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  1. Had a couple of Sureshot beers a while back and we're very good.
  2. Overtone have a Black Friday discount on at the moment, 15% off everything and free delivery. They also have a 24 pack of pales and IPAs for £85 down from £108 , £72.25 with the discount. Ordered up for my Xmas beers last night and added in the new TIPA as an Xmas day treat.
  3. What an amazing episode. Incredible opening and fantastic ending.
  4. Finished this last night. Spent half the last episode laughing at it, are we sure this isn't supposed to be a comedy? It's just utter shite.
  5. Wife and I are 2 episodes in and loving it. Everything everyone is saying is totally true, it's just so utterly ridiculous and nonsensical that it's almost a comedy show. It's terrible
  6. Fantastic episode, real calm before the storm vibe going on. Can't wait for the rest now.
  7. Wasn't sure the big time jump would work but this week's episode was excellent I thought.
  8. Edit: couldn't get the tweet to embed so here's a screenshot instead.
  9. Fast service as well, my order was despatched about 2 hours after placing and expected delivery is Thursday.
  10. Vocation have a good deal on some fridge filler beers, 30 tins for £54. Mix of styles and sizes but no dark beers. https://www.vocationbrewery.com/collections/cases/products/summer-fridge-filler
  11. Watched it last night, kids thought it was alright but I got a bit bored, just didn't grab my interest.
  12. Just finished and it's another great series. Never forget
  13. Just cancelled my pre-order. An unexpected £500 car repair bill and a general tightening of belt because of life at the moment means if this arrived this month I couldn't justify it. The increase in manufacturing pushing my order from next year to Q4 to Q3 has fucked me right up. Still on the upside with that same increase when I eventually do place the order again it should be quick (relatively speaking) to arrive.
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