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  1. Cool, thanks for that as I was just assuming it was a restaurant. Must be part of the food market area that's there then. Might look at the one in Shoreditch.
  2. Have you any experience of the one on the Southbank? Will be in London at the start of April and staying next to the London Eye and it's close by. Have had a home delivery kit thing from them before and loved it.
  3. An update, and not a good one. DHL has just been and delivered... 1 single can from an order of 25. Courier advised that the other box has been damaged in transit and they have/will be been back in touch with BBNO to arrange another. I only added this one to bring my order over the cut off for free delivery as well. I'm not even that big a fan of stouts but have been trying them now and again and I love chocolate orange. Checked DHL tracking and it looks like the second package didn't make it past the Midlands depot. Have mailed BBNO this morning so will see what response I get.
  4. Sadly one of the actors in this died today in a skiing accident. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-60054237 Playing Midnight Man but I've no idea who that is.
  5. And just like that I've had a text from DHL saying my delivery will be tomorrow haha. @milko anything for you?
  6. It was a cracking promotion so I imagine they got a good amount of orders but they should be prepared that.
  7. Yip "Shipping information received" is exactly where I'm at with DHL as well so probably the same situation, been like that since last Friday. Very disappointed, as I said before I've never had any issues and quick delivery on the 2 or 3 other times I've used them and my mate has used them a couple of times without issue as well. Guess my luck ran out this time.
  8. @StumpyJohn I might be about to join you in being pissed off with BBNO, currently at stage 1. Ordered last Monday and it sat at "processing" and not moving so I mailed them on Thursday and was told "sorry, covid delays, will be sent tomorrow" sure enough got a DHL tracking number on Friday. Tracking just says DHL have received info at London depot and it hasn't moved since. Mailed them again this morning so will see what they say.
  9. Thanks @merman, apologies for the lack of info in my first post, I haven't had a chance to take a proper look inside myself yet.
  10. I thought Paul Hollywood was pretty good on the first 3 episode as he filled in for Liam. Wouldn't mind him doing it more. Thought the kids would be a bit overwhelmed with him judging but they were all great with it. Such a great show.
  11. Half hour at lunch, fuck that noise. Youtubed the ending and didn't really make much sense go me anyway haha. Decent enough game overall but the EMMI things are shit. It's got me wishing that a port of Shadow Complex would come to the Switch. Will likely be in trading soon of anyone's interested.
  12. Another hour with the last boss, don't think I've gotten out of the first phase. Fucking sick of seeing that elevator.
  13. Will give it a decent go, can't lie though a YouTube of the ending will suffice ifbi don't get anywhere.
  14. Got to the final boss last night. Seems quite a jump in difficulty from others. Will persevere as I want to complete the game but will be happy enough to see the finish.
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