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  1. Sounds like me to be honest but there is something about it that in really enjoying and I keep coming back to. I started Island three last night and spent about an hour on the Bee stage getting nowhere, fired up tonight and after 3 goes the level was done, then knocked another off in about 20 minutes. The quick start when you die really helps with the "one more go" feeling.
  2. Finally made it to island 3. Only taken 625 lives
  3. It does take a bit of adjusting to no doubt about that. I couldn't handle the flicking of the angle method. I've not played a massive amount and I'm going at quite a slow pace so will see how it goes.
  4. No warping, you can choose your control method in the settings so I spent a bit of time at the start trying different options out. I settled on left stick for movement ( forwards, back and strafe left & right) and then right stick to move my "head" left or right combined with being able to look around using the headset. Set the "head" speed way down to the lowest though, tried it at 10 and was a bit much. You can set the head movement look around to be at angles if you want, 30, 45 or 90 I think it was, but I found this too jarring.
  5. Just played about an hour of RE7 in VR. Fucking hell it's pretty intense isn't it.
  6. You should have read it before he edited all that.
  7. Is this suitable to watch with younger kids? 8 & 9.
  8. How do you check it on Switch? My death toll is 250+ and I'm only like 2 levels into the second island. Just spent nearly 2 hours fighting the Baroness Von Bon Bon, got the fucker in the end.
  9. yeah all the rest are as well to be honest. Other than Legends i tend to just watch them out of habit and whilst doing other things. Arrow is coming to an end soon though, next series is the last and will only have 10 episodes.
  10. Not had a chance to read any of it yet, Game of Thrones started.
  11. This arrived today, unexpectedly. Big article on the Mortal Kombat series that looks good. Mastertronic article about them starting 35 years ago. And loads of other bits and bobs . Doesn't @strider usually start a thread on these before they come out?
  12. Kickstarter goes live on the 9th according to a new FB post.
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