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  1. Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but I only discovered stand up comedian James Acaster last week and then yesterday saw that he has a four episode special on Netflix. It's some of the funniest stand up I think I’ve ever seen. Incredibly inventive, surreal, silly and so funny it had me crying at various points. So good.
  2. superfunk


    I meant the rawness of the instrumentation I suppose. It wasn’t as slick and polished as this third album.
  3. superfunk


    I’m rather disappointed by it. There's a real lack of surprise or killer hooks throughout. The production has changed but for the worse; it’s all a bit bland and polished with little of the raw anger (and analogue-ness) of the first two albums’ instrumentation. It it seems to me that they had a back-catalogue of really good songs for the first two albums, whereas they actually had to sit down and write everything from scratch for this new one, and it shows. I remember being wowed so much by Every Open Eye that it was a struggle to pick my favourite track. With this one, I’m struggling to pick one I can remember and want to listen to again.
  4. superfunk

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I went in expecting a lightweight adventure with some Star Warsy feel-good bits and that’s exactly what I got. I don’t if I was right to set my expectations low, but I’m glad these in-between movies aren’t burdened with the same weight as the saga movies. I thought performances were good. Alden Ehrenreich was cute, funny and sexy in all the right places and the set pieces were fun and thrilling. After being a bit apprehensive after reading about the production difficulties, I think his casting was spot on. In many ways, I like these offshoot movies more. I’ve always liked the conceit of a movie or story seen from the point of view of minor characters - like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is to Hamlet. I really enjoyed it, and I’d love to see a couple of sequels so that Ehrenreich doesn’t become the George Lazenby of Han Solos.
  5. superfunk

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Spoiler-free review from The Verge. They like it. https://www.theverge.com/2018/5/15/17355964/solo-a-star-wars-story-review-ron-howard
  6. superfunk

    This Country - new BBC comedy

    Good to see This Country being recognised at the Baftas yesterday. I hadn’t realised quite how small-scale and family based the whole thing was. I’m really quite pleased for them and, according to this story, there will be a special and a third series. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-44105670
  7. superfunk

    Justice League

    This was just execrable, but one of the things I wasn’t prepared for was how incredibly distracting and weird the moustache CGI would be. Did Whedon re-shoot everything that had Henry Cavil in a scene? The only scene that I think didn’t have the CGI-lip was one right at the end. There must be a whole different movie on the cutting room floor. An utter mess of a film. Literally the only good bit was when Danny Elfman wove a snippet of John Williams’ Superman theme into his score. Edit: I felt compelled to find out... https://screenrant.com/justice-league-movie-reshoot-changes-explained-snyder-whedon/2/
  8. superfunk


    I agree. It’s rather uninspired and generic, that one. I’ve not been bowled over by any of the released tracks so far. I hope the rest of the album is better.
  9. I think he's hilarious. Just watched the episode with AJ, the half-closeted gay man and it was lovely, feel-good telly.
  10. superfunk

    This Country - new BBC comedy

    I’ve watched two episodes so far, and it’s as funny/excruciating/tragic as the first series.
  11. It’s bloody brilliant. It’s getting a lot of plaudits all over the place. Pretty much guaranteed another season, I would have thought.
  12. superfunk

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Dat spic and span Falcon lounge, tho. https://geektyrant.com/news/cool-new-photos-from-solo-a-star-wars-story-and-additional-plot-details
  13. I’ve watched the first couple of episodes of this and I’m really enjoying it so far. Has anyone noticed, though, how bad the subtitles are? It’s like they’re written by a Spaniard with a decent, but not quite fluent, grasp of English. So, for example, in the first episode with the school kids on the bus, the boy texts the girl to asks if he can sit next to her and the subtitle reads: “Can I sit by your side?” instead of simply “Can I sit next to you?” It's not a huge deal, but it’s kind of jarring when you’re trying to keep up with the action and you’re used to quickly scanning subtitles and the characters are “speaking” English with a Spanish “accent”.
  14. superfunk

    Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    I spent the first episode of this with my other half whispering “This is awful” after about 15 minutes in. And, I have to agree with Harsin. The sfx are great, but the acting is dire and the script is awful and exposition heavy. I’ll probably watch the rest on the train in the morning rather than it being an evening TV watch.

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