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  1. Since you went to the trouble of buying and holding on to the piece of art, it was the least I could do. Fantastic. Will add. You all good for the list I posted?
  2. I could do with a handful of those, @rickyblaze. Here is what I would like to shift: Bamboo bench Bamboo stopblock Boomerang Brown herringbone wall Cabin wall Cherry lamp Cosmos shower x2 Document stack Firewood x2 Fruit basket Garden bench Garden rock Garden wagon Infused-water dispenser Ironwood cart Jungle wall Kettlebell Key holder Knitted-grass backpack Log chair Log decorative shelves Log stool Magazine rack Mum wreath Palm-tree lamp x2 Peach rug x2
  3. Just managed to catch you, @Meatball. Thanks a lot for letting me come order the serene painting. So many details to take in on your island. Good job you pointed me to the second house or I would have missed it. Really cool theming there! Impressive. If there is anything you are still after to add some finishing touches let me know and maybe I will be able to help you out.
  4. That'd be great, thanks. Yeah, I still need some insects and sea life but the art gallery is by far the slowest for me. Shall we say after 8ish and you can let me know if Celeste is around? I still need some of her DIYs and I never see her.
  5. Just did a quick check via the Nook Shopping app (!) and it looks like I'm in need of the serene. Give me a shout if there are no other takers for that one! I have a real scary painting if that's any use to you.
  6. Stevo


    Yeah I've seen players openly say they aren't tested anywhere near enough and would welcome being be tested more often (Federer and Serena Williams, perhaps others too), and maybe they are tested more nowadays but that might just be down to more testing in general due to the pandemic. As @Gringo says, you just need to look at cycling. Even with all the tests and regulations there you still see plenty of performances that "aren't normal". I love tennis but you have to at least open yourself to the possibility of what they are doing to stay not only competitive but dominant.
  7. Did my daily penance aka the wedding shoot. Can't wait to get all those items and never have to see Reese and Cyrus again for this.
  8. Stevo


    I really hope it all comes out in the wash eventually. Murray as well.
  9. Great news. I really enjoyed the first Kingdom Battle so put me down for this one.
  10. Good call! Wish I'd been tipped off on that a long time ago. I always check with Jolly Redd then run back to the museum to see if I need anything. LOL.
  11. Thanks very much. Cool island! You've done some immense work this past year+ on it. I will have to get stuck in to mine and get it ship-shaped. I took the scary painting but when I saw where it is displayed in your museum (in the glass display cabinet) I wasn't sure if I need it or not as I just checked around the walls before coming over... and looking in my museum now, the scary is right there. Oops! Should have stuck to the original plan of snagging the detailed painting but when I saw it was on a scroll I thought I might have it, but nope. So if anyone else still n
  12. Will check the museum now and pop over if you are still open!
  13. Thanks very much. I have the fossils complete but I learned a couple of DIYs and bought a surf board in your shop. I can see you have put a lot of time into designing your island, nice!
  14. That's great. Let's try to co-ordinate tomorrow then.
  15. Hi everyone. I found this forum yesterday and just got my membership approved this evening. Feel free to point me to a welcome thread if there is one. I am still playing New Horizons and hope to get involved with you lot to fill out the museum, DIY recipes and whatever else comes up. No Redd my way today, just Gullivarrrgh. It would be tremendous if I could grab that statue. Will you be opening again tonight? I've a stash of DIYs which you can have a riffle through, or if you're after anything in particular let me know and I'll have a check.
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