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  1. Just posted in the dedicated thread. Been waiting for a drop but wonder if when the dlc is out tomorrow they might do a deal.
  2. £13.49 at the moment so 25% off. I've been waiting for a drop but can't help thinking they might do a deal tomorrow when the dlc is released.
  3. Yeah it was Andy I dealt with and met in Glasgow, was great to deal with.
  4. I did this a couple of years ago. Catalogued my entire collection and got in touch with a few sellers I was aware of and ended up selling my entire retro collection to Console Passion down in Blackpool. They are the guys who do the Play retro expos and Blackpool, Manchester and Glasgow and they were going to use some of it for the shows and some they were going to sell online. Agreed a price and as they were Blackpool and I'm Aberdeen we met in the middle at a service station car park just south of Glasgow and did the deal. They were good to deal with and no
  5. And done. Didn't bother with that sawmill horde, just suicided it, took 3 goes and it let me skip. Just couldn't be arsed with the fight. Lot of fun to be had in this really even out with the Hordes, not going to change the world or anything. That extra ending
  6. Cheers, will take a look at some of those ideas.
  7. A quick Google says yeah that's the last one. Will take a look at the tunnel options before I kill myself
  8. Yeah the story hordes are just a pain in the ass quite frankly. I cleared the second one where you need fertiliser but it was pretty boring. I did set up some mines attached to fuel tanks and guide them past there and napalm molotovs too but it was mostly a case of running away when they chased, find more resources and then back again. Took too long and wasn't that fun. I'm dealing with the sawmill one now. Did have a bit of fun as I have a big old gun with a pile of ammo and that was enjoyable but again it was more running away and then picking odd stragglers. I've kil
  9. Yeah I was getting the feeling that trying to separate some off from the pack would be the way to go. Will admit that I can't see me spending several hours setting stuff up like that though, just not a style of play that interests me that much.
  10. Did the story mission horde last night. Total cluster fuck . I'm not into strategy games at all and have been playing Days Gone as basically a melee guy for close up with freakers and as a sniper for other camps, love sneaking about taking guys out at the camps. The horde was a shambles for me. I did try a bit of planning using various bombs but just generally ended up with a Benny Hill run away. I did find that after several attempts and deaths it gave me the option to skip this part, what a brilliant addition. If I had to carry this on I really do think I
  11. Quick question for folk. How does this play on Switch handheld mode? It looks great visually but hearing that in handheld it does it a bit of a disservice on the smaller screen which is how I would play. Also I've struggled with "rogue like" games before when I get frustrated at losing all my gear etc and never get it back but from what I've read this does that side really well, how frustrating is that side. I enjoyed both Bastion and Transistor form these guys before but I'm hesitant on this one.
  12. So far all I've done is run away from them . Maybe I've done that side a disservice. Will see how it goes with the story based one and might try some others.
  13. Ahh, guess I will see how that goes then.
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