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  1. Anything about To The Moon?
  2. The fact the new one is installing a whole new session of Minecraft seems strange as well, its already on the PS4. He sent me these pic of the backs showing the different regions... One has the ESRB rating so is likely and american copy the other has "eu.playstation.com" on it so a uk copy. He might be as well just hunting down another american copy i think.
  3. Have double checked and it's def the PS4 and he seems sure it's the same Minecraft and not the telltale version. Ive not seen it myself but does seem a rather strange situation.
  4. After some advice for a friend of mine who young son is having problems with his minecraft game. He sent me the below, ignore "DVD" its the PS4 version he is playing... "had a Minecraft DVD and on further investigation it seems to be a "region all" game. It got broken and so we bought a new one from Argos which turns out to be a "region 2" game. When we load up the disk and install the game it loads and installs as a complete new game, it doesn’t link to the old game that is there. When he tries to open his saves none exist with the new game and they all still sit with the old game. I can still see all the old saves but cant get them linked to the new region 2 disk." Any thoughts on the above? I've never played Minecraft on the PS4 so not sure at all, I'm assuming it something to do with the region stuff. Any thoughts appreciated.
  5. memories

    PC Engine Mini

    And for those that don't read Japanese?
  6. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    What's the best portable charging and carry case options at the moment? Been looking at a Ravpower 20000mah pack for £24 and an Orzly carry case for £8. Both look like they would do the job really.
  7. Thanks for the advice, think I will hold off and see how Baldurs Gate turns out on the switch.
  8. The likes of Baldurs Gate, Planescape Torment and Neverwinter are coming soon on Switch too. What would be the better option to someone new to these style of game?
  9. This is coming to Switch next week... Pillars of Eternity I've not read much of this thread but it seems to have been a decent game. Is it one of those 100+ hour type of things?
  10. Post more, hopefully will get you permanently banned.
  11. And done, only took me 1280 lives as well. Play time is saying over 25 hours. Loved this game though.
  12. 1208 deaths, 100 of them are easily on the devil in the final stage. Any tips? What load out did folk use?
  13. ZBD, used it for years. Don't really remember being a big fan of the magic roundabout so not sure where it came from.
  14. Finished RE7 the other night, what an experience . Shat myself at several points throughout .
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