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  1. You or anyone you know have any Sticky Stuff Remover? Think a bit of that on a cloth would do the trick.
  2. Will keep Crown Alley in mind if we make it down to the Chelsea area. I wish I could fit in a Manchester trip but won't happen this year. A few of us had planned to come down to IMBC back in 2020 but covid fucked that right up. Did see they are back this year though which is good to see, maybe next year. Anyone got any festival type things on the cards? Seem to be starting up again thankfully. I've got the Midsummer Beer Happening in Stonehaven in June, like everything else it's been cancelled the last few years so nice to have it back. Usually has a decent line up but not much has been announced yet, think Overtone are the only brewers mentioned so far.
  3. I remember some of your previous post about having no interest in the hazy stuff. I don't mind the west coast style now and again, can be a refreshing change from the neipa style that is everywhere. Agree, he's gotten wrapped up in the hype and is just riding that wave. I reckon the OH will be cracking on tap, looking forwards to it. Scoped out a couple of "craft" bars that Im hoping to get too as well, going with family so mainly ones that serve food so hopefully the kids can come in too. On holiday usually head off for a few beers at night when the kids are in bed and the wife is happy enough when in places like London but she is already a bit wary about me doing it in NY, I can understand that though. I was looking at Finback the other week as well but we are staying in Manhattan and it's just too far out the way for a visit unfortunately.
  4. £12 a bottle, fuck that. One of those two mate I mentioned is always getting US import stuff like Other Half, Treehouse etc. Think someone in Aberdeen must import them. How he can justify £10-15 for a 440ml tin is beyond me but if he is happy then good on him. He says these US beers are so much better than what we get here. Ive had Other Half before and yeah it's decent but I didn't find it any better than some of the big hazy IPA producers from the UK. I'm going to NY in a few months for a holiday (fucking covid permitting) and the Other Half tap room at the Rockefeller is 6 minutes from my hotel so will be paying that a visit.
  5. What is so good about that beer? I've a couple of mates who bang on about it and seen folk on FB groups I use bang on about it as well. Can't help thinking that it's because it's hard to get in the US let alone here.
  6. Microsoft paying to get priority in some manufacturing plants probably had a lot to do with it. MS priority
  7. This is down to £25 in Asda for PS4, just picked up a copy.
  8. All a bit underwhelming really. Got me more interested in picking up a Series S and Game pass though.
  9. As someone who hasn't subbed to PSN for years and doesn't have and Xbox for game pass how does this compare? Big one I'm seeing is no new games on release day like game pass does.
  10. We aren't quite at that point but totally get where you are coming from @Gotters
  11. Series final next week and barely a post in here for this series. Struggled with this one, just hasn't grabbed me or the wife with the story at all. Not really sure what the main storyline is or what sort of payoff could be coming next week with it all.
  12. No second series FFS. https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/archive-81-canceled-netflix-1235213953/
  13. Surely the most famous is Doki Doki Panic in Japan suddenly becoming Super Mario Bros 2 in the west.
  14. They are pulling out of Tesco soon. Got an email from them the other day about a new subscription service they are starting up, might interest some of you.
  15. There is an official BBC recap up on YouTube that we watched before starting the new series and it pretty much covers everything important.
  16. Anyone watch last night? Thought they dealt with the passing of Helen McCrory really well, must have been tough. Decent opener just setting things up. You didn't get to see much really but the opening was all filmed in Portsoy in the NE of Scotland, they turned the 17th century harbour there in the French harbour and the pub that's there became the pub Tommy was in. It's a beautiful harbour if anyone is up that way and Portsoy has an amazing ice cream shop.
  17. Christ no. Open them when searching for stat boosts and that's about it. I remember when I first played Oblivion and that was my first entry into these types of games and back then I did start to read them but soon realised I would never finish the game if I carried on. I'm sure a lot of effort and storytelling has gone into them but I had to draw the line somewhere.
  18. I'm up to ep6 of season 2 and yeah it's fantastic.
  19. Can anyone remember what issue of Retro Gamer had the Evercade write up? Is the Evercade doing well and likely to keep going?
  20. I'm just 3 trophies off platinuming this. All I have left is to get married, have a bounty of 1000 in each hold and hit level 50. First two are on the cards when I next play it and then I'm starting either Dawnguard or the Dragonborn dlc which should tick off the level 50 one. This will be my 2nd ever platinum, the first was for The Walking Dead where they pretty much gave it away just by playing through the game.
  21. Another fantastic cover, knocking it out the park these days. Only had a quick look but contains... Evolution of Earthworm Jim Making of Dark Seed Ultimate guide to Pinball Dreams History of SSX And plenty more. Oh and page 84 will blow your mind.
  22. This morning I broke 100 hours of this in VR on the PS4. Put about 150 in way back on 360. It really is something else isn't it.
  23. Yeah they are both good fun, Nick Cage is always worth a watch.
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