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  1. I've looked at this a few times as there is bargains galore on the South America stores. As far as I can tell it is linked to where the CC is from. European ones seemed to fail.
  2. Ended up just ordering Days Gone and LoU remastered from Argos for pick up. Days gone won't be in until Saturday though, guess they are awaiting stock which is why it can't be delivered for folk. Was only £14 for Days Gone too, PlayStation link has it as £16.
  3. Is that the biker zombie game from last year? I'm after some no brainer action type stuff at the moment, worth picking up?
  4. Ahh didn't realise that, thanks for clearing that up. Can wait till next week.
  5. Some decent deals and hopefully more will be added as it goes on... https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/campaigns/days-of-play/ Will be grabbing Last of Us Remastered for a blast through before getting 2. Hmm, I assumed that this would apply to digital as well but seems to be physical copies. LoU is still £16 on the PS store.
  6. How do you get to the 2* excercises? Wondered what the stars were above them and that could be increased but wasn't sure.
  7. Thanks, his birthday isn't until June so might hold off and see if a second hand one appears in trading.
  8. Anyone selling a copy of this? Or where's is best to pick it up? Looking for my son's birthday in a few weeks.
  9. Keep an eye on Argos, comes in and out of stock. My biggest issue is getting it away from the kids at the moment, they are loving it which is great to see. Couple of questions for folk as I'm just start out. What are the coins for that you collect? How long are folk playing for? I've been stopping when the game has suggested it at the moment.
  10. Good shout, wasn't really thinking
  11. Blast from the last Angel has appeared on some FB sites trying to sell these for £110, fully admits he has a couple and that he paid £85 for them.
  12. Check your local Argos, just managed to grab one for £70.
  13. memories

    Edge #345

    Ahh, guess I won't be picking that up then. Makes sense though.
  14. Finished Blood & Wine last night and so have now completed W3 and the two expansion. I got the tragic ending for B&W it would seem, shame. What a game though, need to check my final hours but can't be far off being over 100.
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