by plugging into the front of the console but putting the cable in and then taking it out again over and over can't be any good for the connector on the console I wouldn't have thought. Ideally from Amazon if possible so I can get one delivered tomorrow. Many thanks.
  20. Perfect timing. I was just thinking about picking this up a few days ago. Cheers.
  21. Mine isn’t tied to a particular game, but to a time and place. Tokyo in the early 2000s. I was a proper Japanese gaming nerd at the time. No interest in western games. Imported stuff that I hadn’t a hope in hell of ever playing due to the language barrier. Regularly paid a silly amount for Famitsu magazine just to look at the pictures. You know the type. Well going to Tokyo far surpassed my expectations. Sega and to an even greater extent Taito arcades on seemingly every corner and soooo many shops full to the brim with Japanese gaming goodness. For the week I was there I was like a pig in shit.
  22. Breath of the Wild Super Mario World Outrun 2 Tetris Star Fox
  23. What are your gaming hopes and dreams for the coming year? Mine in no particular order are… 1. I’d like Analogue to release their Duo and to have a lovely white one sitting on my shelves some time before the year is out. 2. I’d like Analogue sorry SmokeMonster to release the Jailbreak for the Pocket and to have one fully loaded up with games across all the different cores. 3. I can’t wait for the DotEmu Turtles game to finally get a release and hopefully be as good or maybe even better than Streets of Rage 4. 4. Speaking of Streets of Rage, I’ve got a Sunday morning tradition where I have one credit on it before breakfast. I’d love to be able to complete it this way within 2022 but I don’t feel to be getting any closer. 5. I’d love an amazing E3 with loads of exciting announcements. 6. Finally I really hope all the hardware from consoles to graphics cards finally becomes easily available to all.
  24. I find it amazing that you can think this. The Last of Us games, along with Secret of Mana 25 years ago are the only games ever to bring a tear to my eye.
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