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  1. I would have bought it ages ago if it was that price.
  2. Sale has started... https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Nintendo-eShop/Nintendo-eShop-Sale/Nintendo-eShop-Sale-1460557.html Tony Hawks for £30 seems reasonable.
  3. Yip totally missed that . Guess my son and I were both looking at his pinky.
  4. Ahh, guess we were mistaken then as we both though it was there. Might chuck on the last 5 mins again.
  5. Questions on the last one that both my son and I couldn't work out. What have we missed?
  6. Another good episode last night, really expanding things out. Watched it in the iPlayer with UHD as well, cracking picture.
  7. First 2 episodes are up on iPlayer and it's been great so far. Found it tense and itching to see the next episode.
  8. Stuck my copy in trading for £30 if anyone's interested.
  9. Hit a bit of a block with this now. I'm fighting the Leone Telethia boss and not making any headway at all. I've tried putting Meliá and the Nopon dude in my party but still getting nowhere against that one as I "miss" my attacks and can't charge up the Monado to use purge. Not sure I can bother carrying on to be honest, the game is too overcomplicated for its own good I think. The enemies drop stuff but it's never really explained what to do with it all. I've linked skills in the submenu but I've no idea why or what it does. God knows how the gem crafting stuff works. I just keep updating the equipment to what seems to be the strongest and brute forcing fights. Don't seem to have much input to the other party members during fights either. All just a bit meh I think which is a shame as I have wanted to play this for years.
  10. Watched the first 2 episodes this morning, pretty good and quite relatable really.
  11. Nothing strange about that. For me the range in Morrisons and Tesco's these days are absolutely perfect for fridge fillers. As much as I love going to the local bottle shop I can't afford to keep buying 5-7 tins of beer for just weekend drinking.
  12. Another new start here, christ it's going to take me forever. I can't stop taking the stupid bloody side quests and going out to complete them FFS. I've not even left the first area bit.
  13. I had a can of Hazy Jane last night as well, was thin as fuck and they seemed to have forgotten about the haze part. Last few times I've had a Punk it's not been great either.
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