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  1. How many villagers can you have living on an island at one time? Is there a limit?
  2. Big discount on this at the moment... https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-08-06-final-fantasy-7-remake-gets-its-biggest-discount-since-launch Although that page says it's £32 at a load of places but when you click the links it's higher than that, even the PSN store link.
  3. This looks great but with the added shipping to the UK might need to think it over a bit longer.
  4. Ahh, could also be the reason them as she still in a tent.
  5. Any help with this? It's my wife's birthday today and the kids have been excited to see the birthday stuff but when she's fired it up just now Tom Nook says it's her birthday but no one had appeared outside her tent to kick them off. Thoughts? Hmm, reading online it could be because she only joined my son's island on Saturday, looks like it needs a week at least for a notice to go up on the notice board thing.
  6. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    £14.99 now, didn't take long.
  7. What about as mainly an Animal Crossing machine? My daughter is saving up and likes the colours of the lite and the cheaper price.
  8. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    Which is totally fair. I'm really just after the machine really as my daughter wants to get into Animal Crossing now that her brother got a copy the other day for his birthday.
  9. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    Nice, will keep an eye out. To be honest though from what I'm seeing about price wise it's probably going to be a bit of a wait for me at the moment. I knew supply was low and demand high but didn't realise a lot of second hand prices where so high at the moment.
  10. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah I have one myself but the kids are hogging it these days. Will check that post out, thanks.
  11. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah that's what I was thinking as well. Anyone punting one second hand I would be interested.
  12. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    Any good hardware deals on the go at the moment. Lite or original.
  13. Hi experienced Animal Crossers, I am looking some advice please. I have picked this up for my sons birthday in a couple of weeks, he is going to be 9 and has seen this advertised and thinks he will enjoy it. I’m a basically total beginner at AC I have some questions and am after some starter tips, this thread is possibly the most friendly on the entire forum so seems a good place to start. I say total beginner but I did import a Canadian copy of AC back in the Gamecube days but I once I had it I didn’t actually enjoy playing it that much and so haven’t looked at AC since. I remember getting a house and sending some letters but the game didn’t grab me at all. My main question is about getting online with it. My switch isn’t online at all at the moment so obviously I would need a sub, my initial though was that I get the years sub but then I had a look at how AC works online and wondering if I should get a family sub. Am I right in saying that if I buy a years sub and set that to my user on the Switch it would mean that he couldn’t use his account to go online with AC and that my daughter and I wouldn’t be able to visit his island on our accounts on the Switch. I tend not to game online as it is but what if I got the year sub and set it up on his user account meaning he could go online with it? Could I or my daughter then visit despite his account being the online one? Would I be better just getting a family online thing and save myself the confusion? Next question is about the island itself. I’ve read about how you can only have 1 island per switch so am I right in thinking I need to start the game on his user name so that the island is “his” and he is the main owner so to speak and then other users can visit? Is it easy enough for other folk online to visit his island once its all up and running? I don’t have anyone of the Switch friends list thing. If I added folk on my account are they also available to his? Sorry for the questions, that whole side is very confusing. Any starter tips or guides I could take a look at for when he makes a start? Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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