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  1. Fuck me I forgot about that bits. We were talking about the Gremlins movies with the kids the other day and I got them last night for maybe watching this weekend. Might delay that a few years.
  2. Couple or articles on Gamecentral about it today... https://metro.co.uk/2019/11/06/capcom-home-arcade-review-the-biggest-mini-console-ever-made-11050690/ https://metro.co.uk/2019/11/06/capcom-home-arcade-interview-we-have-ideas-of-how-to-proceed-after-this-11051613/
  3. Anyone still bothering with this? I'm up to date on sky but it's all just so...dull. I'm basically having it on in the background while doing other stuff, think I'm only watching it now because I always have.
  4. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    I only bought one of each that I was after.
  5. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    Finishes on the 11th I believe. There are 3 big Tesco Extras close to me and 2 have pretty much been picked clean. I do wonder if they have been hit by scalpers picking them up and off to CEX.
  6. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    Another trip back to Tesco tonight and picked up... Mario Maker 2 NSMBU deluxe Mario Party Yoshi Crafted world. All going away until later in December for birthday and Xmas. Add Luigi Mansion and Links Awakening I picked up a few days ago and I'm pretty much sorted for gaming next year already.
  7. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    Picked up Luigi Mansion and Links Awakening from the Tesco deal but being put away for Xmas and birthday presents later in the year. Can see me going back for more as it's payday on Tuesday. Why can't Nintendo games be £30 all the time, I would buy about 3 times as many.
  8. Wonderful issue and I'm only in the 70s so far and had a skim through the rest. Been a reader since issue 1 way back in the day and all the issues are spread around my house in at least 3 different rooms, 2 cupboards and some drawers. Keeps the wife from spying a whole pile and threatening to chuck them out. Here's to the next 200.
  9. Well done. Great game like, glad you stuck with it.
  10. Up to episode 4 and should manage to finish it tonight. Not sure on it really, I think it's all got a but too twisty and turny for its own good now.
  11. Put a few hours into Goetia today. Quite slow paced even for an adventure game. Hard to play it undocked sadly, it's all just so dark that it's tricky to see what's on the screen a lot of the time and as you are clicking on things to explore that's not very helpful. Not sure I will stick with it but I suppose I've had my 89p worth anyway.
  12. Someone in here recommended Goetia for 89p and I picked it up but not tried it yet. Looks to be a kind of puzzle adventure game that says it lasts about 20 hours. If it's good that's great value for 89p.
  13. I don't know the book or much about this, what sort of age rating is it likely to be?
  14. Was still on sale this morning so picked it up, got another quid off with coins as well. HONK
  15. Yeah that did cross my mind as well
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