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  1. With the arrival of Disney+ I've decided to go right back to the beginning of Clone Wars and watch it through properly after getting out of sync and missing some episodes over the years. Weirdly, I'm really struggling with the voice portrayal of Obi Wan. The American actor is clearly trying to impersonate Ewan McGregor but is pronouncing words like "can't" as "kant" instead of with a long, southern English "ah" sound, ie "cahn't", "cahstle", etc. I suppose I'll get used to it but it seems odd that the actor didn't nail this small but crucial detail.
  2. Kind of ironic we’ll be swapping one dystopian nightmare for another. VR’s meant to be an escape, right?
  3. It’s like: “Ooh, I wonder if I can....Yep! That totally works!”
  4. I’ve not even played much of the game yet. I’m just wandering around the first scene going “Oh my god”.
  5. When I looked, I was up to date with all my drivers and the ports' power seemed to be OK too. I had a fiddle about with various power and Nvidia settings and something I did seemed to work (I didn't make the changes scientifically enough to know which made a difference). Still, all seems well now, thanks.
  6. I'll give those a look. Thanks.
  7. I recently got a Rift S which is attached to an Alienware i7 laptop with an RTX 2070 card. Even with low to medium settings on some VR games (like Lone Echo) I get stutters when I move around. Sometimes I don't get them at all but I can't pinpoint what causes them and what doesn't. Does any know what I can do to get rid of them?
  8. The futurist and artist Syd Mead died today
  9. The credits contain the names of the actors. It’s a way of crediting the actors by acknowledging the actors‘ appearance. Hence the name credits. There’s also some nice art to look at in the Mandalorian credits. New Republic Credits.
  10. I’m getting 4K but get kicked out with an error screen once in a while. Maybe Amazon should get into web services or something.
  11. Episode 4’s idyllic farming community setting reminded me of the one in Star Trek: Insurrection which was a TV episode pretending to be a film.
  12. Daniels’ performance of Threepio is so different now to the first Star Wars, too. His voice gets higher pitched and more staccato as the films progress. Relatively speaking, he’s almost laid back in the first movie.
  13. Clunky on-the-nose storytelling in the first episode, terrible acting from Bloom, and I was constantly thinking of Year of the Rabbit throughout.
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