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  1. The guy was a walking/talking cliché wasn’t he? You could have got very drunk playing a drinking game with every “I’m a fighter”/“Work hard and play hard”/ bit of nonsense he kept coming out with. The house was terrible in the end. The cantilever idea was nice but it was ruined by the ground floor wall which compromised the effect. The execution just looked really pedestrian. When they did the aerial shots at the end it just reminded me of a floating caravan.
  2. Well, yeah, just “Bad language” would do!
  3. All of the cockney caricatures were out of a 1960s Dickens adaptation. It was bizarre and cringeworthy. A real misstep.
  4. This always infuriates me. “Language”? Every film has language (unless it’s a silent movie).
  5. Not feeling this episode. When US TV series do their thing where they devote an episode to an ensemble character it has to be good. This isn’t, sadly.
  6. Apple meta moment in this week’s episode.
  7. superfunk


    Too many guitars. Much better than Love is Dead which had no memorable tunes on it at all. Not a patch on the first two albums. I want the synthesisers back. This is like when the Human League (ask your mum) stopped using synths only. 6/10
  8. Is it just me or is Returnal suffering from a lot more slowdown from Biome 4 onwards? It’s almost never 60fps for me apart from when I’m looking around an empty room. Edit: Looks like a bit of work with some canned air and a full restart has worked wonders Aaaaaand, as alluded to above, I am on to Biome 4 after literally weeks of trying. I never doubted myself. Nope.
  9. I've definitely had some pity resins on restart and that's exactly how I thought of them!
  10. After struggling for weeks and nearly giving up, I got to Nemesis' third stage last night before succumbing. I'd lost my astronaut figurine fighting that fucking robot just before Nemesis, so it has given me renewed vigour to keep going. If I can get to Nemesis with an astronaut and my ridiculously long integrity line, I should be able to do it. This game has drilled itself so far into my brain I'm noting things in the real world that can help me. Like, I got up in the night to let the dog out for a pee, and my eye caught the green LED on my router and my brain went "Silphium! - get it".
  11. Managed to get to the end and enjoyed some of the special effects. I noticed the VFX team did really well at making it look like the aliens were actually sharing the same space as the humans, even when they were closely interacting. I wasn’t surprised to see it was Weta in the credits.
  12. The pylon doesn’t become available until 4 though, right (unless you bought the deluxe version)?
  13. I’ve been stuck on Biome 3 for weeks. WEEKS. I’ll be doing pretty well, and then I’ll land in an area with a ridiculous number of enemies and I just get overwhelmed and panic. The big robots that pull you in are the worst. What’s the best weapon/strategy to survive? I’m getting a bit frustrated that I can’t get any further. I’m doing proper clean outs of 1 and 2 and maxing out as much as I can.
  14. I've not watched past the confrontation between Pratt's character and his dad. The clichés were already off the scale at that point but when his dad said "When I got back from 'Nam..." I stopped. Does it get any better after that?
  15. I finally got past him yesterday as well. High five! As many have said, it's such a joy to play you just keep at it because you know you're going to crack it eventually.
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