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  1. Looks immense. Do you think the top-down island design elements from the paid DLC will carry over to your own island like the house design? My Switch online has currently expired so I'm hoping the expansion pack price includes the AC DLC or else that's a massive increase.
  2. Still looking for a cicada shell. Maybe tonight'll be the night.
  3. Some fresh daily non-announcements from Isabelle would do at this point!
  4. No probs! Was just looking through lamps last night and saw it on the list. Hopefully the DIY will turn up for me this autumn.
  5. Have you learned the mush lamp DIY? If so, could I drop over with the ingredients later for you to make me some? (five)
  6. Celeste round my way also. Could mean shooting stars!
  7. I have Jolly Redd here with two real items (from what I can tell): twinkling painting and beautiful statue. If you're after either I can open.
  8. Thanks very much. Came across Celeste on the bottom right and got the crewed spaceship DIY!
  9. Mind if I dive in and dive out? Still on the hunt for Celeste DIYs!
  10. The other night: Just now: Wouldn't you know it'd be a random shadow that I didn't use bait for! Next up before the end of August... the remaining five or so insects!
  11. I need one fish but it just won't appear.
  12. Got the dragon fly I needed! One step closer...
  13. Think I managed to order two: brown and blue.
  14. Got that one. There are still about 15 works of art I'm waiting for... you gotta play a long game with the RNG of Jolly Redd. I received a flowery painting in the post from an islander today. Already got one in my museum so if anyone is in need I'll be glad to pass it on.
  15. Got the bamboo stool DIY in the bottle today, @Mr Do 71!
  16. Thanks very much. Just placed them--looking forward to seeing how they look after dark. I'll be pottering about on the game on and off this evening so if you're on sure open your gates and I'll nab those DIYs! I've got some crafting ahead of me this weekend.
  17. Thanks--I will stick with watering this lone hybrid pansy and see what happens! In other news, there is a new (?) seasonal item until 22nd: ship-wheel door decoration. I don't suppose anyone could help me out with a few items, namely: - bamboo stool - shell stool - hyacinth lamp - floor light in white (have orange, red, green) The two stools and lamp come from DIYs. If anyone has a spare DIY that'd be great, or if not and someone can craft the items I will gladly stump up the ingredients!
  18. Can a single hybrid spawn more of the same or do I need to breed em?
  19. That update to New Leaf came pretty late in the day so there is some precedent for us to cling to!
  20. Wahey! Many happy returns! Thanks very much!! And another surfboard too... radical!
  21. Oops. Has anyone got the tool shelf in black that they could let me catalogue? I only have it in white and just discovered the other variations.
  22. The blue unicorn! And Coco mentioned an itch too.
  23. I came, I wandered around, I heard about your islanders itchy balls, I blew bubbles in your general direction and I fled before I could catch the itch!
  24. I'll swing over in about 15 mins if that does you! Haha yeah I think I got the "new" item a year ago.
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