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  1. The American fans are doing all their greatest chanting hits U S A, U S A, U S A and the unforgettable U <clap> S <clap> A <clap>
  2. Just waiting for the 70th minute as usual
  3. Profound Mysteries III was finally released yesterday, with some more absolute corkers on it. I've really enjoyed the constant stream of new stuff from Royksopp this year. I hope they don't leave it for years before they're back again.
  4. I have it vertical. Is there a 3rd party repairer that you know to be decent, by any chance?
  5. No signs of anything wrong. I was in the middle of playing and suddenly it wasn’t responding to controller input, though the image was still live on my TV. So I did a full shutdown by pressing and holding the button on the front of the PS5. Then it wouldn’t start up again.
  6. Three days into God of War: Ragnarok and my PS5 has died on me. One beep and then nothing. None of the suggested recovery methods work and Sony wants £240 (plus VAT, they say) to repair it. And they’ve just sent me an invite to buy a PSVR2. Well fuck that then.
  7. Has anyone who registered yesterday (as opposed to the people who expressed interest months ago) received an invite yet?
  8. They should do other dramas like this but in different settings - maybe do one in a bureau de change or something.
  9. I recognised the house in series 2 episode 2. It was on the shortlist for RIBA House of the year in 2019. https://www.architecture.com/awards-and-competitions-landing-page/awards/riba-regional-awards/riba-south-east-award-winners/2019/nithurst-farm Of course, it won't be worth shit now it's full of bullet holes from that Gatling gun.
  10. OMG. As if to prove my previous point, the latest Aussie GD was an absolute horror. A spoilt princess who wanted to build a ‘medieval’ castle, and who kept changing her mind. Again - far too big, unsympathetic to the landscape, environmentally ruinous and utterly lacking in taste. Horrible.
  11. I’ve just watched the most recent UK episode and, funnily enough considering what I said above, it was my favourite kind of episode; a non-showy, well-designed gem that makes the best of an awkward plot. The funny thing was, considering the Dulwich estate’s overreaching rules, they completely failed to make the brickwork look like the houses next to it because the mortar on the new house was brown instead of cream.
  12. I’ve watched the last four or so episodes of the Aussie one (including the one with the wife who keeps calling her partner “Babe!” with that upward inflection that we love so much). I’ve also seen quite a few from previous seasons. The urban projects tend to be the ones that I like the most as they have to be imaginative about how they fit on a plot. The huge, sprawling vanity projects often leave me baffled. They seem to be hugely environmentally unfriendly, far too big and often ugly. There’s so much amazing cutting edge architecture in Australia, but the ones they get to follow in the countryside of Grand Designs Australia aren’t among them. That huge orange “Tuscan” castle was an exemplar of the kind of hideous overindulgence that I’m talking about.
  13. I do enjoy it when they stop some random in the street to ask them what they think of the house being built. "Well, it doesn't really fit in does it, unlike my beautiful and traditional pastiche mash-mash of Elizabethan, Georgian, and Gothic Renaissance."
  14. Yes, yes of course I can recognise the difference. I was just making the point that Andor is taking the darker, grittier elements of what was always in Star Wars and running with it. It’s not a huge tonal difference; just Star Wars…front a certain point of view.
  15. Or, A New Hope is a smuggler being cornered in a seedy bar by a gangster and in order to escape he shoots the gangster point blank from under the table and walks off not giving a shit.
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