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  1. I've just binged all 9 episodes this week and quite enjoyed it. Had no expectations going in as I've never read the book. I did feel some of it was pretty rushed at times, one minute folk are being asked to go to Vegas and the next they are there working. Characters could do with being fleshed out a bit more too. Thinking of picking up the book but as it seems to be over 1000 pages I'm wondering if it goes the opposite direction, too much info and long sections of nothing. I've not read much Stephen King before, Running Man (great) and Dreamcatcher (terrible
  2. Anyone tried anything from Good Time Brewing? Follow them on FB and the beers look good, probably going to put in an order next time I'm stocking up the fridge. Some new additions coming to Tesco beer range on Monday, well officially Monday as some places seem to have them already. This is hopefully particularly good...
  3. Hold off on overcooked, isn't there a double pack coming soon with 1 & 2 and all the dlc. Edit: March 23rd... www.eurogamer.net/amp/2021-02-15-overcooked-all-you-can-eat-headed-to-steam-switch-last-gen-consoles Moving out is good fun, the moving in update should be soon as well.
  4. Think that's underplaying it a bit isn't it. Drift on the Switch is a huge issue that is affecting loads of folk with law suits going on all over the place.
  5. He's quit... https://kotaku.com/hogwarts-legacy-developer-quits-following-backlash-over-1846412298 Sure his video explaining why will be fine
  6. Wife and I have just binged series 1 & 2 of this, pretty tense viewing and really enjoying it. Reading this last page though and not sure what to think. Will come back and read this thread once we are up to date.
  7. Just rolled the credits on this, good bit of fun isnt it. Haven't played the original since it came out however many years ago so barely remember it. I also stuck it down to easy as well, who can be fucked with a 20 minute battle only to die and have to redo the thing again, no time for that.
  8. This is going to be amazing.
  9. Brew By Numbers have done another lockdown box, 24 beers for £75, use code "Fresh 10" to bring it down to £67.50. https://bbno.co/collections/frontpage/products/hop-selection-lockdown-box 8 x 55 Double IPA – Mosaic & Amarillo 8 x 11 Session IPA – Mosaic 8 x 05 India Pale Ale – East Coast Bit more expansive than the last box I bought from them but still great value. Really enjoyed the last lot from them though and will have these as fridge fillers.
  10. 24 episodes is way too much. I watched the DC TV stuff like Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl etc for years but there was so much filler episodes I gave up after the big Crisis crossover. The only decent one at the end was Legends and it was usually 13 episodes or less I think. Also with that DC stuff who's got the time to watch them all as well and they keep adding more, Batgirl recently and a new Superman one just started as well.
  11. Can't say I got much lemon through it. Was really good though.
  12. Wow, this smells incredible and the taste is fantastic. Thick and juicy, very drinkable. Anyone any idea what "lemon verbena" is though?
  13. Thanks. I've never even tried a black IPA let alone a TIPA. This is really nice, if I'm having a lager I would grab some Innis & Gun usually. This is lovely and crisp. Cheers.
  14. Didnt in the end last night but definitely will be tonight. Last day in my job and start a new one on Monday so a wee bit of a celebration drink in order.
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